54 Romantic Things To Do in Barcelona 2021 – for Couples and 1st Dates (and even proposals)

Barcelona is a romantic city! No wonder, with all the narrowed streets in the beautiful old town of El Gótico, the cities beach front, a delicious cuisine and so many romantic things to do more.

It is a wonderful city for 1st dates, romantic weekend breaks and vacation time. It is even a great spot for proposals!

This is my huge list of romantic spots and romantic things to do in Barcelona as a couple. Make sure you also check out my articles on how to spend an awesome One Week In Barcelona.

On top of that, I created an itinerary and schedule for what I think is a perfect romantic day.

Please also read my guide on 21 romantic ideas for couples. I also included a unique way to propose.

Jump directly to the itinerary for the most perfect romantic day in Barcelona

This article will guide you to amorous experiences and dreamy locations.

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  • Some of these coffee shops are really romantic spots. And if you just need some relax time, check out the 12 best spas in Barcelona.

    Barcelona is my birth place and I know the city inside out. I started this article initially with the idea to pull together 17 romantic things to do.

    However, once Matthias and I sat down and started brainstorming, this list kept growing and growing.

    Altogether I am sharing with you 54 romantic things to do in Barcelona.

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    My 54 romantic things to do in Barcelona

    So, let’s get a bit romantic and start with one of my absolute highlights:

    1. Aire Barcelona SPA (by night)

    How about visiting a SPA at night?

    And not just any. Aire Barcelona is an Arabic spa and it is pure luxury. I cannot state this enough. Besides the spa experience, you can book extra massages. There is a sauna, a salty pool, a hot tub, a cold one, free hot tea, and well, everything!

    The first time we booked Aire Barcelona Spa back in 2014 and we come back whenever we can.

    My recommendation for a romantic date: Go here at midnight! A Spa session lasts 1.5h and is limited to 20 people. This makes it super cozy, intimate, and, well, romantic!

    In case this Spa is full, do not panic! We have a list of 12 best Spas in Barcelona.

    2. Have dinner at Cucine Mandarosso

    Food, another way to get romantic, right? Italians know a thing or two here.

    Cucine Mandarosso is my favorite Italian restaurant in Barcelona. It is sooooo delicious! It is usually busy. So, if you can, call them up first and make a reservation. They speak English, don’t worry:

    Here is their contact details.

  • Website is lecucinemandarosso.com
  • Phone number: +34 932 69 07 80
  • About the interior: The place is quite small and antique.

    It is packed with noodles (as decor) and more curious, patina-style Italian decor. Fun to look around.

    Also, the dimmed light helps the cozy setting.

    3. Have a drink at a roof top terrace

    Hotel 1898 is located in a restored 19th-century building next to famous Las Ramblas, in the city center. Not only that the building is a historical heritage in the city, but it has also refurbished the interior.

    It offers a spa service, restaurant and a swimming pool on the roof-top terrace.

    Some would say: They offer a full romance package!

    From the roof-top terrace you can also see Sagrada Familia. Another romantic spot! Find a big list of romantic hotels in Barcelona here.

    Check rates for Hotel 1898 here

    4. Rent a private boat with a Captain

    Oh let us make your trip even more special! You can rent a private sailing boat with a captain.

    Barcelonasailboats.com offer this for tourists and visitors.

    Enjoy an amazing private boat trip with your partner, family, or friends.

    Appreciate the full skyline of Barcelona from the sea, jump in the water and enjoy snacks, your own music and drinks.

    Here’s a video.

    How to book?

    Contact Barcelonasailboats.com to prices and available dates.

    Book your Sailing Boat here

    5. Wander around el Gótico

    Yes, I’ve to say it again, Barcelona is a romantic city.

    Narrowed streets, tiny restaurants, cafés, bars, galleries, art, beach. It is easy to forget the time and just wander around. And this is what we recommend to do as well.

    Leave your phones and watches at home, and wander around El Gótico, the downtown area. Maybe get an ice cream as well or a smoothie at the La Boqueria?

    There are private walking tours you can book.

    If you want to join more people, there is also many free walking tours. The guys from NEXT Barcelona Tours are pretty cool!

    The tours are tip-based. You leave a tip at the end to the guide, most people give around 5 to 10€.

    6. Cooking class for homemade Paella

    “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” -Virginia Woolf

    It is true! Barcelona is also a foodie paradise. Therefore, a cooking class is a good idea to join.

    How about food?

    Barcelona is a serious foodie-paradise, perfect for some cooking classes. No wonder we recommend joining an awesome cooking class! The best way to do it is joining a combo of visiting a market and cooking class. It is the best way to impress your friends at home with a delicious Paella or Tapas. There is a ton of cool paella cooking classes with Airbnb Experience.

