50 Thank You Notes for Condolence Messages

Losing someone can be a difficult thing to go through. Many friends and loved ones will undoubtedly send their sympathies and condolences. Figuring out how to reply to their condolence messages can be time-consuming and stressful. Here are great thank you notes for condolence messages that will help you to easily and effortlessly send condolence replies that are heartfelt and genuinely grateful.

#1 At times, this loss has left me feeling adrift. Through it all, your understanding and support have been the anchors keeping me on an even keel. Your wise words and loving-kindness are the compass points that allow me to map the way forward into the uncharted waters that lie ahead. Thank you so much for your thoughtful condolences.

#2 At this time, when I might have felt alone, you have offered me the treasured gifts of your sympathy and understanding. I find it hard to express in words how much your love and concern have given me strength and helped me to carry on. Thank you for your condolences.

#3 I want to thank you for sending me your condolences. When tragedy strikes, there is nothing more heartening than knowing that you’re not alone. Your selfless concern makes me remember all the good things that there are in the world, and this helps me to have hope for the future. Thank you.

#4 Writing you this thank you note is incredibly important to me. I struggle to find the right words, because “thank you” doesn’t feel like enough. Your condolences are appreciated beyond measure. The fact that you stopped to think of me and offer your support fills my heart with hope. The compassion of friends and family will help me to get through this difficult time. Again, I thank you.

#5 I have been taking things one day at a time. While I know what I have to do to be able to get through this, sometimes it’s hard. That’s why it meant so much to me when you offered your kind words and sincere thoughts. Knowing that the world contains people like you gives me hope and gives me the strength to endure.

#6 This experience of loss has sometimes felt like being in a foreign country. Things look similar, but it’s like everything is suddenly in a different language and difficult to understand. In the middle of this all, your wise and thoughtful messages of understanding have helped me to begin to find my feet and remember where I am. Thank you for the condolences everyone.

#7 Some days are better than others, and I know that is to be expected. What I did not expect was the comfort your note brought me. Your words of love and care meant so much. Thank you for taking the initiative to enter into the painful darkness that I am going through, and to be there for me. Thank you for your message of condolences and sympathies.

#8 Thank you for your condolences. This tragedy has recentered me on what is truly important in life, and there is nothing more important than friends and family. Your friendship and understanding when I really need it means the world to me. Thank you so much.

#9 I wanted to send you this thank you note for your sympathy message. Coming to terms with this loss is going to take a long time. This, I know. But it is helpful beyond words to know that I’m not the first person to experience these feelings and that the people close to me hold me in their thoughts. Your support means everything. I deeply thank you.

#10 Recently there have been times when I have felt like I’ve been carrying the whole world on my shoulders. Just when it felt like the burden was too much to carry on my own, you offered the gift of your strength. That has made all the difference. With your help, I can begin to bear this load. I cannot thank you enough for your support.

#11 Everyone understands that grief is hard to bear, yet each person experiences it in different ways. At times, it can feel like a part of me is missing, and that I will never find it again. Your card and words of wise counsel reminded me that nothing is ever lost that was dearly loved. That realization is the most liberating concept I know – that I can forevermore roam this earth, experiencing joy, and knowing that I carry my dearly departed within me. Thank you.

#12 The experience of loss can make you feel like the whole world has frozen to a standstill. Without help, it’s difficult to find a way to get going again. That is why your love and encouragement have been so valuable. Thank you for your words of sympathy. They have helped me find a way to begin to move forward.

#13 I can’t deny that there have been some dark days recently. At times, I was wondering if I would ever see light again. Then I received your radiant message and your simple and touching words lit up my world. I can’t describe how much it means to know that you have me in your thoughts. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

#14 It was with deep gratitude that I received your note with condolences. Together we have seen many changes over the years. This is a change I did not anticipate, and I am feeling an acute sense of loss. However, I know that because of your encouragement I will get through this time. Thank you for helping to push me through my grief onto happier days.

#15 I realize you do not expect too much of me right now, but wanted to send you this thank you note for your condolences. Your support has been precious at a time when it feels like all the music has stopped. I feel simply broken right now, but one day, I hope my heart will sing in harmony again. Thank you for being my friend through this all.

