8 Key Steps On Your Journey to Becoming Spiritual

Are you on a journey to becoming spiritual?

We can draw spiritual inspiration from various things around us. You just need to be someone who is sensitive to a variety of situations that surround you. Everyday life is the greatest source of inspiration for everyone.

Most people do not care about the spiritual inspiration as they walk through their busy daily activities.

However, spiritual inspiration is very important for everyone, because in essence, humans are different from animals. Animals are only driven by instincts and needs, while humans are driven by instincts, needs, and also the mind.


8 Key Steps to Becoming Spiritual

Spiritual intelligence has some definitions but by me it is an intelligence that is concerning the moral (moral intelligence).

Spiritual intelligence is able to give us an understanding that blends in us, to make us to be able to distinguish the truth from the wrong.

Here are the steps we can take to start becoming spiritual​:


1) Meditation​

A study says that meditation may help alleviate anxiety and depression in certain patients.

In some cases, the effectiveness of meditation is comparable to what provided by antidepressants.

Meditation with full mind is a form of self-awareness coming from Buddhism. Meditation is designed to focus attention on events that are happening and not based on prejudice. You can get a guidance to do meditation from the top inspirational blogs.​


2) Forgiveness​

Psychologists generally defines forgiveness as an act of conscious, deliberate decision to eliminate the feeling of revenge. Or, to retaliate against an individual or group who has hurt someone. This is regardless of whether they are really appropriate to forgive or not.

The act of forgiveness brings peace of mind and frees us from the corrosive anger.

There are some debates about whether true forgiveness requires positive feelings toward the offender. However, the experts agree that if someone gets an apology, or has been forgiven for something, it can help reduce some of the negative feelings they are experiencing.

See forgiveness as a part of you. In “Nine Steps to Forgiveness”, Fred Luskin stressed that forgiveness is better seen as something that will bring peace to yourself and reduce suffering. You can find some similar advice in many spiritual readings.​


3) Looking at the Stars in the Sky​

By looking at stars in the sky we can realize that we are just a small dot in the universe. This awareness will encourage us to always give thanks to God for everything we have received.

Being thankful is one way to explore the spiritual world. Gratitude will prevent us from doing things that harm both ourselves and others. People who cannot give thanks, are people who are unable to understand that everything that has been achieved not in spite of the gift.

They only focus on results and do not care how they got there. It is a part of human nature that is very poor, contributing negatively to spiritual development.​


4) Positive Thinking​

Attitude reflects a person’s personality, and the mind gives a major role to a person’s attitude.

This is the reason why positive thinking makes a big difference in our lives.

A good attitude begins with positive thinking. Positive thinking has an important role in the formation of the attitude of each individual. The power of positive thinking is the most important element in creating the life you want.

Positive thinking helps you to cope with stressful situations. Ignore the negative thoughts and replace pessimistic thoughts with optimistic ones. This helps reduce anxiety as well as stress. When you develop a positive attitude you can control your life well.​


5) Intuition​

Intuition is the term for the ability to understand something without going through reasoning and
intellectual thinking.

If you want to be guided by your intuition, then remember that all people have a natural intuition. This is not a new skill that should be acquired, but a long forgotten skill. This skill needs to be sharpened again in order to be useful in everyday life.

Answers or guidance from your heart can appear in the form of taste, sound, images, symbols, dreams and various events that arise just like that in your life. Every person has a unique intuition.​


6) Introspection​

Introspection is the process of self-observation and disclosure of thoughts, desires, and sensations.

Introspection is done with the intention to get peace of mind and the answers to the mistakes that have been made in the past.

Introspection needs to be done by anyone and is an integral part in the development of personality.

7) Optimism

Nothing can be achieved if we don’t have a feeling of optimism. The feeling of optimism is the fuel of all motivation that we’re required to have in order to achieve our goals.

If Columbus wasn’t feeling optimistic he would never have discovered the continent of America. Take heed of the stories of great people. They have one thing in common – a feeling of optimism.​


8) Do Not Be Selfish​

Selfishness will override all goodness.

Selfishness will make it difficult for us to reach the truth.

Selfish feelings will only encourage someone to think practically, for profit and loss. However, everybody needs to realize that the truth is not based on profit and loss. Truth is truth. It cannot be negotiated with. This includes any selfish feelings you may have.

You cannot achieve spiritual perfection if you’re still selfish. One piece of advice is not to get paid to help people.


I hope these 8 ways above can help you to start your spiritual journey. Be patient and know that you can’t
expect instant results.

It all depends on your effort and patience throughout various spiritual barriers.

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