    Here is a handpicked recommendation. We enjoyed BCN Kitchen. Their courses are fun and well-made. It’s really worth it the money. You visit a local market and learn to cook Paella like a boss!

    Whatever course you chose, I would recommend one with a local market tour and cooking!

    Here’s what you’ll learn to cook:

  • Gazpacho
  • Spanish tortilla
  • Seafood Paella, the authentic taste of Spain (vegetarian options available!)
  • Crema Catalana (delicious desert)
  • Pá amb tomáquet (simple but delicious Catalan way of eating bread)
  • Prices start from 68€. We got a lovely 5% discount here as well!

    5% discount for BCN Kitchen (only for our readers)

    The coupon code is


    How to apply?

  • Visit www.bcnkitchen.com
  • choose your date and class
  • apply the discount
  • That’s it!

    Bon profit and bon appetit!=)

    Prefer eating out, no cooking? Find here the best 9 paella restaurants in Barcelona.

    Check all Cooking Classes in Barcelona here

    7. Sunset from Mirablau

    Yes, somehow cliché, I know.

    Nevertheless, sunsets are romantic. And I know some romantic spots to watch the sunset in Barcelona. As the city has its beach eastwards, the sun goes down behind the mountains – in the west.

    A great dreamy spot for the sunset is Mirablau, close to Tibidabo. While here, have a seat, and get some tapas. It’s delicious!

    (Here is the address.)

    8. Sunset from Bunker del Carmel

    A different kind of sunset-setting, as there is no bar or restaurant in Bunker del Carmel.

    Therefore, pack some pica-pica snacks, some drinks, and even a blanket to make the experience cozier. From this point, you have a 360º panoramic view over Barcelona.

    Arriving at Bunker del Carmel, also known as Turó de la Rovira, is not directly possible by public transport, but neither complicated. There are buses, and a metro stop nearby.

    Check Google Maps for directions – that’s easier than explaining it here.

    If you want to save time, we totally recommend renting a scooter. With a scooter, it takes you around 15 minutes to come here.

    Read: how to rent a scooter in Barcelona

    9. Sunrise from Bunker del Carmel

    You might have figured…the sunrise is beautiful as well AND it is less packed.

    You can watch the sunrise even from the beach. However, Bunker del Carmel is our secret tip!

    Why? At that time, there is nobody up here.

    Check out the times for the sunrise in Barcelona.

    A must at that time: Get a scooter to come up here.

    It is the easiest way, seriously. Plus you can drive to some of my favorite best coffee shops in Barcelona for breakfast.

    10. Have a romantic Picnic organized

    Now we mentioned a few romantic spots. Here comes the perfect add-on: A romantic picnic!

    We found an awesome website that offered the service of ordering delicious picnic baskets and bring them wherever you want in the city.

    PERFECT for a romantic surprise for your partner!

    UPDATE: This company is no longer working, but you get the idea, right?

    Just get some picnic food and head to a romantic place (e.g. Bunker del Carmel).

    11. Having Brunch at Can Dende

    We LOVE brunch, and our favorite place is Can Dende. It is usually really busy, but you cannot make any reservations.

    Just come here, and hope for the best. It is totally worth it even if you have to wait.

    12. Get lost in La Boqueria

    La Boqueria has become a really hot spot and we can see why. Foodies, curious future-foodies and tourist mix there and try to catch up for the best food experience.

    My best advise, go early or it will be packed.

    So be sure you are on time and join one of the best culinary experiences in a Market.

    Whenever you come here, make sure you walk inside. Do not stay outside and buy something from the first shops. NO.

    Walk in!

    There it’s more local, and you find way better prices and curious things.

    And finally, get a smoothie here. They are yummyyyyy!

    13. Rent a Red Vespa – like in the movies

    A red Vespa, you know, like in the movies. A scooter is the best way to get around the city. And a red Vespa is the best way to get around in style.

    Surprise your partner by a romantic scooter trip around the city.

    14. Have a rest at the cleanest beach

    Needing some time to recover from the tourist crowds?

    Then head to Bogatell beach, where locals and expats hang around. It might have people, but not as many as Barceloneta, and the romantic ambiance won’t be broken each 2 seconds with “Mojito, cola, agua” vendors.

    FYI: Please do not leave your belongings unattended, especially at the beach. There are many thieves looking for opportunities.

    If you both want to go to the water, you can ask politely your neighbor to keep an eye on the things. You can return the favor to them the same way.

