6 Proven Ways Minimalism Can Change Your Life in 2 Weeks

In today’s fast-paced society, minimalism is the mantra everyone’s starting to take notice of;

After all, the very idea of a neat, clutter-free space seems refreshing at a time when we’re all being bombarded with too much information. But it can get intimidating to get into this trend, especially if you’re not sure where to start.


6 Ways Minimalism Can Change Your Life

However, the pros much outweigh the cons. If you aren’t convinced how minimalism can change your life, here are some of its proven benefits in just two weeks:


1. Clearer Head Space

Beyond the physical relief adapting a minimalist lifestyle can bring, one of its actual biggest benefits is a clearer head space. Without all the clutter to worry about, you’ll soon find that there’s plenty of room to think, too.

Live a clearer, healthier lifestyle with a more minimalist setting. Do this by getting rid of any unnecessary junk and paraphernalia you no longer need. If you can’t decide what to throw out yet or what to keep, organizing your things and tucking away anything you don’t immediately need is a good way to start.


2. Learn How to Prioritize

In relation to learning to keep and what to put away, minimalism can actually help you prioritize not only your mess, but also your tasks. Once you sit down and start clearing up the clutter, you’ll really get to start thinking about what matters at the moment and what doesn’t.

Learning how to prioritize also means getting rid of any unnecessary sentimental clutter. These are items that are only there because you feel bad about throwing them out, or because they were given to you during an important time in your life.

However, not all things are worth keeping. Learn to draw the line and say you no longer need some things to help you move on.


3. Technology Detox

A cluttered lifestyle is also often the result of a tech overload. Although the millennial generation and those who later adapted to the tech boom in the 21st century are proudly called multi-taskers, taking on too many things at once can actually be detrimental not only to your output, but also your health.

Learning to step back and ‘unplug’ yourself from your laptop, mobile phone, or other gadgets is already a step towards a clutter-free, minimalist life. Get a much-needed break from the demands of a tech savvy individual.

Make use only of one gadget at a time as much as possible. For example, if you don’t need your phone, learn to put it away as you type on your computer.


4. Organized Atmosphere

Once you’ve managed to sort out your clutter, you’ll find that you have a more organized environment in addition to having enough space to move around in. You’ll be able to access needed information and items more quickly, too.

Think of it as having a compartmentalized email where you can quickly tap into important and not-so-important emails because you’ve created new folders for each sub-theme.

The benefits of an organized environment involve not only being able to move around more, but also feeling less burdened by the sheer amount of mess you have to deal with. Start by listing down the “themes” you want your items to be organized in, and start clustering them in boxes.


5. More Time for Leisure

Now that you’re not constantly worrying about where to put what and what you placed where, you’ll have plenty of time to have fun. A minimalist lifestyle isn’t actually boring or empty, it gives you enough space to do things that matter to you. Sometimes this involves having fun, too.

Once you’ve cleared up your clutter, reward yourself and take a break. In fact, after you’ve organized everything, you’ll see how much easier it is to do things and make time for other tasks.

It’s not always hard labor when you’re de-cluttering your life and maximizing the space around you. It’s actually about learning to let go of a few things so you can start enjoying what really matters.


6. Clean, Healthy Environment

We can’t deny that compared to a messy room, a clean one with minimal mess does look cleaner and less toxic. But did you know that this type of minimalist environment can actually be healthier for you?

The dust that gathers around the many trinkets and objects we tend to leave lying around our space may trigger allergies, and even some illnesses.

For a healthier body and mind, get rid of the clutter.

Start cleaning up and clearing up your space to get a literal breather. Compartmentalize your things in boxes or organizers where you can still access them without having them lying around everywhere in your home or work space.


The Takeaway: Minimalize to Get Organized

Minimalism isn’t just about neat space. It’s also about finding an environment that is suitable for your health and needs. There’s no pressure to make it look entirely empty, but more clutter-free.

Minimalize not only your space but also your overall lifestyle today!



Here’s a quick recap on the 6 ways minimalism can change your life in two weeks:

  • Clearer head space
  • Learn how to organize
  • Technology detox
  • Organized atmosphere
  • More time for leisure
  • Clean, healthy environment
  • Are you using minimalism in your life? Leave a comment below.

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