6 Reasons to Get Past the Point of Failure

“Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.” – Napoleon Hill

Failure is something I’ve come to love. It is one of the most powerful things that can inspire you to greatness. When I get the feeling of failure I know that I’m about to hit a huge success.

The most successful people that we know of have dealt with enormous failures. Most of them had a driving goal or purpose to get beyond that point of failure and reach their greatest triumphs. For each of these successes, they had to go one step further past that point of failure.


6 Reasons to Get Past the Point of Failure

I have included the following reasons to get you past the point of failure, despair and disappointment. In times of failure if you will consider the following ideas, you will be much more likely to dig deep and find your inner strength to propel you forward.

Here are 6 reasons to remember that will inspire and motivate you every time you reach the point of failure, and feel like giving up:


1. What You are Doing is Worth Doing

It wouldn’t be worth doing if you couldn’t fail at it. Would you really want life to be so easy? Accomplishments and achievement mean nothing when everyone is doing them and they are easy.

The things that people fail at are hard to accomplish and will push you to new extremes. This failure will let you get in touch with a deeper form of you. It will allow you to grow to into that person of accomplishment if you persevere.


2. By Going Forward You Reaffirm to Yourself that You are Worthy of this Goal

At the time of failure it would be easy to give up and go home. Forces in life have just told you that you weren’t good enough. And that you couldn’t accomplish what you set out to.

Are you going to listen to them?

By going one step forward after a great failure, you reaffirm the belief that you are good enough. You tell yourself that you believe in yourself and that you will make it. This message that you send to yourself by persevering;

“I will win no matter what.”

Is a powerful reminder to yourself that you are good enough. You tell yourself this through your action of not quitting.


3. Remember that Others are Watching You

Others are watching to see what you will do. They want to know if you have what it takes and won’t quit. Both your supporters and your haters are awaiting a resolution and wondering if you will get the goal that you set out to.

Don’t even concern yourself with the haters. Show your fans that you are worth following and that they can look up to you. It doesn’t even matter that you fail, but rather how you show up and what you are willing to do about it.

It’s important to know that these people watching you may just be inspired to their own greatness. By the actions you take and the way you show up in life. Especially after they see you take a step forward upon reaching heartbreaking disappointment.


4. The Universe is Just Testing You

Often times the step right before accomplishment is failure. Some esoteric teachings have called this The Ring of Passknot. Based on the teaching you just need to raise your level of energy so that you can vibrate at that level of success.

You need to step it up and go forward towards you accomplishment. You are going to be tested to see if you have what it takes to achieve the goal that you have set out to. It’s your decisions to either turn back into despair or you can take a step forward into success.


5. You Have a Compelling Goal

At the moment you feel down remind yourself what that vision of accomplishment was. If it wasn’t compelling enough you might need to make it so. However, when you have that driving force and that sight of achievement in your midst it’s going to be hard to stop you from going forward.

You need a driving force and something worth achieving or the slightest thing can deter you from your course. Imagine what will make it worth it for you and then in times of challenge go back to that vision and make it even more compelling.


6. You Have Something to Give to the World

A journey only about you can become tiresome. Include others on your trek to greatness and don’t forget that the most amazing thing that you can do is give to others.

Whether this is taking care of your family, changing your community, or impacting the world for better, when the goal is about more than just you it will be almost impossible to give up.

Thinking of how you can give to others and make the world a better place will give you an added energy to not relent in your pursuit.

The success that you want is worth it. Having a moment of failure is something to be expected and to learn from. On your ascendance to an inspiring future you will want the challenges and the memories of you overcoming them.



For any journey into a goal or dream that you want bad enough it will be a process of becoming an even better you.

When you are faced with heartbreak, despair, devastation, and crushing failure just know that you can turn those feelings into powerful motivation and a driving force towards your success.

When you hit your greatest failure know that you are only a few more steps towards becoming that realized version of yourself. You can turn back or you can go forward towards that compelling future that you have always imagined. Take the step with strength knowing that you will win.

Here’s the quick recap of why you need to take a step forward after failure:

  • What you are doing is worth doing.
  • By going forward you reaffirm to yourself that you are worthy of this goal.
  • Remember that others are watching you.
  • The universe is just testing you.
  • You have a compelling goal.
  • You have something to give to the world.
  • The most successful people in life have gone through failure and have persevered to new heights. Remember these things next time you find yourself faced with the despair of failure and you will be motivated to continue forward towards success.

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