    15. Order a coffee at Espai Joliu

    Espai Joliu is a plant concept store and the most beautiful coffee shop in Barcelona. Here, we love to stop by every time. Check out their photos on Instagram.

    It looks even better in real-life.

    This is a beautiful coffee shop near the beach. It is recommended to come here for lunch and to have a coffee.

    Of course, this one is in our list of my best coffee shops in Barcelona.

    16. Get a delicious (vegetarian) menu at Arco Iris

    It’s delicious, and it is incredibly cheap!

    Arco Iris offers a simple cuisine, they go back to basics. You will feel like your grandmother is cooking for you and you will surprised how tasty the vegetarian options can be.

    Don’t forget to book or go early to Arco Iris.

    As they offer daily menu, lots of people in the offices around go there to have dinner. Because grandma’s food is always a good choice!

    17. Hospital San Pau

    Another great thing to do in Barcelona is visiting Hospital San Pau. This modernist piece has been reconstructed and it is open now to the public.

    The best part? It is not as crowded as Sagrada Familia or Casa Batlló. And it is still amazing how they kept this modernist hospital.

    Get your ticket to Sant Pau here

    A tip for increasing the wow-effect.

    Go there during sunset, the lights change and it is even more beautiful.

    18. Try out an escape room

    More interactive, more fun, more intellectual even?

    Here is a forum entry about best escape rooms in Barcelona.

    Also, these escape-room nerds created a useful overview.

    19. A night at the W Hotel

    A night at one of the most iconic hotel in the city?

    Obviously, we are talking about the W Hotel, directly at Barceloneta beach, and with impressive views from all the rooms.

    They are also well-known for their bar and hip events.

    A smart idea to dance out, and spend a night. What do you think?

    Find the best deal for Barcelona W Hotel.

    Read: Where to stay in Barcelona at first time visit?

    Note: If Barcelona W Hotel is out of your budget, you can find a cute Airbnb for the occasion.

    20. Ballooning over Barcelona

    Wanna ride above Barcelona landscape on a Hot air balloon?

    Experience a ride above a UNESCO Biosphere Reserva and it is only 30 min away from Barcelona.

    You can find prices and more info here.

    21. Bring her/him to the moon (La Luna)

    How many times did you promise the moon to your partner?

    Bring your partner to La Luna Restaurant, a small cozy restaurant in the El Born Quarter, one of the most romantic neighborhoods in Barcelona.

    They do offer tasty food and cocktails at very reasonable prices.

    Address: Carrer dels Abaixadors, 10

    Good Tip: book in advance, as it can be packed.

    22. Cocktail Course

    What’s better than sipping your favorite cocktail?

    Learning how to do it! Or even a more romantic gesture, learning how to do your favorite’s partner cocktail.

    Barcelona adventure offers a 2 hours course to discover how to do your favorite cocktail.

    23. A Concert at Palau de la Musica Catalana

    A concert is a precious life experience. And it is even better if you can attend a concert in a modernist building.

    Check Palau de la Musica Catalana schedules and concerts, your partner will not forget this gesture. The acoustic of the Music Palace is almost as amazing as the building itself.

    A possible plus: if the concert is during the sunset, the sun will reflect through the colorful glasses.

    It’s beautiful!

    24. Get tipsy at a wine tasting

    Catalonia is a wine-country (and a Cava country, sure!).

    There are many professional sommeliers around and wine tastings to join.

    Wine Tours Barcelona offer different options, from a group wine tasting to a private wine tasting (perfect for the ones looking for a more intimacy environment).

    25. Get lost in a MAZE: Parque del Laberinto de Horta

    Laberint d’Horta is a beautiful park with a maze, where the film The Perfume was filmed.

    The story of the movie is quite dramatic. The main character murders women to make perfume out of them.

    It is NOT a horror movie, but a fantasy/ drama. I included here the trailer so you can have a look.

    The movie was filmed partially in Barcelona and in Laberinto de Horta.

    Lots of married couples go there for photo shooting, so you can imagine it is beautiful.

    You can come here easily by taking the metro L3 to Mundet and discover the magic labyrinth.

    It is not allowed to eat in the park, but there is a picnic area just outside.

    There is a small, symbolic entrance fee of 2-3€.

    26. Sleeping under the stars in Montserrat

    Montserrat, the multi-peaked rocky mountain nearby Barcelona, is a stunning place itself. But it becomes even more impressive at night. Fewer people, nature sounds, and a sky full of stars.

    Here you can find my detailed description of Montserrat Monastery and how to get there.

    I recommend taking a private tour to Montserrat with BCN.Travel.

    Special: You can enjoy a night sky observation organized by sternalia. With dinner included.

