7 Careers to Avoid for ISTJ Personality Types

Known as the “Inspector”, a person who belongs to the ISTJ personality type hits some psychological functions that are distinct to himself and other ISTJs. These functions are: Introverted (I): reserved, controlled, self-motivated and deliberate; Sensing (S): realistic, practical, detail oriented and traditional; Thinking (T): logical, objective, pragmatic and level headed; and Judging (J): orderly, responsible, methodical and hardworking.

Generally, ISTJs are regarded as responsible organizers and are known as having the motivation to create and maintain order within institutions and social systems, tending to be orderly and neat, both inside and out, and have a certain procedure for everything that they do. They are characterized as both dutiful and reliable, and will accordingly follow regulations, while upholding tradition, and be as productive and steady contributors as they can be. While these individuals are rarely isolated and are known to be introverted, ISTJs know where they belong in life and would try to seek to understand the ways how they can participate in established systems and organizations. As for these individuals, they would focus on ensuring that standards are met and maintaining the social order.

Out of all the types of personality, the ISTJ will likely enjoying working in an environment where everything needs to be done by the book. Generally, people who belong to this personality type go to school as MBA students, being employed as financial managers and bank officers, and find themselves becoming small business owners. Aside from these, they would end up having careers in administration, management, accounting and law enforcement. All of these opportunities are guided by their dependable and meticulous qualities, where they will take specifications and deadlines very seriously and will work systematically and independently in order to complete the tasks that are assigned to them.

When it comes to the environments they like to work in, ISTJs would value a person who is stable and offers clear expectations with fewer surprises. They will work at their best when they have the opportunity to create a detailed plan of action and follow it with little to no deviation. Also, they would like to participate in a team, in spite of their tendency to work independently, as long as their colleagues are business-like and reasonable and there is a clear hierarchy as to who is in charge—then they can function properly in a group setting. Given such a nature, they are best placed as school administrators, judges, librarians, office managers and paralegals.

However, there are also careers that ISTJs should avoid. Just as there are careers that are perfectly suited for them, there are jobs that are categorized as the least popular choices for them, given their nature. Otherwise, if they choose to consider such careers, they may end up being unhappy, which can affect other individuals in the office and even the organization as a whole. With that said, here is a list of careers that people belonging to the ISTJ personality type should avoid:

1. Journalism

Generally, interviewing people for a special feature or asking them questions for the purpose of writing a news story is not a task that is considered appealing for an ISTJ. You see, the life of a journalist is not one of order, as it would take a person to different situations and places. Also, as a reporter, you need to be objective, and considering the judgmental facet of this type of personality, this may not go so well. Nevertheless, there are opinionated pieces that an ISTJ would do well.

2. Reception

Receptionist face a career that revolves around constant interaction with people every day, and as for ISTJs, being introverts, they might find such a situation a bit uncomfortable. While working on administrative tasks would work in their favor, being a receptionist, who needs to be always in contact with customers, from greeting arrivals to ensuring everything needed is there for the entire duration of their stay, would not interest them. Also, they would not like to be always cordial with clients even during awry situations, which receptionists are required to do.

3. Retail Sales

This does not mean that ISTJs cannot make a sale—as they absolutely can—but retail selling is just not an activity that they are fond of doing. In terms of sales, personnel need to have an outgoing personality, which ISTJs basically do not have, as they are generally reserved due to their introverted nature. They would become uncomfortable about having to explain various product options to customers or making appropriate recommendations.

4. Public Relations

This career also requires one to be in the public eye and have the responsibility of maintaining a favorable public image for an organization. You see, PR specialists often communicate with the media to cater to queries and with consumers and investors. Again, with the needed interpersonal skills, this job would not fit an ISTJ. While he can surely do well with organizational skills, the speaking part might be a problem for him.

5. Bartending

This job in the hospitality industry will not sit well with ISTJs, considering that a bartender needs to be in front and center of people to take their orders and even make small talk. To be a great bartender, you need to know a variety of topics to converse with customers and create a welcoming and friendly environment. This is not to say that ISTJs do not know anything about the world, but communication is not just their forte.

6. Psychology

Though this might sound as a job that suits an ISTJ, it is the duty to communicate with people that would throw him off it. As a psychologist, one would try to make a person comfortable enough to share information. Given that ISTJs have a judgmental nature, this job might not be the best choice for them.

7. Event Management

ISTJs crave for a defined set of responsibilities, and while event managers do have a properly defined set of goals, their work can change depending on the project or client. Also, it involves extensive interaction with people, which is a weak point for this type of personality.

Now, if you are an ISTJ, then you should avoid these careers the least to be able to have a happy working and personal life.

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