80+ Would You Rather Questions to Ask Anyone

Would You Rather questions might seem like the coolest yesteryear party game, but if used properly, they can turn your boring conversation to an engaging one. You want to know someone better? Ask them a would-you-rather question. Want to test your sanity? Ask yourself a would-you-rather question. Facing a dilemma? Ask a would-you-rather question. If done properly, these questions can bring out an immense amount of information about a person.

Since these questions are mostly drawn out from people’s day-to-day activities, preferences, orientations etc, it makes people ‘really think’ and ponder upon something that they are asked. With this you would be able to understand a person’s political inclination, their opinions, food preferences and anything under the sun as long as you can get creative with the questions.

Since most of us are still locked up in the lockdown, or if you are staying at home for personal safety reasons, this game is surely going to keep you and your circle entertained. And who knows, you might just make some weird discoveries about the ones who are closest to you!

1). Would you rather chew your nails or not be able to have any beverages for a year?
2). Would you rather be a chihuahua or a samoyed?
3). Would you rather sing out everything you say or speak in military commands?
4). Would you rather get stuck in detention (think Breakfast Club), or have nobody remember your birthday (like Sixteen Candles)?
5). Would you rather eat Chicken nuggets, or have a celery smoothie for lunch for the rest of your life?
6). Would you rather have a viral video of you stripping to an awkward song or of yourself blowing out candles by farting?
7). Would you rather be a Ninja Turtle or a Care Bear?
8). Would you rather answer your date only with farts or have food stuck in your teeth on a date?
9). Would you rather be farted on your face or be smacked on the face with a piece of raw fish?
10). Would you rather poop in the only clogged toilet in a party, or poop in the bushes?
11). Would you rather have zero body hair or head hair?
12). Would you rather get bitten by a rattlesnake or kiss a toad?
13). Would you rather lose the ability to poop or to pee?
14). Would you rather be an astronaut or a deep sea diver?
15). Would you rather wear a mismatched pair of socks or wear broken heels?
16). Would you rather make out with your best friend or your professor?
17). Would you rather get tattooed on your sternum or get a septum piercing?
18). Would you rather be a billionaire for a day or be the President of the United States of America?
19). Would you like to have a rich but irritating partner, or a broke yet sweet partner?
20). Would you rather travel to the beach or to the mountains?
21). Would you rather cuddle a bear or a turtle?
22). Would you rather never be able to sing again or never be able to read books again?
23). Would you rather want to get diagnosed with a terminal illness or be completely physically disabled?
24). Would you rather be in a coma for a decade or be in jail for five years?
25). Would you rather have a one night stand with your celeb crush or have another 10 years with your partner?

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26). Would you rather give up air conditioning for the rest of your life or deodorant for the rest of your life?
27). Would you rather swim in a pool of nutella or a pool full of sticky simple-syrup?
28). Would you rather be able to read people’s minds or show your internet history to your parents?
29). Would you rather be in a film that wins the Oscars or a film that wins the Cannes?
30). Would you rather have a sing-off with Ariana, or have a dance-off with Beyonce?
31). Would you rather drink water off a toilet bowl or a litter box?
32). Would you rather pay or be paid for having sex?
33). Would you rather accidentally send a nude to your boss or to your dad?
34). Would you rather walk in to your parents having sex or have them walk in when you are having sex?
35). Would you rather bring another person in bed, or cheat on your partner?
36). Would you rather have your partner sleep with your best friend, or sleep with your best friend’s partner?
37). Would you rather cuddle in front of a fireplace or set your bed on fire?
38). Would you rather belch while kissing or fart in the bedroom?
39). Would you rather have a nude of yours turned into a meme, or get caught naked while on a livestream?
40). Would you rather accidentally call your boss ‘baby’, or accidentally call you teacher ‘mom’?
41). Would you rather have scales on your body or have hands for feet?
42). Would you rather solve global warming or world hunger?
43). Would you rather kill your hopes, or your partner’s parents?
44). Would you rather make out with Chris Pratt or Chris Hemsworth?
45). Would you rather have 1000 spoons when you need a knife or have a knife when you need a spoon?
46). Would you rather have the police hunt you down for the murder you committed or a serial killer hunt you down in the woods?
47). Would you rather never have a wedgie, or have nothing stuck in your teeth?
48). Would you rather marry the most attractive person you’ve met or the best cook you’ve met?
49). Would you rather have a song stuck in your head or an itch that you cannot reach?
50). Would you rather go backstage with your favourite band or be an extra in a film?
51). Would you rather have 100 bucks floating in a public toilet or have 20 bucks in your own pocket?
52). Would you rather get drunk off one sip of alcohol or never be able to get drunk at all?
53). Would you rather have a silver tongue or golden teeth?
54). Would you rather never have to stand in line again, or have the traffic lights turn green every time you approached?
55). Would you rather never have to pay for food at restaurants, or have unlimited first-class tickets?
56). Would you rather be a royal in the year 1820 or be an average person now?
57). Would you rather have deli meat for your bed sheets or have smelly sheets for the rest of your life?
58). Would you rather tour the world on a shoestring budget, or live in a certain country in a lavish manner?
59). Would you be a God in the Virtual world, or be a ghost in the real world?
60). Would you rather be a reverse mermaid/man or be a reverse centaur?
61). Would you rather sweat out syrup, or have spaghetti for hair (that regrows)?
62). Would you rather randomly time travel every time you farted, or be teleported every time you sneezed?
63). Would you rather live in Russia, or China?
64). Would you rather have unlimited tacos for life or unlimited sushi?
65). Would you rather give up your internet for a month, or give up bathing for a month?

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66). Would you rather have free WiFi everytime you go out or have free coffee?
67). Would you rather take beautiful selfies but suck at taking pictures of other stuff, or take beautiful pictures of anything but yourself?
68). Would you rather be the best in the world at climbing trees or be best at jumping rope?
69). Would you rather eat ten fried grasshoppers, or eat an egg with a half-formed chicken inside?
70). Would you rather never be sweaty again, or be cold again?
71). Would you rather lose all your money, or lose all your pictures?
72). Would you rather find a suitcase with a million bucks inside, or find the true love of your life?
73). Would you rather have terrible dandruff that cannot be healed, or have horribly chapped lips?
74). Would you rather live without a washing machine, or without hot water for showers or baths?
75). Would you rather accidentally be responsible for the death of three adults, or be accidentally responsible for a child?
76). Would you rather know how you are going to die, or when you are going to die?
77). Would you rather wake up in a desert, or wake up in a raft surrounded by water?
78). Would you rather have a horribly corrupt government or have no government at all?
79). Would you rather hurt people and be rich, or help people and remain poor?
80). Would you rather be imprisoned for something you did not do, or get away with a horrendous crime but have a fearful life of being caught?

These were all the questions that we could think of from the top of our head. We are sure that you can come up with many more questions such as this. You need not be politically correct, all you need to do is come up with questions that follow a this-or-that format and you are good to go for all the upcoming parties and gatherings that are on its way!

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