7 Ways Intuition Dramatically Transformed My Life

If you told me two years ago that I have the sensitivity to physically feel the pain of someone’s heartache, the inner wisdom to write endless magical parables out of the air and the intuition to lead workshops without planning any content, I would tell you that you are crazy.

But that is me and how I am experiencing each day now that I believe in myself and my intuition.

It started at the end of January in 2015, my husband invited a mental mastery and energy coach to teach us a few things. I was extremely skeptical and had no clue what she was going to do or how it would be relevant for my life.

She showed us the most simple techniques of feeling, creating and changing energy. From balancing chakras, clearing negative energy to healing the body, I realized that I had a knack for energy work!


7 Ways Intuition Transformed My Life

So I started to do healing work. The more I explored it, the bigger the spectrum of energy I felt. The more I used my skills, the more powerful it became.

But something was in the way: my mind and the reasonable part of me which could not make sense of what was happening. I questioned my skills. Self-doubt crept up. I even wondered if I was hallucinating the energy and healing.

This doubt could’ve shut down my journey to enfold my natural gifts.

But it didn’t, because I fed it faith. I gave it a bit more trust. I spent a little more time to heal others and the universe gave me the evidence.

At one point, I felt a client’s upper chest and sensed the pain of her heartache running up my arm. It was something beyond my mind and reasoning yet something I could not deny.

An inner voice in me told me to write a book and I pushed it away again and again.

Until I finally sat down to write and magical stories and parables of love and truth poured out of me. I took a leap of faith and trusted myself. I taught yoga, held women’s circles and lead workshops purely by following my intuition.

I fed my intuition with trust and in turn, it rewarded me with abundance in every part of my life. I just had to listen and act upon my inner compass. It is my map in an ever-changing desert.

It transformed my life and helped me to understand the world and myself:


1. I am whole; I am enough.

As I experienced the wisdom that was innately inside of me, I realized that I no longer have to search outside of myself for an answer, a guide, a method, a way. I have everything that I need.


2. Confidence in who I truly am.

This gave a huge boost to my self-esteem and trust. Knowing that I can believe in myself and intuition, I was grounded in my strengths and confidence to live out my true self. No more hiding.


3. Opportunities unfold.

More importantly, I grabbed them by its horns and went for it.

By listening to my intuition, I had fewer self-doubt and wavering moments where I trusted the critical monologue in my head. The more my eyes opened up to the depth of me, the more opportunities I saw and took.


4. I found my purpose.

You know those moments where you are unsure what you are here to do and what you can give to the world? With all the renewed strength, trust and motivation inspired by my intuition, I could finally accept that I can be great.

I allowed myself to go for the dreams which sounded intimidating and too big before. Now, I know that I can reach them because my inner compass will guide the way.


5. I stopped comparing myself to others.

Because I no longer needed to. The moment you grasp how much potential is inside of us, you begin to see that in everyone. Others’ progress, successes and accomplishments no longer mattered to me because I mattered to myself.


6. I can say no.

By listening to my intuition, I could hear clearly what it was that I deeply needed. It also gave me a sign when a person or a situation was not quite right.

In the past, when I would have given in just to be polite or because I didn’t have the courage to say no, now I can fully stand my ground and answer from a deep rooted place ‘no’ without feeling any guilt for being who I am.


7. I love myself.

Once I fully acknowledged that, yes I am a treasure chest.

There are amazing, thrilling and curious parts of me which I don’t know yet. I began to wonder not only at the world’s beauty but also my own. My intuition lead me back to myself and love and care.



Nothing which I experienced was magic because it is in you too. We just have to quiet down, feel and really listen for those signs, signals, feelings, visions to guide us to where we need to go and back to where we call home.

Here’s a quick recap on how intuition transformed my life:

  • I am whole; I am enough.
  • Confidence in who I truly am.
  • Opportunities unfold.
  • I found my purpose.
  • I stopped comparing myself to others.
  • I can say no.
  • I love myself.
  • How has intuition transformed your life? Leave a comment below.

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