6 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Should Travel

Travelling in itself, is an amazing thing to experience in general, regardless of whether you want to be an entrepreneur, or you just want to see the world.

It’s surprising to think that  what with all these beautiful sights and delights only a flying distance away from us, some decide to stay in one country for the whole of their lives.

When their time’s up, they leave this world only having experienced a tiny portion of what it has to offer.

Don’t you think that’s a little bit of a waste?

If you didn’t have enough reasons to pack your bags and start travelling already, here are 6 golden reasons why entrepreneurs should travel the world.


1. Meet New People and Connections

If you go off travelling, especially if you’re fairly young, you’ll meet far more people than you normally would at home.

When I went to Oz recently, I was only there for 3 weeks and visited four different places, but still met roughly a couple hundred people. What’s beautiful is, most of them are doing the same thing you are. Travelling.

I’m not saying everyone you meet will be a game changer for your life, but it has to benefit you surely. They may just be really friendly people that make your life happier, easier and more enjoyable.

Or they also might be someone that’s able to have a positive effect on your goals and your business. Can’t hurt, right?


2. Experience Needs Within Different Lifestyles

When you start a business, the first place you obsess about is where you live. You’ll think about all the different things that people around you enjoy, what sort of products consumers want to buy, where they want to buy from.

But the one thing people often forget about is the big picture. Are you really going to limit your business to one location? And if yours is one that’s run online, you certainly can’t neglect other countries around the world.

Who’s to say that they want exactly the same things that those in your place of origin do? They definitely aren’t living in the same way you are, after all, every country has different living standards, lifestyles, rules, regulations and so on.

Travelling gives you a chance to experience all of these aspects in countries other than your own.

If you’re looking to work your way into multiple countries, visiting them is probably a good thing to do before you get too ahead of yourself. You may find out various things about their economies and markets that you didn’t already know.


3. Maximize Your Opportunities

Opportunities are everywhere. They just don’t like to reveal themselves all the time. Again, as an entrepreneur you can’t limit yourself to one country.

Sure, it may be where you live and have grown up, but sometimes this just can’t quite provide certain opportunities for you that other countries probably could.

If you travel the world, and in particular meet new people everywhere you go, you start to maximize your opportunities by allowing more of them to be presented to you.

You’re also off out looking for them in as many locations as possible, which makes them a lot easier to find. Agreed?


4. See the Beauty of the World

Regardless of whether you’re an entrepreneur or not, there’s no denying that the world is beautiful. Most of it we’ve only ever seen in pictures or videos, but obviously it’s not quite the same thing. Everywhere is different, and that’s the beauty of travelling.

You get to see so many different landmarks, views and such, but you also get to be present within different cultures, different nationalities, lifestyles and it really gives you a better understanding of the world, and a bigger sense of accomplishment at the same time.

I encourage you to visit one new country every year, and take in its unique beauty. Sometimes we’re just too busy living in our own little bubble, that we forget about some of the beautiful sights that are only a few hours away.


5. Improve Your Business’ Potential

As different economies have different resources, different exchange rates and different costs to consumers, it’s likely that your business won’t be completely efficient operating solely in one country.

For example, if you’re manufacturing products in the US, but haven’t explored the possible opportunity of moving that manufacturing process to somewhere like China, then you may be missing out on great savings.

It’s the same for when you’re selling products. If you only sell in one country, but forget about the high demand that your products have in others; you’ll be missing out on a large slice of revenue.

Travelling through various countries gives you an opportunity to spot where these areas may be able to be improved.


6. Gain a Better Understanding of the World

Lastly, another great reason why entrepreneurs should travel the world, and not just entrepreneurs but people in general, is so that they can gain a better understanding of it.

That knowledge and experience is priceless when it comes to starting a business, or even just as a life memory that you can apply to many situations.

As I mentioned previously with seeing the beauty of the world, understanding it: all the unique cultures, the way in which people behave, the needs that individual countries have and so forth.

It’s possibly one of the greatest tools you could ever have at your disposal.

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