50 Greatest Tom MacDonald Quotes from His Lyrics

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Tom MacDonald is a Canadian rapper and music producer who is best known for his songs which are often controversial. He is not afraid to talk about issues that are often delicate and sensitive to a lot of people. MacDonald has a YouTube channel with 1.37M subscribers.

Here’s a collection of the best Tom MacDonald quotes:


50 Greatest Tom MacDonald Quotes from His Lyrics

1. “They said to go to hell, so I packed my shit and went with it.” – Tom MacDonald

2. “We’ve all got problems, and we all feel alone, we’ve all been haunted by the secrets we hold.” – Tom MacDonald

3. “We’ve become so ultra-sensitive and hyper-tolerant that, honestly, honesty gon’ be illegal.” – Tom MacDonald

4. “Everybody has a tale that they’re too afraid to tell, you can see it in the cracks in their hands.” – Tom MacDonald

5. “I’m just doing me, and if you don’t agree and I don’t owe you shit, then that is too bad.” – Tom MacDonald

6. “They can hide it in the silence, they can bury it and fight it, but it comes out when their hair is turning grey.” – Tom MacDonald

7. “My generation’s afraid of opinions, y’all so intolerant.” – Tom MacDonald

8. “Black people hate me, they say that I’m racist, my feelings don’t match with their message, whoa.” – Tom MacDonald

9. “Words hurt you, clothes hurt you, memes hurt you, jokes hurt you, we hurt you.” – Tom MacDonald


10th of 50 Tom MacDonald Quotes

10. “Feminists hate me because I believe that their movement is angry and sexist, whoo.” – Tom MacDonald


11. “We all grew up watching South Park, how are we offended?” – Tom MacDonald

12. “Fuck a Nazi, fuck a white supremist.” – Tom MacDonald

13. “They try to tell me I should dumb it down say you’re too conscious for the fans to feel you.” – Tom MacDonald

14. “If there’s a heart that pumps and there’s a breath to take then I won’t bite my tongue as long as I’m awake.” – Tom MacDonald

15. “You can’t just label me racist ’cause I’m related to people who did some terrible shit way back before I was alive.” – Tom MacDonald

16. “I would never hate a man for what God gave him in pigments and I would never plot against him just because he is different.” – Tom MacDonald

17. “You ain’t living on the street, but you barely making rent, and I relate because I’m struggling myself.” – Tom MacDonald

18. “We exercise our right to vote then hate the politicians.” – Tom MacDonald

19. “Depression and anxiety are trendy, we’re too sensitive.” – Tom MacDonald


20th of 50 Tom MacDonald Quotes

20. “Everybody’s got a story; if you look a little closer, you can see it in the wrinkles in their face.” – Tom MacDonald


21. “I would never judge a human for the cards he was given or call them lesser than myself ’cause of the race that he’s mixed.” – Tom MacDonald

22. “If you wanna know the truth about what we’ve been going through, then try to put your phone away so you can ask.” – Tom MacDonald

23. “I probably offended somebody.” – Tom MacDonald

24. “White people hate me, they say that I’m using my privilege for evil, I get it, hey.” – Tom MacDonald

25. “Y’all are so addicted to being hopeless victims, y’all could crash a plane and blame the road conditions.” – Tom MacDonald

26. “Now it’s trendy to be triggered and pretend you’re a victim.” – Tom MacDonald

27. “I see you smile at the clerk while you fumble through your purse, I just wish I had a little more to help.” – Tom MacDonald

28. “I’m fired to the bone, now diamonds in my skeleton I’m finally in my zone, doing me for the helluvit, for the helluvit.” – Tom MacDonald

29. “I see you sitting on the front porch, playing with a radio, looking to the sky.” – Tom MacDonald


30th of 50 Tom MacDonald Quotes

30. “They try to tell me to ignore the haters you’re gon’ get revenge when you’re successful later.” – Tom MacDonald


31. “They try to tell me I should not respond and I should write a song and put it all on paper.” – Tom MacDonald

32. “I cannot feel guilty for s**t that I didn’t do, but I can understand the reasons why you think that I should.” – Tom MacDonald

33. “Lately, everyone been talking crazy feel like everybody’s got some shit to say they misinterpreted my good intentions.” – Tom MacDonald

34. “I see you at the bus stop, looking at the sidewalk, smoking half a cigarette, waiting for a ride.” – Tom MacDonald

35. “If you fight the system, they’re gon’ try to kill you.” – Tom MacDonald

36. “Fast-forward to when I’m fucking paid I ain’t spent a dollar on no f**king chain I’ll get my mom a house, I’ll get my dad a car I’ll make my sister rich, she’ll never work again.” – Tom MacDonald

37. “We all travel different roads, and we put on different clothes; underneath it all, we’re really all the same.” – Tom MacDonald

38. “They try to tell me that I’m too sad and it isn’t healthy, f**k, I knew that.” – Tom MacDonald

39. “Half the time you don’t even probably know what hurt you, but you super mad, trust we heard you” – Tom MacDonald


40th of 50 Tom MacDonald Quotes

40. “Hating real loud, but they follow me.” – Tom MacDonald


41. “I could write a novel about getting faded but the conscious fans are gonna fucking hate it.” – Tom MacDonald

42. “Everyone who really lived had to climb out of a ditch they were in before they found the right path.” – Tom MacDonald

43. “I see you at the liquor store leaving with the cheapest can of beer on the shelf.” – Tom MacDonald

44. “My parents brought me up to treat everyone as an equal I refuse to feel ashamed ’cause of my pretty blue eyes.” – Tom MacDonald

45. “Don’t let ’em censor your thoughts, don’t let ’em make you regret that you talked.” – Tom MacDonald

46. “Probably got a mama and a papa spending everything they make, tryna clean you up enough to take you home.” – Tom MacDonald

47. “Used to have a good job, used to get good grades, used to have big dreams, then you lost hope.” – Tom MacDonald

48. “I’m white but I never put your neck in no noose and I never burnt a cross or hid my face with a hood.” – Tom MacDonald

49. “I’m praying that the world changes soon.” – Tom MacDonald

50. “If the record has meaning, you don’t leave it on but you stream all the songs that repeat the same shit.” – Tom MacDonald



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