5 Ways Travelling Solo Improves Your Mindset

In the past year, I managed to add 9 countries to my list of places traveled;

I had some of the best times of my life within those countries, and it immediately made me determined to continue travelling as much as I possibly can.

Travelling changed my life in more ways than people would think. despite what people think about travelling simply meaning either partying or exploring certain landmarks, it is much, much more than just that.

I wanted to write this short article for anyone looking to travel, who’s perhaps nervous, scared and not sure whether to make the leap or not.


5 Ways Travelling Solo Improves Your Mindset

When I first started travelling so, I went to Phuket in Thailand, and stayed in my own apartment. Rented and rode a scooter for the first time, had to get used to language barriers for the first time, and much, much more.

After a while, I wasn’t planning anything. I was just winging it. Meeting people and agreeing to travel to certain places with them. I was getting used to meeting local people and even dated a few local girls in some of the countries I traveled.

I would arrive in an unknown country at 9PM, and be out at a club with people I’d only just met by 11PM.

Things can move incredibly quickly when you travel, so here’s why travelling solo improves your mindset.


1. You Are Forced Out of Your Comfort Zone

Have you ever had to ask someone else for something when neither of you can speak the same language?

I got locked out of my room in Thailand one time, and had to tell the cleaner, to try and see if she could help me get back in…

This conversation was filled with a bunch of hand gestures, mumbles and eventually a mutual understanding of what the problem was.

Never the less, doing things that are completely out of your comfort zone; navigating your way through unknown cities, having conversations with people who speak foreign languages, it’s all part of your growth as an individual.

Getting out of your comfort zone is the key to improving your mindset.


2. You’re Instantly Able to Improve Your Social Skills

If you struggle to make new friends, or struggle with basic social skills, travelling will eliminate those struggles within no time at all.

Due to being forced out of your comfort zone, you will be put into situations where talking to other people, asking people questions, making new friends, is inevitable.

This could be due to so many reasons:

  • Asking for directions or help in a new destination
  • Standing out (ie. An English guy travelling through the countryside of Thailand)
  • Staying in hostels (Sharing dorm rooms with others)
  • Embrace it!

    If you’re like me, and you’re a 6ft 2″ English dude, you will obviously stand out in various places such as Asian countries. It’s inevitable.

    For that reason, people will approach you, talk to you, want to get to know you and so on. Not always for the right reasons (be careful!), but it really does help you practice your social skills.


    3. Living in Poor Countries Improves Your Gratitude

    I’m not sure what it was about living in poorer countries, but I loved it!

    It may not be as clean, and you may not have all the utilities that you’re used to, but it gives you a sense of freedom that isn’t quite as strong where I’m from.

    Sure, it may involve eating some questionable foods, or having to use a toilet that’s in an alleyway behind the restaurant and the door barely closes, but still…

    Never the less, seeing beggars, people’s living conditions and other scenarios really makes you feel more grateful for what you have back home.

    Here’s the interesting thing though…

    People in countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, are often a lot more friendly and happier. They are incredibly grateful people, regardless of the fact that their living standards might be a lot lower.

    That in itself, is an amazing thing to experience.


    4. You Get Used to Moving & Acting With Rapid Speed

    The custom when travelling solo is to hit as many countries as your budget allows within a short period of time.

    It’s not always the best way to travel, but it allows you to see and experiences as many different cultures as you can.

    This means that you don’t always have a chance to think things through fully. In fact, for anybody worrying about travelling solo, when you’re moving at this speed you won’t even have the time to worry.

    You’ll constantly be having fun, on the move, and engaging in so many activities, that your brain doesn’t even have time to worry.

    So when you’re travelling solo, you get used to moving quickly, and that’s a great thing for your mindset. That’s a truly great thing for making the most of your time.


    5. Experiencing the World Really Gives You a Sense of Fulfillment

    It really does…

    I spoke to a guy who’s 50 years old the other day and the first time he’d ever been on a plane was 2 months ago. And he loved it!

    The interest was there, but why the long wait?!

    Experiencing the world, and being able to meet people from all different cultures and ways of life, really does give you a sense of fulfillment. It’s something you really can’t afford to miss out on.

    Especially in this day in age when other countries are so much more accessible, and it has become cheaper to travel. Do it now whilst you can!



    For a quick recap on all the reasons why travelling solo improves your mindset:

  • You’re forced outside of your comfort zone
  • You’re instantly able to improve your social skills
  • Living in poorer countries improves your gratitude
  • You get used to moving & acting with rapid speed
  • Experiencing the world really gives you a sense of fulfillment
  • In Conclusion

    Travelling solo drastically improves your mindset, your level of confidence, your social skills. If you’ve done this at least once in your life for a 6 month period, I guarantee you’ll be a much happier individual in the future.

    Are you often travelling solo? Leave a comment below.

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