    27. Learn how to prepare sushi

    Did you know that sushi is known as an aphrodisiac food? Go to Aladinia and check their courses.

    28. Rent a limousine

    Make your partner feel like a star with a limousine ride! It is not only a different activity but also an unique way to see the city. Checking the rates is very easy, simply introduce the pickup details here.

    In Barcelona, they also offer hammer limousine.

    29. Listen to street music in Gracia

    Gracia is the most hipster and local neighborhood in Barcelona to hang out. With plenty of bars and restaurants to go on a date, it is even better when you casually find a street performance as street music.

    My favorite romantic place: Plaça del Diamant!

    30. Listen to street music behind the Cathedral

    What could be better than walking around with your couple holding hands and hear lovely street music?

    Just walk behind the Cathedral of Santa Eulalia in the Gothic quarter, downtown. You can find some performances in the evening.

    31. Bring her/him to Mayan Luxury Spa

    Fewer clothes, some water to relax the muscles…

    Spa’s are always a good idea to relax and spend some time with your partner.

    Mayan Luxury spa is not only a spa, but they combine Maya sounds and rituals in their treatments.

    Read: the 12 best SPAS in Barcelona

    32. Get out of the city: Costa Brava’s hiking trails

    Costa Brava is known for its beauty. Many writers and musicians got inspired by Costa Brava surroundings.

    The meaning of  its name is “Wild coast”.

    See Also

    Barcelona for Couples: 21 sweet Ideas to surprise your Partner for a Romantic City Break

    There are many hiking trails all along the coast, known as Camino de Ronda.

    If you do it out of summer season, some of this places could be absolutely empty.

    And for the brave ones,  jump in the water!

    Read: 33 great day trips outside of Barcelona

    33. Get a room with a private swimming pool

    So you are in Barcelona, an amazing city, with nice weather, lots of sightseeing places…

    What could make your stay even more perfect for a romantic escape?

    A room with a private swimming pool on your private terrace!

    Catalonia Square is a hotel located in the very heart of Barcelona (right at Plaça Catalunya).

    It offers a private swimming pool and private terrace, plus a gym, WiFi and a gourmet restaurant. A serious romantic package!

    34. Parasailing

    Needing some extra adrenaline around the sea? Then parasailing it is!

    In parasailing Barcelona they do offer tandem parasailing, so you can share it with your partner.

    You will sail above the sky through the Mediterranean coast, enjoying the views of the Skyline.

    35. Rent a Catamaran

    Sea breeze on your face, sunbathing in the Mediterranean, with a Barcelona skyline view!

    That is a romantic plan, don’t you think?

    Surprise your partner with a catamaran sailing day trip and enjoy the sea while relaxing and sunbathing.

    36. Magic Fountain at Placa Espanya

    The sun goes down, and the colors and lights of the city change.

    The Magic fountain is a colorful show with light, water and music.

    All you need to do is go to Plaza España, take a seat, and enjoy the show.

    37. Order a delivered breakfast

    Preparing a breakfast for your partner rocks, but you have to wake up earlier, maybe you will make some noise… and the surprise will be ruined.

    Much better (and easier) is to order a breakfast at Matias Buenos días.

    The Catalan company has breakfast deliveries and you can include a note.

    38. Cava Tasting in Sant Sadurni

    Sant Sadurni is the place to be to try so-called “Cava”. Sant Sadurni is the Cava-capital in Spain.

    Cava is the Catalan answer to french champagne.

    You can decide to go on a day trip or even better if you sleep around in the area and just wander around the wineries. It smells so different than in the city, also food tastes differently because many Catalan old farm restaurants use wine wood to cook.

    You will love it!

    Here you can find more details on Cava Tours.

    39. Visit the Theater

    Barcelona is a city with plenty of theaters offering a great variety of shows. From well-known musicals to amateur performances,  the only challenge will be deciding where to go.

    The website teatrobarcelona.com collects all the theater listing.

    Be aware: some shows are only in Catalan language, so pay attention when booking.

    40. Dinner under the stars

    A dinner under the stars can be difficult in a city, but in Barcelona, it is possible thanks to the Fabra observatory! This observatory, the oldest in Barcelona, offers dinners in an open space area in one of the main Barcelona viewpoints.

    They do combine the stars observation with a delightful dinner. This is only possible during summer season.

    If interested, it is mandatory to book in advance.

    41. Join beautiful romantic events

    There are always events taking place and we could write a book about those.

    However, the guys from forfree.barcelona are smarter here and collect romantic, fun, and cool events around the city and area on their website.

    They also have a newsletter we think is super useful. Subscribe, you’ll like it!

    42. Order a chef

    What about a personalized menu at your place? You can order a chef and he/she will come to your place.

