9 Life Strategies to Build Your Inner Self-Support

The journey to success and happiness is rarely a smooth ride.

Life offers bumpy roads and detours, even if they’re not always beneficial. There are often challenges to overcome and it takes motivation and determination to keep going.

Cultivating a healthy self-support system of encouragement and positivity can aid you on your own journey.


9 Life Strategies to Build Your Inner Self-Support

And there are various life strategies you can implement to help. Use the following 9 life strategies to create a steady pattern of behavior that will nurture a self-supporting, strong and loving person.

1. Look for a positive take away from every situation

When things don’t go your way (which is inevitable), try looking for the silver lining.

No matter what there is something to learn from the situation. Failure is not finite and it can often be a necessary stepping-stone to what comes next. Setbacks are unavoidable; so learn to be prepared to handle them with positivity.

2. Find healthy ways to recharge and nurture yourself

Life is full of pressure and stress. And we all have our own struggles and missteps. However, it’s possible to develop a healthy and effecting coping strategy.

Meditation, exercise and painting are all ways one can recharge their inspiration. Find what works for you and make it more than a hobby, implement it in daily life.

3. Forgive yourself and others quickly

How often do you find yourself saying, “if I knew then what I know now?”

As you grow and experience life, your perspective is naturally altered. Remember when you lacked the wisdom to make better choices. Forgive others when they make similar mistakes and learn to tell yourself that you are only human, imperfect by nature.

Take a moment to find compassion and acceptance for yourself and others.

4. Maintain a support network

Never be embarrassed or scared to ask for help. Maintaining a regular support system is imperative to emotional stability.

Sometimes just being able to tell someone your thoughts can offer solutions. Draw support from the people around you that empathize and who have had similar experiences.

5. Practice gratitude

Focus on what you are thankful for.

For some this may be more difficult than others, but it can always be worse. If you are alive, breathing and walking there are already three things to be grateful for. Especially when things seem to go wrong, focus daily on the positive.

6. Deal with the now

We all desire some sort of control over our lives.

We are intelligent, self-aware creatures, it’s natural to want a say in your experience. However, it’s easy to constantly think about what you wish was happening, instead of what’s actually in reality.

Be present in your environment and resist feelings of resentment. Practice acceptance to move forward, one day at at a time.

7. Constantly cultivate relationships

Care about others and how they are doing, as much as you care about yourself.

Listen and learn through connections with those around you. Do not push aside social interactions and miss out on the natural stimulation.

Living to serve others is wonderful, but do not forget to serve yourself through others as well.

8. Learn to welcome change

Plenty of people dislike change.

It’s rarely easy or fun, and we all have different habits and routines. While some find it easier to embrace change, others struggle with acceptance.

Regardless of your reaction, fear is natural; it’s up to you to find the new doors that will open. Move through your feelings of resistance quickly.

Better prioritize what’s healthiest for you actively pursue it.

9. Don’t blow things out of proportion

Focus on the big picture; it’s easy for it to fade into the background and chaos of life.

Prepare yourself for the steps it will take to reach this goal and realize that every bad day does not signal the end of your world. Without obstacles, hard work and persistence, true success cannot be found.

Be aware that your future is determined by your present, and take action to better assess the ups and downs of life.

Buddha teaches,

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.”

Use these words as a mantra to start engaging in your own self-support. And use the methods listed above and start building a stronger foundation of acceptance and understanding for yourself and others.



Let’s recap on these life strategies you can use to build your inner self-support:

  • Look for a positive take away from every situation
  • Find healthy ways to recharge and nurture yourself
  • Forgive yourself and others quickly
  • Maintain a support network
  • Practice gratitude
  • Deal with the now
  • Constantly cultivate relationships
  • Learn to welcome change
  • Don’t blow things out of proportion
  • Do you have anything to add to these life strategies? Leave a comment below.

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