45 Bold & Unexpected LaVar Ball Quotes

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LaVar Ball is an American former professional football player, businessman, and a popular media personality. He is best known for being very vocal in the media and made several controversial statements in the American sports arena.

Ball is the founder and CEO of the sports apparel company ‘Big Baller Brand’ and founder of the ‘Junior Basketball Association’ (JBA). He is the father of ‘UCLA’ basketball player Lonzo Ball and ‘Chino Hills High School’ players LaMelo and LiAngelo Ball.

Here’s our collection of the best LaVar Ball quotes:


45 Bold & Unexpected LaVar Ball Quotes

1. “How would I coach LeBron and Lonzo? Guess what, less coaching is the best coaching. Let them do what they do.” – LaVar Ball

2. “I know my boys better than they do.” – LaVar Ball

3. “I’m from L.A. I’ve seen a lot worse things happen than a guy taking some glasses.” – LaVar Ball

4. “If I want to do something, I’m gonna go ahead and do it.” – LaVar Ball

5. “If you want something, and you want it, you shouldn’t just go and steal it.” – LaVar Ball

6. “My boys are Balls – they expect to win.” – LaVar Ball


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7. “Our family stick together.” – LaVar Ball


8. “When you’re a snake charmer, you’re gonna get bit.” – LaVar Ball

9. “You may not like me. You may think I’m cocky or arrogant. But you will be thinking about me.” – LaVar Ball

10. “Even if you don’t want to hear me, you’re going to hear me.” – LaVar Ball

11. “I don’t want this to sound racist, but most Orientals are nonconfrontational. They’ll let things slide. I’m not like that.” – LaVar Ball

12. “I’m a trainer. That’s my passion. It ain’t basketball. My boys, their passion is balling.” – LaVar Ball

13. “If a coach gets behind Lonzo and has confidence in him, I’m cool. ‘Cause that’s when he’s very successful. He’s been successful in AAU, high school and college.” – LaVar Ball

14. “If you look at my boys, the one thing they do do is win.” – LaVar Ball

15. “Luke Walton was the worst coach ever for Lonzo ’cause he had a losing mentality.” – LaVar Ball

16. “Not everyone wants to go to school. Some guys might be blessed with being 6’10 and running and jumping better than anybody, so they want to be a professional athlete. There’s nothing wrong with that.” – LaVar Ball


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17. “To make me cry you’ve got to hit me with a 2-by-4.” – LaVar Ball


18. “You have people that make suggestions you got people that do things.” – LaVar Ball

19. “Being undefeated, Gelo and Melo winning 60 games in a row, my boys don’t lose too much.” – LaVar Ball

20. “I don’t want no distractions on Melo. So, therefore, I’m going to home-school him and make him the best basketball player ever.” – LaVar Ball

21. “I told my boys this: Somebody gotta be better than Michael Jordan. Why not you?” – LaVar Ball

22. “I’ve always been famous. It’s just who you famous too.” – LaVar Ball

23. “If you got a kid that makes everybody better, you mean to tell me you wouldn’t take him over a guy that’s averaging 40 points but the team’s losing?” – LaVar Ball

24. “Lonzo makes everybody better, that’s what he’s always done all his life.” – LaVar Ball

25. “My title is LaVar Ball, the big baller, the CEO of the Big Baller Brand.” – LaVar Ball

26. “To get my boys a little $100,000 car, that’s nothing.” – LaVar Ball


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27. “You gotta use cuss words when you don’t have no intellect.” – LaVar Ball


28. “All my boys are gonna be one-and-done.” – LaVar Ball

29. “I don’t regret anything I say… Never.” – LaVar Ball

30. “I say get all three of my boys and you have a championship… the chemistry is the best ever between the brothers.” – LaVar Ball

31. “I’m not gonna say nobody’s better than my son.” – LaVar Ball

32. “If you get Lonzo you know what you get. If you let him do what he does, I guarantee he wins.” – LaVar Ball

33. “Just because people say things, they’re supposed to be true?” – LaVar Ball

34. “My legacy is always going to be fine.” – LaVar Ball

35. “Things are gonna happen in life. Either you are gonna help do something about it or you just gonna let it happen and destroy you.” – LaVar Ball

36. “You can be a big baller at whatever you do.” – LaVar Ball


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37. “Ain’t nobody going to stop me from doing what I’m doing.” – LaVar Ball


38. “I ain’t stepping back to nothing… I don’t step back.” – LaVar Ball

39. “I really don’t have a relationship with LeBron. I like it. He ain’t done nothing bad to me, I ain’t done nothing bad to him. So, as long as we good, we’ll be all right.” – LaVar Ball

40. “I’m not diplomatic.” – LaVar Ball

41. “If you don’t cop the ZO2s, you’re not a baller.” – LaVar Ball

42. “In Hollywood, anything’s possible.” – LaVar Ball

43. “My boys don’t lose too much.” – LaVar Ball

44. “Realistically you can’t win no championship with three white guys because the foot speed is too slow.” – LaVar Ball

45. “Who’s gonna want to wear a loser’s shoe? I know I wouldn’t.” – LaVar Ball



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