#16 It is still raining in my heart, and the days can seem long and gray. Your message is a welcome umbrella in the storm of my emotions. I am beyond grateful to have loved ones who provide support when I feel exposed and vulnerable in my loss. Thank you so much for your comforting condolences.

#17 When a bright light has been snuffed out, the sudden darkness seems suffocating. Your message of condolence brought a glowing ember, fanning into flame the resolve to try and carry on. I am beginning the journey, taking one step at a time. Thank you for lighting the way ahead for me.

#18 When I hit a wall of grief, you help me over it. When it seems like I am walking in the dark, you bring a light. When my heart is empty, you send me a note filled with words of hope. Thank you for knowing when I need someone to be there. You are a friend like no other.

#19 In the throes of my grief, I often feel confusion and heartache. I was touched by your expression of condolences and comforted to know that I am in your thoughts. Your words brought a tender reminder that I am loved and supported, even among all the tears and sense of loss. Thank you for your kind words.

#20 When my heart was so wounded, you tenderly helped to bandage it up. Your note of condolence too was medicine for my aching soul. It was just what I needed to bring a sense of healing. There are difficult days ahead, but I want to thank you for the support you showed me, following my loss.

#21 Your loving note of support helped me cope with the waves of grief that crashed over me. It makes a world of difference to know that you are there to reach out to. I know that there is a horizon of hope ahead of me. I just cannot see it at this time, but I know it is there because of friends like you.

#22 Sorrow still grips me, as I mourn my loss, but I remember the kind words you penned when I was going through the worst of it. You made me believe that I would eventually get through it. I am beginning to believe that I will find the road to recovery, with your support. Thank you sincerely for your condolences.

#23 When all is said and done, I hope to help others because of the pain I have gone through myself. That time seems in the distant future now, as fresh grief engulfs me daily. Your message of condolence, however, encouraged me to consider that something good can come from loss. I will hold onto that thought in the hard moments. Thank you for giving me that hope.

#24 Your kind note of condolence is something I will treasure as I work through my feelings of loss, and as I mourn my loved one. It will take more time, but maybe one day we will be able to get together and share some memories. Be ready for my tears, and hopefully also for some smiles. Thank you for your friendship and support during this difficult season.

#25 Thank you for the expression of love you penned for me. Your words flowed like a soothing and healing balm over my heart. When the days ahead are tinged with sadness, I will remember that my heart can heal over time because of people like you who walk with me now in my brokenness.

#26 I appreciated all that you wrote to me to ease the burden of my loss. I remind myself of the strength it gives me when I feel as though I am floundering. Your words made such a difference, so I wanted you to know how much it meant that you put pen to paper for me.

#27 When words fail me or I am lost in thought, the condolences of others come in tender comfort to lift me up. You were so kind in all you shared when you expressed your sympathy to me in my loss. It made me feel anything but alone, even if I am a little quiet these days. Thank you sincerely for your condolences.

#28 It can be hard to express the depth of my feelings, but please accept my grateful thanks for your kind message of sympathy. I am sure things will get easier for me as time goes by, and I look forward to the day when I am up to reminiscing with friends again. I appreciate your sympathy and condolences during this very hard time.

#29 Thank you for your condolences, and your strong hand of friendship, which helped me up when I was sinking in sadness. You pulled me out of the darkness to see that life is still worth living and that there is still beauty all around me if I am willing to look for it. You were not going to let me drown in my misery, and I am eternally grateful.

#30 When dreams get shot down in flames, it is said that new dreams can rise from the ashes. As hard as it is to believe, I hope that this will be true for me one day. I want to thank you for your condolences, which were such an encouragement for me to keep going. Thank you for caring for me and for your support when I needed it most.

#31 Whenever I am feeling sorry for myself and think I have been dealt a bad hand in life, I am reminded of your beautiful note of condolences. When it seems as though there is nothing in the future to look forward to, I remember all the good things I still have, especially the gift of your sweet friendship. Thank you for being a light in my darkness.

#32 I know that I have lost my joy right now and am not feeling myself. Thank you for your understanding. Your note helped me to remember that winter does not last forever. I look forward to the day when I feel the warmth of sunshine in my heart again.

