7 Valuable Lessons to Learn While Escaping Your Comfort Zone

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. So if you’re feeling uncomfortable right now, know that the change taking place in your life is the beginning, not the ending.” – Neale Donald Walsch

The comfort zone; one place which destroys all your potential and belief to live an extraordinary life. Living outside of your comfort zone means mental and psychological growth, which we all need to live a happy life and enjoy it to the fullest.

One of my biggest challenges I have taken so far was moving across the globe all by myself with $500 in my pocket. Did I feel uncomfortable? You bet. But the biggest challenges often brings into our lives the most significant rewards.

It’s been almost 4 years since I moved and I have never regretted it. The amount of knowledge, experience, and lessons I have learned along the way are priceless.


7 Valuable Lessons to Learn While Escaping Your Comfort Zone

I have written this article to motivate you and to encourage you, to give you enough reasons why stepping out of your comfort zone may be the best decision you can make for yourself and your future.

Here are 7 valuable lessons which teach you what life is truly about:


1. You Will Push Your Limits

We all have certain limits in what we can or can’t do. Stepping out of your comfort zone will push those limits and make bigger space for you to expand. What you thought is impossible a few months ago is now part of your daily life. Isn’t it crazy?

Stop for a second right now and think of the one moment when you got out of your way and acted in spite of fear. Think about it and ask yourself, “If I was able to do it back then, why not try it again?”


2. You Will Expand Your Potential

Have you ever thought how much potential and energy you have within you? The amount is enormous. Why don’t you use it? Why not take a chance and see what happens?

People don’t become successful because of the money or the right influences. Individuals who made it to the top knew that comfort zone is a broke zone. They also knew that using their potential is the fuel behind extraordinary results.

Once you start expanding your potential, it will become a habit, a source of euphoria you experience and enjoy it at the same time.


3. You’ll Gain Undeniable Courage

To gain muscles, you need to train them on a constant basis right? The same happens with courage. Only by overcoming a fear of the unknown and going beyond your comfort zone, you will become braver than ever before.

We don’t become courageous by watching House of Cards in our favorite sweatpants in the comfort of our home.

Courage comes in a moment when we decide to fight for what we want no matter the situation or feeling. Feeling will pass, but what we create or become will last much longer.


4. You’ll Become Confident In Yourself

The World outside of your comfort zone may seem scary. We don’t know what is out there, whether pleasant moments or difficulties. But this unknown environment is exactly what build us up, makes us stronger and braver for the future.

Overcoming what we fear builds confidence and healthy self-esteem, which is an essential part of every success in life.

Try to recall the last time you acted in a courageous way and think of the feeling after you have succeeded.

How did you feel about yourself? How did you see yourself when you looked in the mirror? You felt proud; you felt satisfied, and this is exactly the kind of reward you gain by going the extra mile.


5. You’ll Become Stronger & Unstoppable

Living outside of your comfort zone will teach you many lessons.

By getting hit by unpleasant moments and circumstances, you will become stronger every time situation happens, and you overcome it.

This strength will build up your character and shape you as an individual with a powerful mindset, ready to face any challenge along the way.

As you will grow and see the difference you can make in your life and how the power of mind really works, you will become unstoppable in reaching what you desire the most.


6. It Will Excite You to Share It With Others

Once you’ve expanded your mindset and see what is beyond your comfort zone, you will realize that many people are stuck. People don’t believe in themselves, and that’s why they are trying to avoid any opportunity for growth or change.

Not everyone will welcome your advice to follow your path or to try it out. That’s fine.

But there are going to be those individuals who feel as excited as you. I believe it is your and my responsibility to share with others that beyond our limits is a much better world which is worth every single struggle and sacrifice.


7. You’ll Gain Encouragement & Belief to Create Life on Your Terms

By expanding your potential, gaining confidence in yourself and having a clear picture of what is out there, you will feel encouraged and alive.

It will bring you a sense of determination to create a life based on your biggest dreams and desires, the one you want, not your boss or teacher or parents.

Once you practice living life outside of your comfort zone, you will strengthen your belief in yourself and a better life. You’ll get the opportunity to discover a whole new level of possibilities which you had no idea exist.



Eliminate the ceiling above your head.

Get rid of this illusion you have created in your mind where you subconsciously sabotage yourself from growth. Real deal begins when you are willing to feel as uncomfortable as possible.

Fear doesn’t exist; it is a product of your thoughts, and you are the only person who has the power to destroy it.

Once you overcome this fear of the unknown, I guarantee you that you will not want to come back to your ordinary life.

Once you taste the power of your mind, once you grow and see what you are truly capable of, you will begin the most amazing, courageous and insane adventure of creating an extraordinary life.

Are you struggling to move out of your comfort zone? Leave a comment below.

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