7 Ways to Succeed Like A Happionaire

Happy people think better, work smarter and live healthier!

Life can be either hard, sad and filled with problems or it can be easy, happy and filled with wealth and opportunities. It is our choice, what sort of life we choose.

I prefer the life of a happionaire where the power of happiness, knowledge and action bring in wealth of every sort. True success is more than just money; it is smiles, laughter, love, great health and enjoying every moment of life.

Here are five things everyone can start doing immediately to succeed like a happionaire:


1. Don’t Slog

Ever seen a rich donkey?

I know so many people who work 18 hours a day thinking, they will get what they want. We as humans are creative individuals with immense power in our mind. How we use our mind defines our success.

Our mind will not be able to think efficiently and creatively if we are slogging it out.

Look around you and you will see that the people who are really successful are the ones who are living a life of abundance and affluence, without slogging at the cost of their health, family and relationships.

As a kid, I would often hear – All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy! Well, it doesn’t only make Jack a dull boy, but it makes Jill a bored and boring girl too! Stop slogging and start playing!


2. Laugh More

The best way to succeed at business, entrepreneurship and life is to simply laugh more.

Imagine there are two people, both selling the same product. One of them is boring, serious and always negative, while the other one is friendly, jokes around and makes you laugh.

Whose product would you buy?

Laughter makes us attractive. In fact, most successful companies and people laugh and make others laugh. Laughter diffuses tense situations, relaxes us and helps us to think better.

Laughter releases endorphins, those powerful happy hormones that make us feel good about ourselves, healthier, happier, and more creative – the key ingredients for success.

Some of my most joyful experiences, from writing bestsellers to discovering the most lucrative business ideas, have all happened thanks to this wonderful habit. Go ahead, share a laugh or a giggle and brighten someone’s day.


3. Travel

The best ideas and experiences don’t come by being stuck in an office forever. The more we travel, the more fun we have, the more we learn.

Meeting new people and being in unfamiliar situations often helps us have new ideas and insights. Uber came into being because two guys went on a holiday to Paris and got stuck in the snow without a cab.

Would they have been able to come up with Uber had they never travelled?


4. Love

Love has incredible power.

Every form of love is beautiful and helps us grow and succeed.

The special love of that girl or guy can unleash this huge creative potential that will lead to success. Love for people around you, for your customers, employers and employees will help you better understand what they want.

People will also be more helpful and receptive to you if you send out love.


5. Believe In A Higher Power

When you believe in a higher power, this incredible force in the Universe starts working for you. Things become much easier and the ball starts rolling. You meet the right people, you find the right tools and you get the right ideas.

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to have it all and make it look so easy? It is because a higher force or power is working in their favor. Once you start believing in this power, you will notice how things start falling into place.


6. Worship The Goddess of Knowledge & The Goddess of Wealth

I grew up in a spiritually inclined environment and had the benefit of learning about Goddess Lakshmi and Goddess Saraswati at a very young age.

The former is symbolic of and personifies the importance of wealth, while the latter represents and highlights the essentials of knowledge. Both are equally important and we need the power and blessings of both knowledge as well as wealth to succeed.

Now, more than ever before, we have witnessed how those who invest in the right knowledge have gone on to become incredibly successful and create immense wealth.

If we look around us, we will see that most of the billionaires and some of the greatest companies that have been built in the past 10 years have been simply because of the power of knowledge.

Uber, AirBnB, Facebook, Whatsapp, LinkedIn, Twitter are all less than 10 years old and the underlying reason for their success is first and foremost knowledge, which then attracted wealth.


7. Use The Power of Karma

The Law of Karma is a universal law that works all over the world. Even in the future when we go to Mars and colonize it, the same law will still apply. The law states a very powerful fact – As we sow, so shall we reap.

Imagine you plant a seed of sweet apples and regularly take care of it, water it, tend to it and over time, the tree grows. What fruit would the tree give you? There is no way you would get a hot chili if you planted an apple seed.

The same applies to life, business and relationships. The type of thoughts and actions we put into them, we get similar results.

Imagine you are running a business, and you truly believe in helping your customers, you truly want to create wealth for your employees and shareholders, what will happen?

On the other hand, what if you are just looking to make a quick buck and don’t care if in the process you cheat your customers with substandard products or services? What will happen if you don’t care about your employees and shareholders?

Over a period of time, you will notice that the people who think and do good, always receive good. People who are thoughtful, helpful, creative and plant the right seeds get the right fruits.

We should all make sure we pay attention to The Power of Karma to do a lot more good and we will automatically be rewarded!



Here’s a recap of the 7 ways to succeed like a happionaire:

  • Don’t slog
  • Laugh more
  • Travel
  • Love
  • Believe in a higher power
  • Worship the Goddess of knowledge & the Goddess of wealth
  • Use the power of karma
  • Start practicing the above with full faith and dedication and I guarantee you amazing results!

    Lots of smiles and love!

    How do you achieve happiness in your life like a happionaire? Leave a comment below.

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