5 Simple Ways to Start Battling Depression & Brighten Your Life

Okay, so you had it all planned;

You set off to work in the city, the world is your oyster, you wanted to build up glittering career, bump into a famous person, maybe even date them, who knows!

Although, quite often this is very rarely the case, in fact the reality is very different, depression in person is very much apparent. We live in a complex world of high prices, small space with broken dreams littering the streets.

Ironically, with its 7,4 billion people the world can be a very lonely place. You can be more susceptible to the impacts of depression when under the demands of the microscope, trying to be physically fit, work a successful job, find a partner, have children and so on.


How to Start Battling Depression

It does all sound doom and gloom, and if this scenario sounds familiar then fear not.

It doesn’t have to be this way. We offer opportunity for you to be whoever you want to be, dealing with depression can be acerbated by not having the options or coping mechanisms to deal with a current perception of life.

However I have 5 considerations for you to help battle depression and allow you to take back control of your life, making informed choices for the better.


1. Improve Your Diet

When feeling low in mood or depressed, it is important to stabilize blood sugar levels to help with chemical imbalances. A small reduction in simple carbohydrates can go a long way with adjusting your diet.

These foods include sugary based items, soft drinks, jams, syrup and any additional sugar you may have in your cooking or morning coffee.

It is often too easy to turn to the biscuit cupboard when feeling low; however carbohydrate-rich foods like sweets, biscuits, cakes and white bread will leave you feeling sluggish, heavy and in turn low in mood.

Believe it or not, eating more meals a day may also help too.

Eating up to six small meals can be more beneficial than 2 large ones. The idea behind this is these smaller meals keep your blood sugar regulated, avoids sugar crashes and the need to binge eat.

Eating a higher protein and lower carbohydrate diet can help provide the balance you need, this will support your physical strength as well as develop your mental strength.


2. Manage Your Tasks

Day to day tasks can often be very overwhelming; this is not helped by the lack of motivation and low mood that can be a by-product of depression.

Everyday tasks such as having breakfast, getting dressed or even getting out of the bed itself can present the first major challenge of the day. The best way to combat this is to break your tasks down into manageable chunks.

Making lists can be helpful, using a sequence or rules to the day can also help. Setting yourself goals and targets to achieve can increase motivation. This goal can initially be just walking to the local shop by 11 am.

Slow and steady wins the race, and by setting yourself a list of step by step guidelines you can achieve what you want to achieve that day, and get pleasure in doing so.


3. Keep Your Appointments

Throughout these periods of low mood, depression and isolation a key aspect to recovery is to make appointments with others, but more importantly to keep them.

By making appointments with yourself, with others, with groups, with classes, with potential new partners this will all help provide structure and routine. Even if you don’t feel like it, keeping these appointments is important!

When feeling depressed it’s easier to retreat back into your safe place.

Especially after hard brake up, which lead you to depression, being with others, dating, socializing all creates a diary of appointments, keeping those appointments creates an expectation that you will turn up which in turn helps drag you away from poor and often negative routines at home.

Making appointments to meet others can be made online initially if your struggling to socialize; online dating and forums that encourage regular meet ups provide an easily accessible excuse to leave the house and get out there.


4. Exercise

As suggested everyday tasks can be very difficult when feeling depressed, the idea of exercise itself can be hard to imagine too.

However, exercise is a therapy in itself, this powerful tool can be used to develop confidence, increase mood, raise energy levels and lower the feelings of fatigue.

This natural antidepressant is effective; its by-product of weight loss also increases self-image and higher self-efficacy. Do things that make you feel good, in order to overcome depression, you have to do things that both relax and energize you, such as walk the dog or take the stairs and not the lift.

Exercise triggers a chemical reaction of endorphins which relives tension but most of all reduces stress, a perfect home remedy to feeling better.


5. Avoid Isolation

This key step could help cut out the root of the problem.

Isolation can be a main barrier to developing low mood and poor self-esteem. The above steps all cultivate and point towards avoiding situations where you feel isolated, keeping appointments, seeking ways of exercising, dating or meeting others, spending longer in supermarkets choosing your healthier food options and so forth.

Connecting with others may give you the spark out of a depressive state that you have been looking for. More recently online dating has exploded into our lives, and for good reason.

Making appointments to meet people through online dating can quadruple our opportunities of meeting others. Online dating can be used to establish casual encounters to help build up your social life.

Turning to friends and family who make you feel wanted, loved or even just company for a dog walk can also have limitless benefits towards reducing isolation.  Making regular appointments with friends, partners and family, and of course keeping to them, snowballs your routine towards a socially active weekly structure.

I am certainly not suggesting the people you meet need to be able to help you directly but just need to be there to provide an occasion for you to leave the old you behind and enjoy the new you moving forward!



Here’s a quick recap of the points we’ve mentioned in this article to start battling depression:

  • Improve your diet
  • Manage your tasks
  • Keep your appointments
  • Exercise
  • Avoid Isolation
  • Are you ready to start battling depression? Leave a comment below.

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