78 Classic New Years Resolution Ideas for 2021

The new year is quickly approaching and this is around about the time when we’ll all start thinking of our new years resolutions and how we can better ourselves in the new year.

This article is all about new years resolution ideas for 2019, but still keeping it related to the areas we write about on Wealthy Gorilla.

Writing a generic list for resolution ideas would be incredibly long, and would probably leave you with some odd looking ideas.


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The Best New Years Resolutions for 2021

So instead, this list of 78 classic new years resolutions is split into 6 different categories: Career, Self Development, Business, Relationships, Health and Life.

Believe it or not, I managed to cross off at least 10 of these resolutions last year, so don’t just stick to one idea.


New Years Resolutions: Your Career

Here’s a list of possible new years resolutions related to your career:


1. Give more effort at work

Can you honestly say you’re putting in 100% effort at work? Make an attempt to bring back that spark and give your all with every task you complete at the office. Do more than you get paid for and you’ll eventually get paid more than you do.


2. Earn more money

Earning more money is a goal most people have. Make 2017 your year to achieve it, by whatever means you can. Look for a higher paying job, start a business on the side and so on.


3. Change career paths

Currently in a career that you just don’t enjoy? Is there something that you’d just love to do for a living but haven’t quite been able to yet? Now’s the time to promise yourself you’ll do everything you can to change career paths.


4. Gain a qualification

Qualifications can help you advance in your career, or even get you a job in the first place. But they can also improve your knowledge in a specific area that you’re interested in learning about.


5. Find a job your passionate about

A job that your passionate about will majorly stem from the job role itself, but also factors in the company your working for, the environment you’re working in and the people you’re working with.


6. Achieve a promotion

How long’s it been since your last promotion? Are you going to do everything you can to get one this year?


7. Work less hours

Everybody wants to work less hours if they can get away with it, to be able to spend more time with their families, but it’s not exactly that easy. See if you can find a way to reduce your working hours and get out of the 9-5 grind.


8. Be able to retire

It’s the ambitious people that just don’t want to retire and want to keep on building. However, being able to retire earlier than expected is a dream for some. Is it yours?


9. Achieve employee of the month

Employee of the month is a huge morale booster and could potentially open up more doors for you later down the line by improving the opinion that your employers have of you.


10. Be able to work from home

A lot of people would love to work from home and with a lot of hard work, you might be able to leave your office job and work your own hours from home.


11. Improve your productivity and efficiency

If you’re someone who often struggles to complete all your daily tasks and gets a backlog of emails on a regular basis, taking the necessary measures to improve your efficiency and productivity could be a great new years resolution.


12. Make friends within the workplace

Work is much more fun when you make friends within your company. You can enjoy things a little more than usual, and it boosts everyone’s morale.


13. Improve your work mentality

Having the right mentality whilst at work is crucial. Working well within a team and having the right attitude towards your work is definitely needed to succeed.


14. Be on time or early everyday

One thing you might want to stop doing is actually turning up for work late, and if you don’t start getting in on time shortly, then you might be in trouble with your employers.


15. Become a millionaire

Are you up to the challenge? 2017’s your year to finally become a millionaire like you’ve always dreamed.

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New Years Resolutions: Self Development

Here’s a list of possible new years resolutions related to self-development:


16. Read more books

Books provide knowledge. I was never much of a reader, but then I realized that it was simply because I hadn’t yet found the right subject or authors. Things changed when I started getting interested in self development.


17. Learn to embrace change

Change is something that many people struggle with, but it’s a good thing to have as a resolution to embrace, as it will help you grow and move on to better things.


18. Improve your confidence

Another thing that people struggle with is confidence issues. So the new year might be a good time to vow to yourself to begin improving your confidence levels.


19. Pick up a new skill

When was the last time you learnt a new skill? It could be anything; anything you’re interested in learning.


20. Cut out video games

If you’re a person that doesn’t get much else done simply because you’re playing video games non stop, then it might be a good new years resolution to put down the controller and start making better use of your time.


21. Control your anger

We all get angry at times, as this is when we tend to make poor decisions. There are definitely steps you can take to keep yourself calm and control your anger. Put them into action.


22. Learn the art of meditation

Meditation is great for keeping your thoughts in balance and controlling your emotions. It’s not something that many people would think of doing, simply because most will say they don’t have time for such a thing. But it’s well worth it.


23. Watch less T.V

A good reason why you’re not getting everything done in a day, is because you spend too much time watching T.V. Try and cut down on the time you spend in front of one in order to focus more on real life.


