7 Very Important Methods for Finding Your Dream Job

I don’t know the actual statistics of people that never find their dream job in life, but I can imagine the numbers are pretty high. Do you agree?

Many of us when we get our first job, responsibilities, bills to pay and so on, tend to lose sight of our dreams. It’s not that we forget that they’re there. It’s just that we lose the time to chase them, because we’re spending so much of it working to pay bills, and then even more of it finally paying them.

How do you find your dream job among all this?


7 Methods to Finding Your Dream Job

Here are 7 crucial methods in order find your dream job and not get sucked into the world of just paying bills without ever being able to both make a living and have career happiness.


1. Keep Both Eyes Open

What tends to happen when people first get a job is that they immediately stop searching for another one. I mean, that makes sense in a very obvious way right?

You’ve literally just got a job, so why would you need to get straight back on the computer and spend your spare time looking for another one.

Most full time jobs with a salary and compulsory notice of leave, aren’t things that we stick to for a week or two and then move onto the next one. So the normal thing for people to do is only start looking for a job when they need one, or are in need of a desperate change.

This is where dream jobs are lost, because people miss the chance to spot them. If something can be classed as a ‘dream job’, it definitely won’t be easy to find.


2. Think About Location

I’m not just talking about location as in which company you choose to work for, if you want to work for someone and not for yourself, but also which city you want to work in.

Some people would happily do one job in one country, but their dream job could be doing the exact same job in a different country.

Where do you see yourself living in five years time?

As soon as you can answer that question, you’ll have narrowed down that search to find your dream job.


3. Decide What You’re Passionate About

The most important step to find your dream job is to actually decide what you’re passionate about. You can use every other method on the list to your advantage when looking for a great job, but unless you know what you’re truly passionate about, you won’t be able to pick out a job you love.

Isn’t that what career happiness is all about? Living the majority of hours in the day doing what you love to do, and not what you have to just so you can pay the bills on one day and live to work the next. That sounds a little too much like slavery.

If you’re not sure what you’re passionate about, check out this article I wrote a while back for Motivation Grid on ‘Why You Haven’t Found Your Passion Yet‘.


4. Don’t Stay at One Job for Too Long

The motivation to go out and look for a better job can easily be lost when you stay at one job for too long. You become comfortable with staying in one place and more reluctant to want to change.

The other issue with this, is that you won’t have experienced too many different job roles within various different companies, so you’re chances of stumbling onto something that you find amazing would definitely be lower.

They say that on average, people who spend more than two years in one job tend to be earning less than they should be, or at least could be.

As they’re not getting the pay rises they should be at their current workplace, moving on to a new company every two years or so is a great way of moving up the ladder quickly and jumping to higher salary boundaries.

Instead of slowing progressing that salary year by year according to just the one company’s tendency to increase it.


5. Be Ambitious

A dream job wouldn’t be considered as such if it wasn’t an ambitious job to go for. Well, it might not be ambitious, you might just love the nature of it. Although for most individuals that thrive on success, it will be a difficult role to get into.

That’s why when your looking for job opportunities, you’re probably looking at what’s possible, or average for someone of your age or experience, because you think you have a higher chance of being hired for them.

Statistically this may be true, but it’s always the job advertisements where you have a lower chance of being hired, that are often based around your dream role. They’re not out of your reach, take a risk and you might just find out for yourself.

Arnold Schwarzenegger said in his memoirs that he thinks it’s better if you always aim straight for the top in life.


6. Choose What Kind of Person You Want to be

What kind of person do you want to be in life?

Might be slightly hard narrowing it down…

Do you want to be a leader, an inspiration, an entrepreneur, a helper, a game changer, a traveller, a socializer?

The possibilities are endless, but it really does start with what sort of person you want to be and how to want to have an impact on the world. Once you know this, your eyes will be wide open to professions that make this want of your possible. Whoever you want to be, it’s possible.


7. Think About Who Your Role Models Are

Okay, so number 7 on the list of methods to find your dream job may be a little closely related to number 6, but who doesn’t like a different way of saying something?

We all have role models that we look up to, and to us they’re a good indication of the type of person we want to be later in life. You may look up to entrepreneurs, sports enthusiasts, people that just inspire you to take a certain path in your life.

It doesn’t matter who you look up to, but more often than not, you will love the career that they’re in since it’s such a big part of their lives. That’s a great source of inspiration you can use to find your dream job.



Here’s a summary of the 7 methods to finding your dream job, just in case you didn’t have time to read the whole thing:

  • Keep both eyes open
  • Think about location
  • Decide what you’re passionate about
  • Don’t stay at one job for too long
  • Be ambitious
  • Choose what kind of person you want to be
  • Think about who your role models are
  • Are you struggling in finding your dream job? Leave a comment below.

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