5 Reasons Why People Don’t Believe in You

Dreams are called dreams for a reason. They’re huge, bold visions and ideas. They are everything we’ve ever wanted to have and do in our life. So it’s understandable that a lot of  people will be doubtful and have no belief in your dreams when you tell them.

It’s quite sad that this happens, and it’s mainly because the person that you are talking to also has dreams of their own, but know that they will probably never achieve them.

And the reason that they know they will never live out the dreams of their own, is because they are not working for it. They always make up excuses as to why they can’t be working on their dreams, and at the end of the day just expect it to appear out of nowhere, like winning the lottery.


5 Reasons Why People Don’t Believe in You

I hear a lot of people say “If i won the lottery I’d…”, and it makes me think to myself. Why wait to see if you get lucky and win the lottery? Are you going to spend your whole life just hoping you get lucky? Why not go out there and work for it? The chances of you becoming successful that way are a lot better.

Here are 5 reasons as to why people don’t believe in you and the dreams you have in life.

1) It Didn’t Work out for Them

It’s incredibly easy for people to doubt all your dreams when they have similar dreams that they are nowhere near achieving. Besides, if they’ve supposedly worked as hard as they could, and nothing has happened for them, then surely it’s impossible right? Wrong.

Just something hasn’t worked out for someone else doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. If you set your mind to something, with a lot of hard work you’ll be able to achieve it. Sure, these people are highly unlikely to believe in you, but don’t let that stop you.


2) Your Dreams Might Seem Unrealistic

Anything that seems unrealistic to ‘the norm’ people will struggle to believe. I mean, you don’t see many people driving around in a Lamborghini or doing exactly what they want to at any given moment unless you’re looking on the internet at celebrities right.

It’s a very small percentage of the population that become this successful, and besides, if everyone was this successful then our definition of success would be a lot higher.

So sure, you’re dreams will seem unrealistic, but what you have to remember is that there are probably many people out there, that are living the same dreams you have as their reality, that have come from the same background as you, because they worked hard for it.

If you’re prepared to work for it, then prove everybody wrong. Anyway, isn’t the unrealistic what everyone strives for?


3) They’ve Heard the Same Story Before

Are you one of those people who has told your friends a family so many times that you’re going to do something amazing, and become rich and successful, but you never do?

Even if someone actually believes in you the first time you tell them your dreams; if you don’t work hard to achieve them, but keep explaining to your friends that you will, then like many things, over time their faith in you will fade.

If you really want people to believe in you, then don’t keep giving them the same story. Tell them when your certain that you’re going to be working your ass off to be successful.


4) They’re Set in Their Ways

Some people are just set in their ways of “life is life”. You get a normal job, make some money, get a house, a family and try and have some fun now and again. Most groups of friends will be set in this frame of mind.

If anyone dares to dream bigger than this life of standard living, then your friends will be quick to tell you that where you are now “is life”, and that your dreams are impossible.


5) You Don’t Even Believe in Yourself

You need to have 100% confidence in yourself and what you want in life, for others to be able to get behind you and believe in you. If right now, you’re a person who is struggling to believe in their ideas, their dreams and visions, then when you tell other people about them you are not going to be speaking with complete confidence.

To others, this will then come off as if you’re not sure about them, and if anybody had doubts about that sort of thing being achievable in the first place, your lack of confidence certainly isn’t going to win them over.

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