8 Signs You’re Suffering from Addiction & How to Fix It

If you’re questing towards wealth and success, it’s not uncommon to find that other aspects of your life start to take a back seat.

While this can simply be a symptom of your drive to succeed, you may actually find that an addiction is having a similar effect upon you. Have you ever considered that you might be suffering from addiction to something?

And if so, do you know how to fix the issue?


8 Signs You’re Suffering from Addiction

Here are some signs that may point to a possible problem with drugs or alcohol:


1. Classic Addiction Symptoms

You may think that the classic symptoms of addiction are quite overused but they are a trope for a reason. Shaking, cravings and sweating can all be signs that you have an unhealthy relationship with a substance.

These may seem silly but it can hint towards something much more serious and a need for self-improvement.

These are things that you would most likely recognise from movies or dramatizations of addiction. They are rooted in what an addict really feels and you should use these as assessors of your own life.


2. Your Thoughts Are Drawn to the Substance

Addiction is both a mental and physical process, both sides of the body are involved.

If you find your thoughts are drawn to the substance at various times of the day then this can be a bad sign. We often think about things that can be bad for us when our mind wanders, so these thoughts can be indicative of something much more sinister.

There’s no harm in thinking about that glass of wine at the end of a long day, but when you can’t stop thinking about it, therein lies a problem.

When these take over your thoughts until you get your hands on the substance again, it’s hard to draw yourself away from it.


3. There’s No Moderation

When it comes to drugs and alcohol, moderation can often be what splits the addict from the average person. Take that glass of wine for example, one would be alright but if you always have to drink the full bottle then there may be an issue.

An opiate can be highly addictive too, even though this has a more party vibe. If you find yourself indulging in these when the party is over then that’s another sign there.

This can also feed into a secretive habit wherein you don’t want others to know about the extent of your addiction. You hide bottles or bank statements to try and keep that over indulgent side of your life a secret. Deep down, you will know that your over consumption is what’s really causing problems for you.


5. Lying to Others

If friends and loved ones have expressed concern about your habits then you may be tempted to cover them up instead of addressing the problem. This kind of deceptive behaviour effectively means that you are choosing your addiction over those that care for you.

This is problematic to say the least and you should be very careful not to push away your support system. They will be the ones that will help you most on your road to recovery in the long term.

You should always be appreciative of those that choose to help you in your time of need, whether they are a friend or sponsor. They’ll most likely understand that this is not the real you when you lash out or get emotional.

Make sure that they have time to themselves too and look after them as well.


6. Broken Promises

We all make promises, both to ourselves and to those around us. While you may be able to fulfil your business obligations, your personal promises are equally as important.

If you find that you promise someone you with cut down or quit and then break this, you may have a problem. Even if you promise to be somewhere or take part in an activity, before being stopped by your addiction, this can be a further sign.

A promise should be taken seriously, whether you’re promising that you won’t drink or will cut down on the amount of drugs that you consume. When we treat these like throwaway turns of phrase, that’s when the problem starts to come in.

All of a sudden, that promise that you made your significant other doesn’t matter in the face of your chosen substance.


7. You’re Paying More

According to the research of a rehab center in Florida, addicts tend to spend more and more on their addiction as time goes on. The same amount of drugs or alcohol is no longer enough. They build up a tolerance, and so their spending just increases.

You may go from one bottle of wine per night to two, effectively doubling what your habit costs you.

This is just a physical tolerance that every addict will go through. The more you use the more you need for the same effects. However, this usually only happens when you are abusing a substance regularly; as your body works to act against the effects of the substance.

This can be really dangerous, as addicts can overdose purely because they misjudge the tolerance that they have for these drugs and take too much.


8. You Persist

With all of these negative consequences, the average person would stop the destructive behaviour. This is not the case for the addict though; as the need for the substance outweighs any of the negative aspects associated.

They continue to use despite the fact that all of these negative effects stem from their usage.



Watching your life go down a slippery slope like this is hard for most people but the addict will tend to cling to those substances. This inevitably starts a downward spiral which can even prove fatal if you’re not careful.

The financial and personal effects that come from an addiction will only compound and get worse if they are not dealt with.

If you would like help in dealing with substance abuse then there are treatment facilities and charities out there to help you. Don’t struggle with one of these problems alone. They will affect your possibilities for success in the future.

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