60+ Questions That You Could Ask Your Significant Other

Are you a 20-something-year-old starting out on a relationship and have many existentialist questions in mind that you would want to discuss with your partner before getting into a full-blown relationship? Then don’t overthink about it. Because you are right to think these through. Young adults seldom contemplate these things and later become awfully dissatisfied with their life, work and relationship.

Ask yourself or your loved ones these questions to get some clarity.

1). Would you rather spend the weekends staying in bed or would you venture out and explore the city?
2). Given the choice, would you rather do a European trip or an Asian trip?
3). Are you a #NetflixandChill person or #GymLook person? Oh, and it is perfectly alright to be both.
4). If you do have the finances in place, would you be interested in doing a road trip or a cruise trip?
5). Would you rather upskill yourself in the same domain of work or switch jobs and gain perspective on different verticals in a business enterprise?
6). Would you rather work in a startup or a well-established corporate firm?
7). Would you like to introduce me to your friends or keep this relationship a secret?
8). Are you happy with your work or is there anything I can do to help you?
9). Am I available to you emotionally, physically and mentally or do I need to work on myself?
10). If you ever lie or cheat on me, would you muster up the courage to let me know or would put up a facade and play along till I catch you red-handed?
11). If I am very busy because of work and you feel I don’t give you much time, would you tell me that or would you stay angry?
12). Are you the kind of person who keeps stuff to oneself or talks it out, shares with your partner?
13). I would like to maintain financial transparency with you, would be comfortable with that and also do the same?
14). I do not like to intrude on your personal space. Do you think you can respect mine as well?
15). How do you like to spend your “Me Time”? Do you read books? Watch movies? Listen to old school music? Or catch up on celebrity gossip!
16). Do you have problems with body hair or does one need to shave every time one plans on having coitus?
17). Do you like spending time and money on looks or do you not care at all?
18). Would you prefer to go for your monthly/ weekly spas alone or should we enroll for a couple’s spa?
19). What are the different countries that you want to visit?
20). Are you into reading books? If so, who is your favorite author? What are the different genres that you read?
21). What is the one thing that you are terribly scared off?
22). Which social media platform do you spend most of your time on? Instagram? Facebook? Snapchat?
23). Do you consider yourself as somebody who is very eccentric?
24). Do you snore?
25). Which side of the bed are you comfortable sleeping in?
26). Are you a night owl or an early riser?

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Food Habits and Everything Around It

You might cook the food that your partner might dislike. You might prefer eating out rather than employing a cook. You might be a vegetarian while your partner cannot go without being a carnivore even for a day.

And that’s why it is imperative you start asking more such questions lest you have a break up over such (petty) things which might have less to do with your relationships but more to do with your individual personalities.

27). Do you like eating healthy or consume excessive junk or both as long as food does not become boring!?
28). Do you like to cook?
29). Would you like it if I cooked at your kitchen if I promised to not make a mess?
30). Would you like to experiment with cuisines and culinary styles with me?
31). Would you rather eat the same old food in the same old restaurant or explore other food joints in the city?
32). Are you the kind of person who prefers to always eat out at luxurious 5 -stars and 7 -star places or average restaurants?
33). Would you be open to the idea of having street food (of course only if they maintain proper hygiene and covid-19 safety rules)?
34). If you plan on employing a cook once we start making a home of our own, would you like to share the expenses?
35). Will you do the dishes when I am cooking or vice versa so that nobody feels overworked?
36). Do you like spicy food?
37). Are you into bakery goods?
38). If we do a bake sale, what would be the items that you would like to sell such as chocolate muffins, cream filled rolls, hot scones etc.?
39). What are the different cuisines you want to explore?

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Personal Intimate Questions

Physical intimacy plays a huge role in an individual’s relationship. Some find it so important that they forget about everything else while there are again some who don’t find it important enough to have a communication about it. It is better to understand your needs, wants and desires so ask yourself these questions first. You might also have some intimate questions for your partner. And it is perfectly alright to have a conversation about it if you have not, already. Better late than never, right?

40). How frequently would you like us to have sex?
41). Are you very sexually active as a person?
42). How long do you like to foreplay?
43). If I am at work, and you feel very horny, could you hold up till I get back or will you let your sexual urges get the better off you?
44). Are you the partner who is into kinks like foot fetish? I don’t know about myself but I am open to experimentation?
45). Do you maintain proper oral hygiene?
46). Would you like me to kiss you even if I have not brushed my teeth? (Because some like to kiss their partners right after they have woken up.)
47). Would you like to have sex while I am menstruating or do you feel the blood can get messy and ruin your sheets?
48). Do you like to experiment with sex positions?
49). How many sexual partners did you have?
50). Do you like to have raw sex during period?
51). Are you open to the idea of playing with sex toys?
52). If we do end up having anal sex, would you prefer it with a lube to lessen friction?
53). Don’t you think we should have a ‘safe word’?
54). If we are not living under the same roof, would you like to have sex in my place or yours?
55). Are you cool with the idea of having sex in a hotel room? A change of atmosphere can do wonders to boost our sex life.
56). I was wondering if you would like to go lingerie shopping together?
57). Would you prefer satin over lace?
58). Would you rather have sex on the bed sex or on the couch?
59). Would you consider yourself as somebody who is sexually liberated or sexually repressive?
60). Do you wish to do a monogamous relationship or polygamous relationship?

Don’t hesitate to ask such questions to your partner. Honesty is important to maintain a healthy relationship. But at the same time don’t be judgmental of your partner’s choices or the lack thereof.

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