8 Reasons Why People Who Start Young Become Successful

If you look at many of the great billionaires in the world, there’s several things they all have in common, but one of them is that they all started young. Have you ever noticed that? That people who start young become successful?

Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook when he was in college. Bill gates started when he was just a teenager, and Warren Buffett started buying stocks when he was just 11 years old. The list goes on. But why?


8 Reasons Why People Who Start Young Become Successful

Many of the people who start young become successful, and there’s various reasons as to why this is. A lot of things are just easier to start when you’re younger, which certainly doesn’t mean that you can’t become successful by starting when your older, because you can.

However, here are 8 reasons why people who start young become successful.


1. They’re Easily Able to Disregard Others Opinions

Put simply, at a young age people are fairly stubborn. Parents, you’ll probably agree? Then again if you’re older you may also be set in your ways and reluctant to making strong changes to your life.

I’m talking more about people’s teenage and early adulthood years, rather than early childhood. When you’re a child you’re easily influenced by things going on around you, and so the chances of you picking up the same beliefs as your parents are relatively high.

However, if your parents were to throw the same beliefs upon you when you’re a teenager, you’d probably be reluctant to buy into them.

At that age, you’re not a kid anymore, you want to make your own decisions and have had enough of others telling you what to do or not do. And this provides a powerful ability to disregard other opinions of what’s too ambitious, ridiculous or just impossible, and allows you to focus on going for it anyway.


2. They Gain More Experience Overall

It’s a given fact that the younger you start working on a certain skill or dream that you have, the more experience you’re likely to gain. That’s just the way it works.

If you’re sitting next to two people aged 40, who are both bodybuilders, each taking the sport as seriously as the other. But one of them started when he was 18 and the other started when he was 30 years old, who do you think is going to have more experience?

I’m not saying that he”s going to be more successful than the other guy because of this, but he’s more likely to be simply because he has more experience and this goes a long way in the world of successful figures.

If this wasn’t the case, then you wouldn’t see the strong correlation between age and the income or position that people have within a company.


3. They Fail Many Times Before Others Even Start

The younger you start, the sooner you fail for the first time.

Exactly why people who start young become successful. Failure’s good. It brings more experience and allows us to learn from our failures in order to better ourselves for the next time we attempt something.

I myself have been trying to make money on my own ever since I was 12. I’d failed many times, made many mistakes, and learned from those mistakes, well before anyone else my age had started.

And failure not something that’s always related to your age and the knowledge that you have simply because you are only young.

Some mistakes are still made no matter what age you’re at. So if you’ve already got 10 years of experience with many failures along the way, it’s still likely that you’ll see someone your age making the mistakes you did 10 years ago. But you know better by now because you started when you were young.


4. They’re Able to Gain Knowledge More Quickly

You’re mind develops a lot more rapidly when you’re younger. It’s easier to learn and pick up new skills because your brain is at that point of optimal growth. Slowly it becomes harder as you get older and your memory’s not as powerful.

This is why most people in their 20’s at the moment have an amazing knowledge of computers, smart phones and all other technology. As this was just being introduced when they were in their childhood, so it was easier for them to learn how it all worked.

Whereas older generations may struggle to learn about it as quickly. Ever had to help your parents out with something technological?

Of course, the fact that teenagers have more free time to learn about new technology, or anything for that matter, may also be a factor.

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5. They’re Naturally Motivated Towards Improvement

If you’re willing to start a business or something similar when you’re at a young age, at a time when most people are only concerned with partying, lazing around or earning money, then you’re likely to be naturally motivated by improvement.

It’s no secret that having the mental drive to improve upon yourself is a common quality that the majority of successful people have.

Other people may adopt this quality later on in life, which is still great because it’s definitely a quality to be proud of. Although, any people you know who are successful, that started working on their dreams when they were young, most likely were naturally motivated towards improvement.


6. They Start Before they Have Other Responsibilities

People who start young become successful because they have a lot more time and energy to spend working on something. They haven’t got to the point of having all the responsibility, such as bills, careers, a house and family to look after.

You don’t have these responsibilities when you’re young and so a lot of time is freed up to learn and practice new things, if that’s how you wish to spend your time.


7. They Have More Belief than Anyone Else

A great reason why people who start young become successful is that when you’re young, you tend to have a lot more belief than anyone who’s older than you.

You’ve got your whole life ahead of you, you’ve haven’t already been sucked into the corporate world of stress and responsibility, where other’s around you start to have a big effect on how you feel.

It gives you a lot more belief that you’re dreams are never too big and bold, and that anything is possible.

If you then decide to start a that young age; start a business, sport, skill and so on, then your belief will never fade.

You’ll have adopted the mindset that anything is possible, and especially seeing as you have started working towards your goals long before most people, then you won’t be worried too much by what others say is impossible, simply because you’ve already gone about things differently to them.

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8. Habits Are Easier to Adopt At A Young Age

Combining all the points above; it’s easy for people of younger ages to adopt habits. The only problem is that this works both ways and if you’re not careful, any bad habits you adopt will shape your future into one you despise of.

On the upside, good habits that help enormously towards success, can easily be adopted at a young age. I’m talking about discipline, a hard work ethic, never giving in, and every other habit you’d expect success to require.

If you’re currently at a young age, just know this: the habits you currently have are going to shape your future. Sort them out whilst you can, otherwise you may have a hard time trying to change when you’re older and the circumstances are different.



Here’s a quick recap on all the reasons why people who start young become successful:

  • They’re easily able to disregard others opinions
  • They gain more experience overall
  • They fail many times before others even start
  • They’re able to gain knowledge more quickly
  • They’re naturally motivated towards improvement
  • They start before they have other responsibilities
  • They have more belief than anyone else
  • Habits are easier to adopt at a young age
  • Do you agree that people who start young become successful? Leave a comment below.

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