5 Signs You Are In A Major Life Crisis

Life’s harsh, and it has subtle and discreet ways of letting you know that you’re doing everything wrong.

Remember that time during your teenage years wherein you think that once you’ve graduated from college, life will be a breeze and you thought you’d end up working in the Fortune 500 world? If yes, then you’re probably thinking of how stupid you were to think that the world is based on typical Disney story.

It’s not, but hey, you probably know that by now. Regardless, if you’re reading this, your life’s journey is probably enshrouded in thick fog, and you don’t know which way you’re heading.

So, let’s cut to the chase and learn the signs  which tell that you are in a major life crisis:


1) You’re Daydreaming Way Too Much

Daydreaming is a temporary reprieve from reality, whether if it’s during the shower, a few minutes before bed, or while you’re on the train. Though it’s not a bad habit, doing it way too much hurts, and it means that you’re severely unhappy. There is actually a term (though not recognized in the field of medicine) for it, called maladaptive daydreaming.

What you’re daydreaming about also counts. Let’s say you’re a 24 year old advertising associate who dreams of winning the lottery, striking it rich, and retiring at a quiet suburb at 30, while paying off student loans, living off a mediocre salary, and a less than stellar social life.

In this case, it’s a sign your life is devoid of progress and you have no long-term goals (to be discussed later).

Whether you’re banking on stumbling on a magical lamp with a genie or waking up in the morning and discovering you have some sort of superpower, daydreaming too much takes up too much real estate on your mind. In its place, focus more on crafting your long term goals and ways to make them come into fruition.


2) You’re Escaping from Reality

You’ve realized that you are stuck in the pits, and you feel like everything sucks. Subtle and safe examples of escape mediums include playing video games, watching TV shows and anime remotely close to what you want your life to be. Even reading novels can be considered an escape.

Dangerous forms involve destructive habits, such as drinking too much alcohol, or worse, drugs.

Other than what you’re doing, you’re also WISHING something happens that will magically erase all of your problems. Some are fun, fantasy-fueled, and harmless, while others can be absolutely horrifying.

These include:

  • Wishing for a zombie apocalypse. Admit it, you’ve wished that something like this would happen at some point.
  • Get involved in a car crash which would give you millions of dollars in compensation (without losing a limb or two).
  • Wishes of you waking up in a hospital bed post-coma with no recollection of who you are. Worse, you’re actually looking to PRETEND that you have amnesia.
  • An alien spaceship seemingly kidnapping you. While “imprisoned” you’re suddenly told that you’re a long-lost heir of an advanced intergalactic empire, and your return is highly anticipated by trillions of extraterrestrial beings.
  • Though you have to credit your imagination, all it can do is temporarily divert your attention elsewhere and waste your time. Your best course of action is to face reality head on with determination, perseverance, and no regard for the dung thrown at you.


    3) You’re Investing So Much on Your Hobbies

    Hobbies are fun and fulfilling, but they can also be destructive if you’re not being careful. A lot of people spend a lot of time and money on video games, bikes, car upgrades, cameras, and outdoor trek gear, all without thinking of how it can severely affect their lifestyle.

    For instance, let’s say you’re a certified video game addict and you spend hundreds of dollars a month and at least eight hours a day (16 on days off) sitting in front of your console and hitting the buttons on your game controller. You’re not only sacrificing your overall health by remaining sedentary, but also your social life by shunning the world outside the digital plane.

    In one way or another, hobbies are a way to escape from reality.

    It may be treated like a shell or a place of refuge, but if unregulated, it will be more like a jail cell, trapping you in debts and isolation. It’s always best to keep the time and money you spend on them in moderation, unless if you’ve successfully turned it into your profession (like in the case of bloggers and photographers).


    4) You Haven’t Saved Enough

    You have an incredulous look in your eyes while assorting your pay slips and financial information. You’re surprised to know that you’ve earned a collectively gargantuan amount of money in the previous years, but your savings account holds 50% of your monthly salary. It’s shocking, and you’re wondering where all your money went.

    Bear in mind that having juice on your savings account is a must, considering you’ll need an emergency and contingency fund if something unfortunate arises, like you being laid off and other unexpected expenses.

    As a general rule, it is a must to have at least six months worth of your monthly EXPENSES in a bank.

    After doing so, leave it untouched and only tap it during emergencies. It’s a tall order, and the key here is to do it little by little: always put aside at least 10% of your salary.

    In any case, you should start reading about financial rules and guidelines written by business moguls and rags to riches businessmen (not pseudo experts).


    5) Your Priorities Are in Complete Disarray

    Even worse, you don’t have any clue what your priorities are. Once you graduate college, it seems like you’re in cloud nine, and after a few months in your first job, you don’t have any clue on how to get over the hump and into the next level.

    At this point, life will feel and seem aimless, considering you’ll have no idea how to level up. You’re likely to spend your nights watching late night sports games while chugging down a glass of beer. Let’s add that you have no problems with your job, though it feels like you’re stuck at one point and stagnating.

    Though your number one priority at this point is to reach financial stability (and pay off student loans), you should look for avenues which can enable you to somehow upgrade your stature: seek a promotion or look for a more challenging job.

    If you’re in college and having trouble with your grades, seek help from various study groups and review centers. Remember, your studies are your best investment!


    Overall, this applies whether you’re in college or enjoying youth in your 20s. If you think that your life is in a middle of a crisis, simply take a step back and relax for a moment. Think of the best solutions and have someone to talk to!

    Are you in a major life crisis right now? Leave a comment below.

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