9 Signs You’re Destined to be an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is certainly not for everyone. It typically requires longer hours than a traditional job, harder work, and no guarantee of a payoff.

On the other hand, entrepreneurship provides a ton of personal satisfaction, the freedom to make your own decisions and the possibility to write your own paycheck.

It is for these reasons, and the reasons below, that I knew I was destined to be an entrepreneur and why I started a CAD/CAM software company, MecSoft Corporation.


9 Signs You’re Destined to be an Entrepreneur

If you are wondering whether you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur or are just looking for some reassurance as to why you became one, here are nine signs that show you were destined to do this.


1. You treasure independence and like to be your own boss

If you have ever been in a situation where you had a really great idea or plan but couldn’t pull it off because your job didn’t put you in a decision-making position, you know how frustrating that can be.

As an entrepreneur, you make your decisions, set your own goals and create the standards by which the business will operate. While your clients will dictate some of the decisions you make, ultimately you are your own boss.


2. You are an independent thinker and frequently think outside the box

Most people follow a herd mentality following the conventional path in the way they live their lives and in the way they view the world. Entrepreneurs on the other hand tend to think independently and unconventionally.

This makes them more likely to find problems and thus solutions to the conventional way of doing things, creating opportunities, which when acted upon can turn into successful businesses. This sort of outside-the-box thinking is what multi-billion dollar companies such as Facebook, Dropbox, Uber and Amazon are built upon.


3. You are always thinking of solutions to problems

Entrepreneurs commonly say that they stay awake at night thinking about ways to improve their business. If you are constantly thinking about ways to fix problems, help customers, or change the world, you are probably destined to be an entrepreneur.


4. You are a tinkerer and are always working on projects

The entrepreneurial mindset thrives on doing rather than saying. Today it seems like everyone has an idea for an app, some type of software or a new type of business but takes little action. Talk is cheap and true entrepreneurs are less about talking and more about doing.


5. You are not worried about hard work and derive satisfaction from it

If you really think about it, everyone works hard.

The difference between entrepreneurs and everyone else is that they are not afraid to work hard and, in fact, enjoy it. They constantly derive satisfaction from seeing their projects progress into something greater, often working from dawn until dusk because they are so passionate about something that it doesn’t even feel like work.


6. You are laser focused on the task at hand

Running a business will involve many mundane activities. Many people cannot handle this drudgery and would rather move on to the next best thing around the corner.

Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, are able to maintain absolute focus on the task at hand even if it’s boring. They are able to maintain a long term perspective which allows them to treat the less exciting aspects of running a business with the same level of importance as the more exciting ones.


7. You are ultra-competitive

How many times have you been at a job and looked at the way things were done and said “I can do it better than that?” Perhaps that was the motivating factor that led you out on your own – you saw what the competition was doing/providing and thought that you could do better/bigger/faster/cheaper.


8. You hate bureaucracy and process-related work but love the act of creation

Big businesses tend to have a lot of bureaucratic processes involved in them. Meetings for meetings, an unknown number of people who have to sign off on things before they can get done, managers of managers of managers, etc.

We live in an instant gratification society and technology allows us to get things done so why the heck do things take so long? Entrepreneurs love doing and seeing and hate the delays of bureaucracy because they know, quite simply, business can move faster.


9. You can live with delayed gratification, even for long periods of time

While creating and decision-making can happen quickly, success doesn’t always come so quick. Entrepreneurs are okay with this, always focusing on the big picture while keeping up with the day-to-day aspects of the business that lead to growth.

As mentioned, there are no guaranteed payoffs like there are for traditional jobs, but the potential rewards make the wait worth the time.


Entrepreneurship is About Making a Difference

Whether you are looking to do something different, want to set your own salary, value independence or just want the ability to use your own skills and abilities, entrepreneurship is all about making a difference in the immediate world around you.

If you match up with most or all of the above characteristics of an entrepreneur, you are probably destined to be one.

Are you destined to be an entrepreneur? Leave a comment below.

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