5 Genuine Reasons to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

You know what the comfort zone is? It is a disease which kills people’s dreams, limits their lives, and stops them from coming up with innovative breakthroughs.

Our societies are filled with people which are extremely “comfy” with their present conditions while displaying no intentions for change; and even if they do want to change, they’re most likely to delay taking action towards their objectives.

Now that was my rage voice. Let’s analyze the concept of “comfort zone” using an easier explanation:

The comfort zone = Anything that keeps your anxiety away.

It’s basically the state in which you mostly care about certainty: the certainty that you’ll feel comfortable, the certainty that nothing’s going to bother your mind, and the certainty that “everything’s in place” and you’re on the right path.

Stepping out of your comfort zone = Performing actions that could trigger short-term anxiety, discomfort, and pain.


5 Reasons to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

The effects of your actions will generate two different outcomes: you’ll feel uncomfortable while having to bear with the pain is the first one;the second outcome is the progress, the overcoming of an obstacle, or the extinguish-ment of a dis-empowering belief.

I honestly urge you to start becoming aware (if you haven’t by now) of your current comfort zone state. Just in case you want to maybe…just maybe…be more than mediocre, I’d highly encourage you to read further.

Here are the main reasons for which you have to step out of your comfort zone, immediately:


1. It Leads to Long-Term Stagnation

Successful people never stop learning. After researching a handful of biographies and stories of people who have changed the world, I found out that successful people possess a lot of powerful beliefs; not only that they have them, but they also nurture and care for them.

One of the most common habits of thinking that successful people have in common?

“Never stop learning, and never stop the progress”. You see, life is a journey, not a race towards a finish line.

By continuously taking action towards improvement, you’re consistently stepping out of your comfort zone. Therefore, you’ll expand your boundaries and your mental limits.

Life will start looking better and better, and it’s all because you choose to actively improve yourself.


2. It Encourages You to Stop Taking Responsibility for All Aspects of Your Life

How does it feel when people blame you for something that you haven’t done?

You feel an urge to appeal to justice, protect yourself, and turn the blame back. The whole blaming, arguing, and the feeling-bad-after process is caused by the fact that people do not assume responsibility for their lives.

Assuming responsibility for your life means perceiving your thoughts, actions, and beliefs as your sole responsibility. Even if sometimes you just can’t control the outcomes, don’t let your impulsive spirit take over, influence your behavior, and have you put the blame on someone else.

If you consciously begin to assume your mistakes and assume full responsibility for all the events that are happening to you on a daily basis, you’re consciously stepping out of your comfort zone. Which is good. It’s really good!

People that find themselves in a deep, deep comfort zone state, they mostly put the blame on faith, karma, other people, bad luck, and a million more things. They always come up with reasons, and guess what: according to their thinking and beliefs, their lack of success and their present state of mediocrity is NOT THEIR FAULT.

Are you identifying with the situation? Are you blaming others? Almost nothing’s your fault? If you get positive answers, I’m urging you to step out of your present comfort zone before it’s too late.


3. It Kills the Possibility of Experiencing Great Accomplishments

I really can’t find a better reason for not hearing about you, the reader of this article, other than the fact that you haven’t done anything to distinguish yourself from other people.

Bill Gates? Of course, I know who he is…you know too; For me, he’s firstly a man that doesn’t afford to lay in a comfort zone. That’s why you’ve heard of him, I heard of him, and probably even your neighbors have heard about him.

“Famous” people are always idolatrized and perceived as great individuals and life models. Honestly, most of them deserve the average people’s respect.

That’s mainly because of their strong will to endure greater deals of pain and discomfort, all in order to overstep their boundaries.

We mostly hear about the final success stories of these individuals. We know what they’ve done, their net revenues are displayed on hundreds of online and offline resources, and we’re given the impression that that’s all that there is.

In fact, the details behind the curtain look totally different. Thousands of hours of hard work, hundreds of failures, and millions of problems, well…these are just a few of the hidden elements that have led to these success stories.


4. It Banishes Motivation and Limits Your Performances

Action is the fuel of life. Whenever we move around, do things, experience feelings because of what we do or see; it’s all about a continuous movement. If we take consistent action, we’re improving our personal power and along with our motivation levels.

If we experience feelings of motivation, stepping out of our comfort zones won’t be an issue. Using our motivation, we can finally take action and set the foundation of our long-term plans and goals.

If we’re willing to actively and consistently take action, practice will lead us to mastery. When we master our jobs, businesses, or fields of activity, we will step out of the ordinary and improve our lives.


5. It Blocks New perspectives and Life-Changing Opportunities

We live in a digital world in which we can easily get access to infinite amounts of information. We can buy a plane ticket and switch cultures by traveling to the opposite side of the world. Unlike a few decades ago, our possibilities are extremely volatile and much more numerous.

One aspect that differentiates people from one another is the MINDSET. Our beliefs are part of our mindsets, and our mindsets dictate the quality of our feelings, actions, performances, and eventually the quality of our happiness.

Closed-minded people are most likely to rot in a comfort zone state for a long time. If they’re not willing to even consider new angles, new perceptions, new perspectives, they’re never going to step out of the box.

The first steps towards positive change should be the desire to unlock new levels of consciousness, to eliminate bad habits of thinking, and to extinguish dis-empowering beliefs.

Being flexible and open minded will encourage your intellectual growth. It’ll also allow you to spot and seize tempting present opportunities. If you manage to apply this tip, you should expect things to change quickly, and all for the better.



Is there much more to say? Of course; there are so much more reasons for which comfort zone decreases the quality of a person’s life. However, I really hope that you’ve got the whole idea.

Comfortable is bad; at least for now, a moment in which you’re probably not fully satisfied with your life. My advice? Start being active! This is the best thing you can to ensure consistent improvement and life fulfillment.

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