#33 Thank you for the condolences, everyone. Your kindness knows no bounds. I simply cannot fathom getting through this season without the love of each, and every one of you. With your help, however, I am hopeful that I will overcome the challenge of any difficult day, and the moments of sorrow I may encounter.

#34 Sometimes, just for a moment, I forget that my dear one has left this earth and is no longer here. Then I remember the imprint that they left on my heart and that it will never, ever fade. Your loving message reminded me that by embracing the loss, as well as facing the future, I will honor the life they lived in a more meaningful way.

#35 A loss may take many forms, coming swift and without warning. The support and kindness of my friends and family enable me to cope with this loss. Thank you for your condolences. Things are challenging right now, and I really appreciate you taking the time to check in on me.

#36 I would like to imagine that my beloved [insert name] has not left us for good. Perhaps they have only slipped away to the next room, and soon we will be reunited. I wanted to send you this note to thank you for your sympathy message. The silver lining in this difficult time is knowing there are wonderful people like you coming together to offer their support.

#37 Even though I have lost someone so close to me, the memories of our life together will always be intact, celebrated at every opportunity. Thank you for the beautiful message you sent to me after the passing of my loved one. It is impossible to describe the relief from my grief it has provided.

#38 Although our loss is fresh and our loved one has departed this earth, the beauty that they brought into our lives will carry on forever. Our loved one meant everything to us. In the wake of our loss, we have been tasked with finding small things – such as your consideration for us – to helps us through. Thank you for your condolences. It really means the world to us.

#39 Words cannot describe how grateful I was to receive your sympathy message. The kind gestures of friends and family really are balm for my aching soul. I do not know how I would get through this without you. Thank you.

#40 Most days, it feels very lonely to carry on without my loved one. However sad I may be, I will always have a little laugh for the funny things they used to do, or a smile for a happy memory. Thank you for sharing your condolences. When someone like you reaches out, it helps me to remember that this too will pass, and I am not alone in my grief.

#41 Thank you for sending your condolences. When someone stops to acknowledge my grief and offer their support, it helps to put a tiny piece of my broken heart back into place. I know that with the support of friends like you, time will heal this wound.

#42 Time, for those who grieve, can feel as though it lasts an eternity. The sympathy message you have shared has provided a much-needed break from sadness. I cannot find the words to express what it means to me. Thank you for being so considerate.

#43 Thank you for sharing your condolences with us. I wanted to make sure that you knew how grateful we are to have friends and family who care. Although we have experienced a significant loss, your condolences reminded us just how loved our dearly departed was.

#44 Whenever I feel alone in my loss, I promise myself I will make an effort to remember the good things in my life. Family and friends are those good gifts in my life and I cannot forget that with them comes the opportunity to make precious memories together in the future. You, my friend, are so important to me. I value our friendship, and thank you deeply for your condolences.

#45 I wanted to thank you for your gracious thoughts during this difficult time. While the loss of a loved one is never easy, kind souls like you make my heavy burden a little lighter. I will cherish the memories of the past close to my heart and carry your comforting wishes thoughts with me wherever I go.

#46 Words cannot express how appreciative I am for you. The loss of my loved one has been overwhelming, and it means so much that you have reached out to me during my season of grief. Knowing that you understand has helped to ease my mind, and reminds me that there still is good in my life. Truly, I thank you.

#47 Your sweet message of sympathy has been a big help in getting me to keep moving forward in life. I am thankful that you go to great pains to take me out and include me in company again. At times, I am almost brave enough to imagine that the future might hold some happiness for me.

#48 I wanted to let you know how thankful I am for your condolences. While this death is not easy to process, it helps me to feel the warmth of your kindness. For me, you are a bright light in an often dark world. I send my immeasurable gratitude.

#49 Although there is nothing that can bring my loved one back, I am filled with gratitude to have people like you in my life. Your message of condolences brings me comfort during this sad time, and your thoughtful gesture allows me to reflect fondly on the past. I am beyond fortunate to have people in my life like you. Thank you for your support.

#50 During this challenging time, I have been overwhelmed by the consoling outreach of my friends. But your note was special. It helped me pick my head up, fix my hunched over posture, and take a deep breath of life-filled air while telling myself that this anguish will pass. Thank you for your gift of hope. I am so lucky to have you in my life.

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