    The team of Delicious Barcelona makes it very easy.

    They can even have recommendations for venues in case you you prefer a different romantic place.

    43. Vintage shopping

    You can find plenty of vintage, cool, hidden shops around town.

    And most of them are in the El Born and Gothic Neighborhood, both very romantic neighborhoods.

    Do you dream about walking around on the narrowed streets?

    Head to Born and Gothic quarter and be amazed at the Barcelona young creativity.

    Tip: Some shops are quite small and can be absolute gems. Pay attention when walking around.

    44. Cinema

    Okay, okay…to be fair: That’s just a classic!

    There are many cinemas in Barcelona where you can enjoy a VSO Film. You can check out

  • Verdi cinemas
  • Melies cinemas
  • Check the billboard online and enjoy it.

    You can also book your seats in advance. Some cinemas also have special cinema-days, meaning you pay less when going to the movies a specific day.

    45. Dinner in the dark

    Before I said food is a romantic thing to do, but in the dark? Well, yeah, it is! The Dinner in the dark is a place mostly visited by curious travelers, locals and couples.

    It may not be the best idea for the 1st date, BUT, actually, why not?

    46. Tintoreria Dontell (Restaurant behind a fake dry cleaning service)

    Tintoreria Dontell restaurant looks like a dry cleaning service is one of the best places to surprise someone.

    The food is good, but the best about it is that you experience of “sneaking” into a secret restaurant.

    47. Border a plane

    A trip is always a reason to cheer up. But it comes more exciting when you do not know the destiny, don’t you think?

    The young team of Waynabox offers cheap trips. You book a trip without knowing the final destination.

    You can discard some destinations in case you already visited them.

    48. Gin tonic Tasting

    Wine tasting is not your thing? Here’s the alternative:

    Gin Tonic is a trendy drink nowadays in Barcelona. Aladinia offers a gin tonic tasting.

    49. Comedy improvisation

    A good laugh can help to break the ice.

    The Comedy Improvisation is a good idea then to check out.

    50. Maximize your senses (while dinner)

    We also thought about the nerdy ones including a neuroscience dinner here!

    The Medicine Real Academy in Barcelona offers dinners where you will have to use the 5 senses.

    A gastronomic game full of different perceptions. Ready to play?

    51. Tango Dance course

    Tango is known as one of the sexiest dances in the world. It is usually performed by a man and a woman expressing romance in synchronized movements.

    Totally worth it to learn it!

    Have a look a Barna Tango to check their courses and learn how to express your feelings with dancing.

    52. Head over to the beach

    Of course, sometimes the answer is that simple.

    Pack a big towel, sun cream and a few cold drinks.

    The more calm beaches are up north, like Bogatell Beach and Marbella Beach.

    53. Take it slow!

    Last but not least, here is a simple rule:

    Barcelona is not made for rushing through the city. It is a lifestyle!

    Take it easy, move around in a relaxed way. Even when you are on vacation, don’t rush it and let the city show you its beauty in a slow way. You can combine the romance in the trip with walking through the city, find a tiny café or restaurant, and relax.

    Update: Over the time we experienced some more activities you should know about. So here it goes

    EXTRA: 54. Flamenco Show

    Flamenco is getting better and better. By now, I would also recommend it for couples.

    There is the Tapas&Flamenco Experience I recently enjoyed. You can find more information on prices and schedules here.

    Itinerary for the Most Romantic Day in Barcelona

    If you are on a romantic city break in Barcelona, I created an itinerary for you.

    This is the way I would spend the most romantic day in Barcelona.


  • Rent a Red Vespa in the old town
  • Breakfast and coffee at Espai Joliu
  • Hang out at the nearby beach, called Bogatell
  • Midday:

  • Lunch at Restaurant Cucine Mandarosso
  • Afterwards: Drive up to Tibidabos Mirablau for a tea and panoramic view
  • Evening:

  • We park our Vespa in the old town and wander around
  • We get some snacks in the tapas bar La Luna
  • Midnight: we visit Aire Barcelona Spa
  • Wake Up at W Hotel with a sea view
  • Wrapping it up

    I am actually not sure if Barcelona is well known as a romantic city. But there are so may possibilities to enjoy Barcelona in a very romantic way. From food to games, from day trips to courses.

    Now it is your turn to decide where and when and surprise your partner.

    Looking for more info on Barcelona? This article is part of our big guide to spend an awesome One Week In Barcelona.

    We also introduce you to the locations on where to stay in Barcelona. It includes a detailed description of areas and handpicked hotels.

    Any questions, own ideas? We would love to hear from you! Just leave a comment below.

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