5 Starbucks Leadership Style Principles

The style of leadership that Starbucks have is the reason behind the achievement of this chain store. With Starbucks having the name synonymous to coffee, loyal patrons visit the store at least eighteen times in a month. Likewise, it has a very low turnover rate for employees that reaches up to 250 per cent below the average based on industry standards. However, most people don’t have any idea how the management acquired this recipe for success. To shed light into this secret, here are surefire principles applied by this company to get started.

1. Strong Ownership Sense

The focus of Starbucks partners is on customer service. Yes – employees are also the partners to this chain store. They foster an ownership sense that is applicable to all employee ranks from the top down to the lowest. This has encouraged the employees to dedicate their work and responsibility so that they can have a share of the success of the company.

2. Believing that Everything Matters

Retail businesses, particularly coffee shops, should focus on everything. For this matter, they are required to maintain and observe a perfect process. Order is also a huge concern for everyone so that they can achieve excellence in their business process. Such will include cleanliness, customer service, diversity of products, and seat designs.

3. Surprise and Delight Your Customers

The effort applied by Starbucks employees is the creation of actions that can wow the customers. In this way, they enable their customers to get impressed through a series of actions that is out of the ordinary. For instance, they can open a store earlier than its regular time if there is already a queue of customers waiting outside.

4. Listening to Criticisms

The management instills in the mind of the employees to fairly listen to the heartfelt criticisms of the customers. Hence, they are always trying to set up constructive dialogues so that they can acquire what they want to improve. This will serve as an essential input to bring about improvement to the company.

5. Leaving A Mark of Greatness

The secret to the company’s success include building greatness by treating their employees to be kings. They believe that the secret to every customer satisfaction is to first satisfy the employee. They thought that if employees are not happy, they won’t be capable of making their customers happy as well. Because of this, they were able to make policies for their employees to be happy working in the company. A few of the secrets include giving out attractive compensation packages, work environment that is friendly, and adjustable working hours.

Starbucks Corporation is now a leading retailer for specialty coffee worldwide. The reputation of the company has been developed to treat its employees fairly well. Clearly, there are many factors that kept the company at the top of the retail coffee industry. Thanks to the rich leadership style principles of the retail store that considers its employees as partners and one that focus mainly on unmatched service for its customers. Not only has this enabled the company to progress, but it has also earned the trust of consumers around the world.

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