24. Improve your level of discipline

It takes a lot of discipline to get where you want in life, so improving your level of it is definitely something to work on. You can apply it to whatever area you wish.


25. Get out of your comfort zone

Life within your comfort zone isn’t that exciting. But some people are afraid to try anything they’re not quite comfortable with yet. Set out to do things outside of your comfort zone each month, in order to learn and grow as a person.


26. Wake up earlier

Most people currently think they need to start waking up earlier, but they can’t quite find the will power to do so. Early mornings give you the extra time you need within each day.


27. Learn to say ‘No’

Far too many people struggle with the word ‘no’. They’ll be sidetracked by other tasks, requests and such because they don’t have the heart to tell them no in order to continue with what’s important. Can you say no to people?


28. Start thinking more positively

Come on, why are you always so negative about things? Chin up, cheer up and start thinking more positively.


29. Never give up on something you want to achieve

Come on, you know giving up isn’t the answer. Yet it’s incredibly easy to do. This year, you’re not going to give up, right?


30. Conquer your fears

2015’s the year to face your fears. Maybe not all of them, if you think you have a fair few! Just make a start on facing several that you feel are dragging you down.


31. Commit yourself entirely to something

It’s no good just being partially committed to something. Find something that you’re passionate about and promise yourself that you’ll commit yourself entirely so you can see the best results later down the line.


32. Look after your image

Have you been letting yourself go a little bit recently? Old baggy clothes, shabby hair, bad diet and no exercise routine? Let’s do something about that.


33. Invest in yourself more

When was the last time you actually invested your money, rather than just spend it on stuff you want or need, or put it in the bank? Learning new skills, gaining new qualifications and progressing with new ventures. All great things to invest in.


34. Take advantage of more opportunities given to you

Why so many people pass up on opportunities just handed to them I do not know. The majority of us have to actually go out and create opportunities for ourselves. Start taking advantage of all the ones that just happen to come your way.


35. Become more independent

Have you traveled on your own before? Lived on your own before? Started a meaningful life journey on your own and finished it on your own? If the answer’s no, you know what to do.

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New Years Resolutions: Business

Here’s a list of possible resolutions related to business:


36. Earn more profit

We all want to earn more profit in business right? The question is, what are you going to do in order to start increasing your profits this year?


37. Become more ethical

Are you doing more wrong than right at the moment? Perhaps you set out to be the good guy, but through the years have lost your way and are not running an ethical business anymore.


38. Quit your day job

That’s the dream, getting yourself out of the 9-5 grind and working on your own terms, potentially from wherever you want in the world. Can you make it happen?


39. Build a website

What’s a business without a website? Would be a good resolution for the new year to spend time building a great website for your business.


40. Write a book

You may not naturally be an author, but writing books are a great way of expressing yourself, reaching out to people and improving your knowledge. Why not start writing one?


41. Expand to new locations

Still in just one location? branch out to multiple locations to expand your business and reach more potential customers.


42. Expand to new countries

Same deal ad expanding to new locations, but going one step further and expand to new countries, again reaching more consumers from different ways of life.


43. Write a business plan

You can’t start a business without a solid business plan. That’s an important step. So if you have an idea for a business and you’re not quite ready to start one, why not begin writing your business plan this coming year.


44. Identify your long term goals

What are your long term goals in business?

Can you easily identify them or do you have slight confusion about them? Perhaps you should take the time to work out your goals before you go any further with things. Doing things for the wrong reasons won’t get you very far.


45. Work harder and for longer hours

Businesses require a lot of hard work. If you thing you haven’t been putting in the hours, why not make it your new years resolution to work hard and spend more hours working.


46. Raise money for your startup

Well, it’s no secret; startups cost a lot of money, and it may take some time before you’re able to raise enough cash for it.


47. Start a business

You can’t do much else on this business resolution list if you don’t have a business to begin with. So start one!


48. Keep your business alive

Obviously this is an important one, especially if you’ve just started a business, so perhaps you should focus on surviving in the new year more than anything else.

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New Years Resolutions: Relationships

Here’s a list of possible new years resolutions related to relationships:


49. Make new friends

As always, making new friends keeps you happy, busy and social. Join new clubs, try new activities and meet new friends.


50. Let go of the negative friends

Negative friends do nothing but drag you down and hold you back. They’ll be destructive towards your success, so maybe it’s time to let them go.


51. Find a partner

Too many years without a partner maybe? Well that could end this year if you pull yourself together.


