50 Humbling Parker Schnabel Quotes

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Parker Schnabel is an American TV personality. He is best known for starring in Discovery Channel’s ‘Gold Rush’ reality series. In Schnabel’s first year of running his own mining operation, he found an astounding 1029 oz of gold. Other than that, he is the owner of ‘Southeast Road Builders’. 

Here’s a collection of the best humbling Parker Schnabel quotes:


50 Humbling Parker Schnabel Quotes

1. “You’ve got nothing but some time to lose.” – Parker Schnabel

2. “We are buying new equipment to improve our operation.” – Parker Schnabel

3. “There’s also a lot of risk and a lot of reward.” – Parker Schnabel

4. “For sure. But for the most part, we get through that sort of stuff you know. It’s a pretty cliched thing to say, but usually, you’re stronger for it.” – Parker Schnabel

5. “I think if you’re getting a job doing it for the summer it’s not that hard to do, there are a lot of jobs both in the Yukon and Alaska. So go give it a shot.” – Parker Schnabel

6. “There’s nobody in business who can say, “I’m doing this for the next fifty years.” I take it as it comes and I’ll still do it as long as I can make money doing it and I enjoy it.” – Parker Schnabel

7. “It was something more mysterious and compelling. It was gold.” – Parker Schnabel

8. “There are some big problems on the horizon, some pretty big headwinds are coming.” – Parker Schnabel

9. “If you’ve got good employees who are invested in the operation, they are trying their best. And when they screw up, it’s something I look at and think, a lot of times, that I probably would’ve screwed it up, too.” – Parker Schnabel


10th of 50 Parker Schnabel Quotes

10. “It’s a challenge and it continues to be one, but we’re getting through it now.” – Parker Schnabel


11. “I think it’s very hard to balance the business with everything being on camera, it’s all your mistakes being in the spotlight like that.” – Parker Schnabel

12. “We always try to continue improving. It’s not just about one idea or one way of doing things, it’s a constant improvement.” – Parker Schnabel

13. “I don’t get embarrassed; that’s my problem. Oh wait, I backed into a conveyor in my pickup this summer and destroyed a part that had just gotten replaced — for the second time!” – Parker Schnabel

14. “Seven years on I still feel like an outsider all the time, but I really like the Yukon and them and that whole process. I wouldn’t quite say it’s one moment, but that’s my answer.” – Parker Schnabel

15. “When a bulldozer breaks down, you don’t go with it start beating it with a sledgehammer.” – Parker Schnabel

16. “It’s definitely a show that has all the right elements for something to be really appealing.” – Parker Schnabel

17. “It wasn’t too difficult because I did really enjoy it and in the early years I had a lot of fun doing the show and learning how to mine.” – Parker Schnabel

18. “I think a big part of it is not getting complacent, we always try to find the next thing or the next person that’s going to improve the business and make things run better and smarter, to find the next season’s ground, or whatever it is.” – Parker Schnabel

19. “It’s just a wonderful mining community that’s made up of some of the best people in the world and I’m really glad to have become, or feel like I’m becoming a part of that.” – Parker Schnabel


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20. “I’m really fortunate to have worked with Raw Production company for almost 10 years now, and I’ve never worked with any other production company except for, you know, one-off little commercials and things, but never on an actual show.” – Parker Schnabel


21. “I’m glad. What my dad’s dream was is not mine, and I don’t share that with my father, and I don’t expect my kids to share my dreams.” – Parker Schnabel

22. “The big thing is with the heat and the jungle environment…there are all sorts of things that will maim and/or kill you.” – Parker Schnabel

23. “My mom always hated the idea of me not going to college. So I always intended on going and not pissing her off. But then I met Tony Beets and went to the Yukon.” – Parker Schnabel

24. “I don’t take anything that seriously, except making sure that our business is making money and being efficient.” – Parker Schnabel

25. “There’s a huge amount of hard work, there’s a huge amount of uncertainty.” – Parker Schnabel

26. “I don’t think that my age has much to do with anything. ” – Parker Schnabel

27. “Definitely the biggest issue we had was replacing Gene. He has a lot of experience. He probably had as much experience as the rest of us combined. Having to figure out how to make this season work without him.” – Parker Schnabel

28. “We’re really expanding our business. Pretty much every penny we get our hands on goes back into the company.” – Parker Schnabel

29. “It was a struggle, but it was also fun.” – Parker Schnabel


30th of 50 Parker Schnabel Quotes

30. “The biggest asset any business has is the people who work there.” – Parker Schnabel


31. “If I need to let some steam off I have a dirt bike and I go for a ride. I love riding my bike.” – Parker Schnabel

32. “I’d say overall the first time I went out to Dawson was really enjoyable and getting to know everyone there.” – Parker Schnabel

33. “We’ve found some mammoth tusks, which was really cool. They’re preserved because they’re ivory and they were buried in the permafrost so the weather doesn’t really get to them. Some of those came out in beautiful shape.” – Parker Schnabel

34. “I think a lot of people don’t understand the volumes of dirt that we move to get what we get.” – Parker Schnabel

35. “Mining traditionally is a fairly family-oriented business, a lot of people call it the family farm of the north.” – Parker Schnabel

36. “My life has been pretty much work-dominated. I had a girlfriend for a couple of years. That didn’t work out.” – Parker Schnabel

37. “Gold mining like most things in life, you get out of it what you put in. And if you put in a lot of hard work and dedication, you usually get rewarded.” – Parker Schnabel

38. “I usually keep them. You’re allowed to sell them, you just need a couple of permits to export them out of the territory, but I think they’re so cool I had to keep them.” – Parker Schnabel

39. “I’m definitely more of a field guide.” – Parker Schnabel


40th of 50 Parker Schnabel Quotes

40. “I’m used to bears. I’m quite fine with bears.” – Parker Schnabel


41. “My grandpa would find 3-4 ounce nuggets back in the day in Haines.” – Parker Schnabel

42. “I think it’s a great season of the show and it’s definitely going to be interesting.” – Parker Schnabel

43. “My dad owned a business, and I worked for him some, but I never was pressured to … there was never an expectation to do that.” – Parker Schnabel

44. “In South America, and Guyana in particular, it is all manual labor. Everything that happens is moved by hand, almost. Though there are some excavators.” – Parker Schnabel

45. “I started at a young age. I have as much experience as a lot of 30, 35-year-olds that are in construction or in earthmoving, stuff like that.” – Parker Schnabel

46. “I don’t know, you just kind of get focused on working and most of the time it doesn’t bother you too much.” – Parker Schnabel

47. “I don’t own a boat or any fancy cars or a fancy house. I have a big expensive sandbox instead.” – Parker Schnabel

48. “So it’s got all of those elements that make something appealing. But then so do a lot of the shows that are commissioned every day that aren’t nearly as successful.” – Parker Schnabel

49. “The side that I don’t really like is dealing with the networks and pitching shows and selling things and being a salesman — including a TV show like I’m trying to do right now, and that side of it I’m not so interested in.” – Parker Schnabel

50. “I think it’s something worth trying. I wouldn’t recommend pouring your life savings into mining.” – Parker Schnabel



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