50 Unexpected Ty Dolla Sign Quotes About Life

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Ty Dolla Sign is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter. He is known for his hit singles ‘Paranoid’, ‘Or Nah’, and ‘Blasé’. He is a co-founder of the production team ‘D.R.U.G.S.’.

Throughout his career, he has been worked with A-list artists including ‘Fifth Harmony’, ‘The Weeknd‘, ‘Wiz Khalifa‘, and ‘DJ Mustard’. He has won the ‘iHeartRadio Music Award’ for Best Music Video and the ‘Kids Choice Award’ for Favorite Song.

Here’s a collection of the best Ty Dolla Sign quotes:


50 Unexpected Ty Dolla Sign Quotes About Life

1. “Every person needs to go home and have that person to wake up to – eventually when the party’s over.” – Ty Dolla Sign

2. “God is good.” – Ty Dolla Sign

3. “I feel like on ‘Free TC,’ you know, I feel like I went hard, and not enough people recognized.” – Ty Dolla Sign

4. “I never gave up, but a lot of the homies did, and I don’t feel sorry for them.” – Ty Dolla Sign

5. “I write other people songs. Recirculate it. It’s the music business.” – Ty Dolla Sign

6. “I’m using my platform to help out a little bit, you know. It’s only right.” – Ty Dolla Sign


7th of 50 Ty Dolla Sign Quotes 

7. “It’s certain rappers that can really rap, that really spit all bars, so I understand why someone would say, ‘You not a real rapper.’ But the main thing is if you can make good songs, who cares? So I don’t know why guys be tripping on Drake. He makes great music. He’s dope.” – Ty Dolla Sign


8. “Rioting definitely brings attention to the situation at hand.” – Ty Dolla Sign

9. “We’ll get way further if we educate people and not lock them up.” – Ty Dolla Sign

10. “Yeah, it’s Pushaz Ink for life. Me, YG, and Mustard started a movement, and we brought back the West.” – Ty Dolla Sign

11. “Ever since Apple Music, Spotify, and all of those things came around, we can choose whatever we want to listen to. Before then, it was all controlled, but now, everybody listens to everything.” – Ty Dolla Sign

12. “God blessed us with all this money, so why not take the money and put it into my brother’s case? Talk about social and racial injustice in our country and mass incarceration in our country?” – Ty Dolla Sign

13. “I did a song with Rihanna recently, and I was like, ‘How did you find out about me or whatever?’ And she said, ‘Drake.” – Ty Dolla Sign

14. “I make bangers all the time, and I knew it was going to come. My mom probably used to think it wasn’t going to happen. My daughter’s mom thought it wasn’t going to happen, and a couple of girlfriends. You just gotta keep on doing it. I’m living proof.” – Ty Dolla Sign

15. “I want to buy up a gang of properties in my neighborhood and give people the chance to live in new buildings. We should make our areas nice.” – Ty Dolla Sign

16. “I’m never satisfied. I want to get to the next level.” – Ty Dolla Sign


17th of 50 Ty Dolla Sign Quotes 

17. “If something’s dope, you got to go with it.” – Ty Dolla Sign


18. “One of my uncles played in The Isleys. I went to all their shows.” – Ty Dolla Sign

19. “To me, it’s 2016 about to be 2017. I can’t believe there’s still a racism factor.” – Ty Dolla Sign

20. “Working with Babyface was legendary.” – Ty Dolla Sign

21. “Even though the Clintons started mass incarceration, which my brother is a victim of, things are going to change, though. Somebody made them do that.” – Ty Dolla Sign

22. “Everything happens at the perfect time, man. You may not realize it. But now I do.” – Ty Dolla Sign

23. “I care about people, and I’ve learned in life that the only thing we are here for is to learn and teach.” – Ty Dolla Sign

24. “I had a kid, so I had to step it up and get that cake.” – Ty Dolla Sign

25. “I want to be one of those ones: a legend.” – Ty Dolla Sign

26. “I’m gonna bring Bad Brains vibes ‘cos that’s what I do.” – Ty Dolla Sign


27th of 50 Ty Dolla Sign Quotes 

27. “I’ve got all of the old school vinyls from the ’70s – even further back, like the jazz music in the ’40s, ’50s, ’60s. Then I’ve got all the ’80s stuff underground, hip-hop when hip-hop really first started. The ’90s stuff. All of the good stuff, because I’m really into music, and it helps me create new songs now.” – Ty Dolla Sign


28. “My dad put me with all the greatest people. It definitely helped me now, because I know so much more about music and composition. It’s cool. I love Pops. I’m super thankful for everything he’s done to help my career.” – Ty Dolla Sign

29. “The only thing I could be better at is to be around more. Other than that, I’m a great dad. I come to the soccer games and teach her stuff, go over her homework with her every night; we stay on the phone. I try to be as good as a dad as I can be.” – Ty Dolla Sign

30. “Why do we have to have another riot?” – Ty Dolla Sign

31. “At first, I ain’t gon’ lie, I used to be a little nervous about what people were gon’ think about my music, but once I let that go, then everything started happening.” – Ty Dolla Sign

32. “Everybody just wants to steal each other’s energy.” – Ty Dolla Sign

33. “I am Mr. Toot it and Boot It.” – Ty Dolla Sign

34. “I grew up around a lot of church musicians.” – Ty Dolla Sign

35. “I used to always want a boy, and when I had a girl, I thought I wasn’t going to like it, but I love having a girl.” – Ty Dolla Sign

36. “I’m from L.A. South Central area.” – Ty Dolla Sign


37th of 50 Ty Dolla Sign Quotes 

37. “I’ve been everywhere man. I’m from L.A., though.” – Ty Dolla Sign


38. “My brother is really talented.” – Ty Dolla Sign

39. “The mass incarceration going on in this country and with my people is crazy.” – Ty Dolla Sign

40. “When we dropped ‘Toot It And Boot It,’ Mustard didn’t even do beats, and now he’s killin’ it. So it’s just cool to see all of my bros taking over.” – Ty Dolla Sign

41. “As a kid, my pops did music, too. He was in a group called Lakeside back in the day.” – Ty Dolla Sign

42. “Every time I hear ‘Miracle,’ I feel a certain type of way.” – Ty Dolla Sign

43. “How many fake Drakes are there? How many fake Migos are there?” – Ty Dolla Sign

44. “I got all the women and everything I want, but my brother is locked up. I can’t leave him behind.” – Ty Dolla Sign

45. “I think I’m gonna do more songs on my own.” – Ty Dolla Sign

46. “I’m definitely the super-cool dad.” – Ty Dolla Sign


47th of 50 Ty Dolla Sign Quotes 

47. “I’ve been building slow, step by step.” – Ty Dolla Sign


48. “J Dilla is the top producer of all time, in my book, alongside Timbaland and Pharrell. Then DJ Mustard.” – Ty Dolla Sign

49. “Tell all the ladies to follow me on Snapchat. I don’t want to see no guys snapping me.” – Ty Dolla Sign

50. “When ‘Paranoid’ came out, how many other ‘Paranoids’ came out? No shots, just real.” – Ty Dolla Sign



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