50th Birthday Messages for Mom

Turning 50th is special for a mother as she crossed a span of decades into what is called a milestone of her age. Caring for a child and looking after the child makes a mother forget her years of her life passing by. As such, celebrating 50th birthday seems a surprise and an acceptance of another year of her life passing by.

Samples of 50th birthday messages for mom to send in different ways are given below:

1). Dear mom, I wish you a best 50th birthday celebration filled with happiness. It’s unbelievable how time passes away so soon and you have turned 50.

2). Dearest mom, wishing you a happy 50th birthday celebration filled with love and joy. I hope you have the best of celebratory moments this 50th birthday as it is a grand one.

3). Lovely mom, through this text I wish you the best and happy 50th birthday celebration. I hope you have invited all your girlfriends and are now having lots of fun and joy together with them.

4). Dear mom, sweet birthday wishes and love from me coming to your side. I am happy that you are celebrating your 50th birthday considering you have been saying that you do not want to.

5). Mom, wishing you all the love in the world and a happy birthday celebration. I hope you are celebrating in style and making the most of the special day of yours.

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