52. Spend more time with family

Unfortunately, we never know how long our loved ones have left, no matter how old. Do you really want to regret the fact that you didn’t spend enough time with them?


53. Start a family

If you’ve always wanted to start a family, then make the leap. Nothing better than the gift of family.


54. Show your loved ones how much you care about them

As well as spending more time with your family, show your loved ones just how much you care about them. Appreciate them, what they do for you and how lucky you are to have them in your life.

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New Years Resolutions: Health

Here’s a list of possible new years resolutions related to health:


55. Quit smoking

A pretty popular resolution for most smokers, right? How many of you smokers can stick this one out till the end?


56. Cut out alcohol

Same deal as smoking. Many people think they drink way too much alcohol and decide to cut down on it or cut it out completely as a new year resolution.


57. Put on muscle mass

Are you a skinny guy looking to bulk up? If you really need the new year as motivation, then start working out and eating clean to pack on some muscle. You can always start now though!


58. Lose weight

On the other hand, are you slight unfit and overweight? Cut out the junk food, the McDonald’s, and start getting some exercise.


59. Make time to relax

All work and no downtime isn’t good for your health. It’s important to make time to relax, and if your routine is currently to busy for that, try working in some time for relaxation in the future.


60. Improve strength

Maybe you’re not set out on bulking up, or losing some of that extra fat. You just want to become a lot stronger!


61. Take up a sport

Are you interested in taking up any new sports? Maybe you watch them on T.V, go to the games but haven’t been motivated enough to get yourself involved with any clubs.


62. Quit eating fast food

Fast food’s delicious, don’t get me wrong. But it’s fattening and incredibly unhealthy. Do yourself a favor and make it your resolution to stop hitting all those drive through’s.


63. Drink more water

They say 8 glasses of water a day is a very healthy amount to drink. But some people won’t even drink half that amount, and they don’t realize the health benefits that those extra glasses really would make.


64. Eat healthily in general

Forget about just cutting out the fast food, it’s time to cut out all the bad food and drink in general. What do you think?


65. Exercise at least 3 times a week

Exercising at least 3 times a week will keep you in great shape, provided you combine it with one of the healthy diet options above.

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New Years Resolutions: Life

Here’s a list of possible new years resolutions related to life:


66. Find a new hobby

Hobbies are great, but in order to find a new hobby, you have to try new things, which a lot of people aren’t too interested in doing at first. Explore new options and new things that you’ve never done before.


67. Meet new people from different countries and in different age groups

Diversification is great and meeting people from other ways of life really does give you a better understanding, and great friendships can come from it.


68. Go out and have more fun

Life isn’t worth living if you’re not having any fun, so do what you love, go out more and enjoy life!


69. Do something new each day

There’s so much to be done in this world, the possibilities are endless. Doing something new each day is a great way of being able to live life to the fullest and seize every possible opportunity.


70. Move to a new house

If you still live with your parents, or would just like to move into a better and big house, do what you can to make it happen this year.


71. Migrate to a different country

Ever wanted to live in a different country. It would be pretty amazing and definitely a great experience. Why not do it this year? Leave everything behind and start a new life.


72. Improve your social life

If you haven’t gone out with your friends in a while, or gone on a date in a while, then make a promise to yourself that this year coming you will make an effort to be more social.


73. Save more money

Another brilliant and common new year resolution is to save more money. Most people struggle with this, since we all just love spending our hard earned cash. Try and put a portion of your salary into a savings account.


74. Pay your bills on time

For anyone who tends to forget about their monthly bills or get a bit cheeky with them, this is for you. Make it your new year resolution to start paying all your bills on time.


75. Look after your belongings better

Things depreciate if you don’t look after them properly. So it makes sense to look after what you have and show a little appreciation.


76. Break a world record

Well… why not? Who wouldn’t want to be able to say they broke a world record. If you think you can break one, go for it. Would certainly be a good chat up line.


77. Become an adrenaline junkie

Adrenaline sports are normally terrifying, but after the first few seconds pass they’re absolutely breathtaking. There the sorts of things you have to do at least once in your life time just to realize how great they are.


78. Go travelling

There’s a great quote, that goes something like: “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page”. You want to read every page right? See all there is to see, do all there is to do, experience all there is to experience.



Thanks for reading the list guys. Hopefully you can use some of these ideas, and feel free to share the list with your friends that are struggling for new years resolution ideas themselves. 2019 is your year to shine!

What are your new years resolutions? Leave a comment below.

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