8 Things You Should Tell Yourself Every Morning

When you wake up, what’s the first thing you think about? Your overwhelming to-do list? Hitting snooze? Your commute? Starting the day with negative thoughts sets the negative mood for the day.

Instead, try beginning each day by saying something positive to yourself.

Send yourself some love or set your intentions for the day. By doing this, you will begin to get in the habit of thinking positively and you will carry that positive affirmation with you throughout your entire day.


8 Things to Tell Yourself Every Morning

Don’t know where to begin? Try some of these easy one-line affirmations. When you first wake up, take a moment at the edge of your bed or in front of the mirror and say some positive things to yourself.

Try your best to really mean them and believe them. Continue to tell yourself every morning the below 8 sentences, and see how your life begins to change!


1. This Day is a Miracle

Looking at each day as a miracle instead of just another day of the same old routine will help you cherish each moment. The truth is that we shouldn’t take anything for granted and we aren’t guaranteed each day.

If you begin to look at every single day as an adventure that you are lucky enough to go on, you will adopt a more positive attitude.


2. I Will Achieve Success and Happiness

Sometimes, we don’t feel like our dreams are within reach. Take some time out of your morning to remind yourself that if you work hard and stay dedicated, you can grab your goals.

Also remind yourself that happiness is yours alone to achieve. Nobody else can give you happiness but yourself, so give yourself a reminder that you can achieve both success and happiness.


3. Today Will Be a Good Day

Even something as simple as to tell yourself every morning that today will be a good day can really make your day good. If things go wrong, you’ll be able to handle them and find the positives throughout your day and focus on them more than the negatives.

Take the time to create a good day for yourself, even amidst some bad.


4. I Am Enough

Pretty enough, smart enough, funny enough and confident enough. You are enough. You are perfect just as you are and you shouldn’t feel like you have to change or be more of anything to please somebody else.

Tell yourself that you are enough on those days when you’re needing a little bit of self-love.


5. Today is a New Day

Whatever happened yesterday is over. Sometimes, our mistakes stay with us and haunt us days, weeks and even months after they’ve happened. Look at each day as a completely blank slate. You can right your wrongs and start fresh each and every day.


6. I Will Have a Productive and Joyful Work Day

When you wake up, you probably aren’t jumping out of bed to get to work. Being unhappy at work leads to general dissatisfaction in all areas of your life. If you feel discontent with your job, you can join the 52.3% of Americans who are unhappy at work.

However, while you might want to look for another job, in the meantime you can make the most of the situation by giving yourself a positive affirmation about your work day in the morning.

This will help you actually have a good day at work and might just change how you feel about your job.


7. I Am Proud of What I Did Yesterday and Excited for What I Will Do Today

Take a moment to look back on what you accomplished yesterday and look forward to what you want to accomplish today.

Reflect on your achievements and look ahead to your future endeavors. This will help you feel like your accomplishments are important and will also help you plan your day and prioritize your to-do list.


8. What I Do Matters

It’s always nice to know that what you do matters. Tell yourself when you wake up that everything you do matters. Smiling at somebody on the street, helping someone at work, calling your mom.

Telling yourself that everything that you do matters will encourage you to continue doing those acts of kindness and know that you can make an impact on the world around you.



Positive affirmations to start off your morning really can make your day seem a little brighter and better. Try telling yourself one or more of these positive thoughts each morning and see how your attitude throughout the day improves and how you feel about each new day.

Which of these sentences do you say to yourself every morning? Leave a comment below.

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