6 Things You Learn About Success When You Fail

Failure is a big part of life. It happens to all of us at one point or another. But it’s important to remember that when you fail, you learn something, you learn what you’ve done wrong and how to correct it next time around.

That’s why failure is a crucial step to success!

In order to become successful, it’s tempting to think that one must avoid failure. Yet, countless times the world has seen the most successful giants rise out of miserable failures.

In this article I share 6 attitude tips to make the most of your failures and shed brighter light on what success is actually composed of.


6 Things You Learn About Success When You Fail

Here are 6 important things you learn about success when you experience failure in your life.


1) Success doesn’t happen right away

We live in a world where the media blasts out stories every day about celebrities and stars who make “overnight success” look like a cakewalk. In truth, success never happens overnight – not without a ton of sacrifice and diligence first.

Take the time to appreciate the journey you’re on and learn from the emotional valleys you find yourself in.


2) Building a successful career takes far more time than it first seems

Success, in a broad sense, can be defined as having the money and time to pursue your most genuine desires.

It’s easy to become disillusioned, then, when success starts taking longer than expected. The reason we want success so badly is because we want the results without the process. Diving in strongly and embracing the process for what it is – even when you fail – is the only way towards success.


3) Often times, the people who succeed the most deeply encountered a crisis early on in life and learned how to make critical decisions.

Many of the people we consider to be huge successes now – Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Tony Robbins, Warren Buffett (to name a few) – all faced unbelievable crisis moments early on in life.

They had the choice to become the victim or victor, and – unlike most people – chose to push through the pain and arrive successfully on the other side.

Crisis moments, even when they’re self-inflicted, provide you an opportunity to make a decision that will improve your wisdom. Exercising this self-control and increasing your life experience can greatly leverage your success.

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4) Failure is what truly teaches you; success simply points out what you were doing correctly all along.

We love to think that success’ “poster children” are people who simply never made any mistakes. Truthfully, it’s almost always the opposite. Mistakes are a signal to others – not that you’re failing, but that you’re actually doing things.

“The simplest way to make no mistakes is to do nothing at all.” – Chinese Proverb

Mistakes prove to other people you’re taking action, and they illustrate what to do better next time. Use your mistakes to fuel your progress.


5) People who support you when you’re successful are everywhere; people who support you when you’re fighting through difficulty are your real friends.

Countless lottery winners have told tales about how people pop out of the woodwork when a gargantuan sum of money shows up. With failure and success, it’s no different.

Most people don’t have significant vision into the future, which means most people will not see right away how well you’re doing, or what you’re headed towards. Sadly, these are the same people who will claim they were your “friends” all along when your business has real traction.

Moral of the story: pay attention to the people who are genuinely supporting you now, when your legacy and business are in their infancy. These are the people who have your back no matter what.

While you can maintain friendships with all kinds of people, the most valuable relationships you’ll have are those that reciprocally encourage and support when times are tough.

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6) It’s not possible to truly succeed doing something you hate; so pick something you love and excel at it.

When all is said and done, the size of your bank account and your possessions won’t matter. It will be the time you spent that leaves the biggest impact on your heart and the hearts of others. Time is the only resource you cannot return or exchange, so for your own benefit, learn to use it wisely.

What’s that thing you always think about before falling asleep?

That’s the type of work you should be involved in. Anyone can go find a job that merely pays the bills; it takes a different type of courage to pursue what fills the soul and helps the lives of other people.


Thanks for checking out this article guys, and just remember; failure is a stepping stone to success. Every time you fail you get better, stronger, wiser. Don’t let failure distract you from success, let it nurture you.

What do you learn about success when you fail? Leave a comment below.

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