41 Straight Forward Ways to Make Money Online


So you want to make money online, but you have no idea where to start. The possibilities for online income are endless, there are so many things you could make money from. But if you’re brain isn’t quite clicking in gear, then I’ve listed some excellent ideas to help you out.

I’ve seen quite a few “101 ways to make money online” articles that have just listed steps to each method and counted each step as another way to make money. The below are all individual ways that will make you money and not just spread out to get the number up.



1) Dropshipping – Sell other companies products somewhere else at a higher price and then get them shipped straight to your customers.

2) Misspelled Listings – Look for listings with misspellings in the title. These will go for less money than normal and you can re-sell them for good profit.

3) Unwanted Things – Anything you have lying around that you don’t want anymore could be worth some money. This would be a good place to start!

4) Job Lots – Look for job lots of items such as video games etc, then win them at auction and re-list all the contents individually to obtain the true value of the products.


5) Resell rights – Purchase eBooks with resell rights and sell them on elsewhere. A good place to look is on eBay. You can even use some PLR articles to create your own eBook from second hand information.

6) Amazon – You can create your own eBooks and sell them on Amazon. The Kindles have become very popular so selling eBooks for these is a great idea.

7) Sales Pages – Use sales pages to sell any of the eBooks you have in your inventory. If you’re not quite sure what a sales page is, just look it up on Google. It’s basically a blank page template with a long passage of sales scripture: Well worded headlines, bullet points, testimonials etc, with a buy now button at the bottom.

Affiliate Marketing

8) Websites – Promote other peoples’ products on your website through ads and banners, text links and so on, for a good commission. Good examples are Amazon and ClickBank.

9) Auto Responders – Start an email marketing list. This is definitely one of the best ways to make money online. Offer people good information if they sign up, and then market offers every now and again.

10) Forum Posts – Include an affiliate link to a relevant product on your forum signatures.

11) YouTube Videos – You can make huge money online by posting your own videos to YouTube and monetizing them using Google Adsense. I’ve made a fair amount of money from YouTube before, and it’s not difficult at all.


12) Blogging – For those passionate about a certain subject, create your own blog! Plenty of professional full time bloggers are making 6 figures a year from their blogs. If you don’t know where to start, have a look at WordPress.

13) Articles – A lot of people own their own website, but need content written for them to use for marketing purposes. If you’re good at writing, sign up to some article B2B websites in order to get paid for your work.


14) Reviewing others music – There are websites where you’re able to get paid just by listening to artists’ music. All you have to do is give it a score and a paragraph or so on what you thought.

15) Upload music for download – If you’re an artist yourself, then upload your music to be available for paid download. The natural first choice being ITunes.

16) Creating music for others’ projects – This could just be classed as a beat for a YouTube video, or for singers to use etc. It could be anything.

Fiverr.com (Anything for $5)

17) Logos – Logos are incredibly popular on Fiverr, so if you’re good with graphics and design, this might be a good option for you.

18) Backlinks – I don’t normally trust backlinks being sold on Fiverr. If however, you have a website that you don’t mind putting someone else’s link on for a short period of time, this would be a nice side income.

19) SEO – If you’re good with SEO (getting harder and harder to be these days), then offer a small service of optimization. For more money, explain that you can provide more service.

20) Testimonials – One thing that’s incredibly easy to give is a testimonial. Whether you choose to offer it in text format, video or audio, these are always in high demand by small businesses bring out new products.

21) Graphics – Pretty similar to logos, although you’ll just be creating graphic images for people to use as marketing tools, maybe banners, website headers, that sort of thing.


22) WordPress Plugins – WordPress is the number one platform for blogs, and there are thousands of users looking for plugins to be able to make the editing of their site easier. Create a “lite” version for free download, then offer the full version for a fixed price.

23) WordPress Themes – Similarly to plugins, everyone’s looking for a good theme to use on their own WordPress blog. These will be more expensive than plugins, but also very difficult to create unless you’re experienced in web design.

24) CSS/HTML editing – The majority of people who own websites won’t edit the site themselves. Any changes they want to make will be outsourced, and you’re the person who could be doing it for them!

25) Website Design – General website design pays big, and I mean big. If you’re a wiz at this, then show people a portfolio of your work and offer them a professional service for website design.

26) Website Flipping – This is a nice way to make money online. Buy an existing website, market it and add valuable content, to then sell it on for more money.

27) Domain Flipping – Very similar to website flipping, however with domains there is no website. It’s just a name, so if you think you can find a popular domain for a low price, then bag it whilst you can. Somebody will contact you if they’re desperate for it.

28) Start a Directory – Essentially a website containing a list of websites. You’ll get paid from advertising on the site.


29) Selling Images – Like taking photos? Don’t just take beautiful pictures, offer them for sale to others. You’d be surprised by how much money you can make from selling your images.  I’ve seen an image of wood be downloaded 11,000 times at $1 a piece.

30) Editing Images – For those not so fortunate people who want to edit their photos to make them look better… or maybe just editing in general! Help them do this for a small fee.


31) Virtual Items – If you’re into online gaming and you have a lot of virtual items that can be traded, why not sell them to other players for real money. A good example is RuneScape, which I’m sure a lot of you will have heard of. In this game money, armor, weapons and such are all in high demand from other players and a lot of them are prepared to pay real money for these.

32) Game Testing – Always needed. You can’t release a buggy game to the public can you, so instead of lounging round playing games with nothing being accomplished; get paid for doing it!

33) Game Creation – People fascinated by video games and programming would be great for this. Takes a lot of hard work, but the reward is very satisfying indeed.

34) Game Guides – Sometimes you’ll want to replay a game over and over again. By this point you’ll know everything, so put that knowledge to use. Write a complete game guide for it. Most game guides that are paper based, sell for $15-$20 each.


35) Surveys – A slightly boring one, sure. However you can make money online by filling out various surveys for companies. You’ll definitely need another email address as it’s likely you’ll receive loads of third party emails afterwards.

36) Freebie Websites – I’ve tried this one before and it went fairly well. All you have to do is get other people to sign up to the website using your affiliate link, and you’ll be given credits to use against prizes, or cash. Average referrals are £20/$30 per person that you sign up.

37) Paid Surfing – Similar to surveys, this just involves clicking on random links until you get too bored of it. All the websites will be safe, and you’ll get a small amount for every 10 seconds or so you spend on one site.

38) Free Samples – Plenty of companies offer out free samples, so just keep them for yourself. They won’t be of much value mind!

39) Entering Data – I should of renamed the “miscellaneous” section to be the “boring” section! Another standard job of being given data and entering it into various fields.


So that’s the list of 41 straight forward ideas to make money online with no B.S. Feel free to comment with your ideas and keep adding to the list!

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