7 Ways to Transform From A Dreamer Into An Achiever

It would be great to start this article with the statement that all our dreams will come true, we just need to wait/change our perspective/shift our mind to something other (underline the correct one).

But let’s be honest from the very beginning: it doesn’t work this way.

Having realized it, many got into depression, lamented how imperfect this world is, but keep their heads in the clouds.

Their choice is to imprecate the injustice and take the path of the least resistance. Their character: a vain dreamer, and their inevitable fate – endless regrets.

But there are others: the achievers.

Having grasped the truth, they got scared too, but this fear, instead of losing their heart, made them put their feet on the ground, and act. Their choice is to carry responsibility for their lives. Their character: a creator, and their inevitable fate – life of their dreams.


7 Ways to Go From Dreamer to Achiever

These groups never communicate closely. Their lives rarely intersect. However, you can join the other group any time. In case you’re ready to, use these tips as the lighthouses.

Here are 7 great ways to transform from a dreamer into an achiever:


1. Keep Your Eyes Open

To make their dreams come true, achievers keep their eyes and minds open. They never hide from the challenges that appear on their way. They gladly make new friends, explore new destinations, interact and learn.

Achievers share their dreams with others and get help. However, they don’t just wait for it sitting idle. Thinking of regret, they know, the wrong deed is a better reason for it, than its lack.

They tried, and it counts.


2. Make Plans

Dreams are fragile crystal glasses that could be easily broken, and plans are the firm holders that save them from destruction. Plans let you move further with confidence and a clear vision of what you need to do to make your dreams come true.

Dreamers who eventually become achievers do not leave realizing their dreams to fortune. They can move slowly, but step by step they reach the goal.

While the dream is the instinctive ability to navigate in the woods, the plan is a detailed map with references and warnings.


3. Get Inspired

Even if your dream appeared in the early childhood, and it is everything you want, sometimes life makes its amendments, and we give up on it persuading ourselves there are a lot of other different options. Well, it is the right way to regret.

To keep your dream vivid and real, look for inspiration. There have to be a couple of successful dreamers around you. Do not envy them; find a way to know them better. No doubt, they have some pieces of advice for you. Again, their lifestyle would be a great one.

If you dream is to become an artist, go to places where artists gather, communicate with them, absorb the positive energy. Tune your heart strings that way, so the outside world receives a clear message.


4. Look for Opportunities

You can find hundreds of excuses why you don’t try to make your dreams come true, but the truth is the only one—if you don’t make an effort, you’ll never succeed.

If you dream to become a successful dancer or to buy a farm, and all you do is spending your free nights watching TV shows or drinking in local bars, making no efforts to change the way of things, you’ll never succeed.

Everyone meets some obstacles in life that don’t let them move in the direction they want. But all of them are temporary. Go through them and keep trying. Do not let routine absorb you.


5. Listen to Yourself

Stay true to yourself.

You’ll meet a lot of people who will tell you’ll fail, or that your dreams are stupid. Furthermore, you can find tons of reasons to stop acting by yourself.

You would tend to believe them, cause it is much easier than to find arguments to keep working. Nevertheless, you have to do the second one.

It is your life, and if you want to spend it molding jugs, you should spend it such-wise. Life is too short to compromise. Follow your dreams. Even if, all of a sudden, you realize it is not exactly what you want, you’ll understand what is much faster.


6. Do Not Get Scared

Fear is one of the strongest emotions we can experience.

Do not let it overcome your dreams.

Everyone who dared to make their dreams come true was scared. With no exceptions. The suspense is scary. But with each step, there will be more light and less darkness. The closer your dream is, the happier you’ll become.

And the happiness is the only thing that matters. Keep that in mind to keep on trucking.


7. Fail

There is no mistake. Fail. Every success story started with the chain of failures. It is a rule. If every achiever stopped after the first washout, there will be no electricity, space trips, or stories about Harry Potter.

Failing you discover one more method that doesn’t work. You learn and get stronger. Every failure brings you closer to your dream. Eventually, you understand there are no excuses to stop trying, as the most of the way is passed. You get up and move on.

There are no more lives. It is your only try. Do not waste it.



Here’s a quick recap of the 7 ways to turn yourself from a dreamer into an achiever:

  • Keep your eyes open
  • Make plans
  • Get inspired
  • Look for opportunities
  • Listen to yourself
  • Don’t get scared
  • Fail
  • Are you trying to transform yourself into an achiever? Leave a comment below.

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