9 Steps to a Healthy Relationship When Chasing Dreams

A question that a lot of people find themselves asking when they find a dream that they want to work towards, is how can you have a healthy relationship whilst chasing your dreams?

It’s a question that I’ve asked myself before as well, after having a relationship crumble due to the fact I didn’t have the time to see them as much as I should have done.

It was back when I first got into self development and started working out as well as starting this blog whilst working a full time 9-5 job as well.


How to Have A Healthy Relationship When Chasing Your Dreams

Relationships can get complicated when you suddenly find that to progress towards your dreams you need to be doing a lot of work outside of the regular 9-5.

That means that the time you would normally spend with them outside of work has to be split between them and your own goals.

That’s when productivity, organization and discipline become crucial.

But as well as this, how do you have a healthy relationship whilst chasing your dreams?


1. Respect Your Partner

A healthy relationship starts with respect. It very easy to have complete focus on your dreams, and let them consume all of your time and energy, not having any respect for your partner.

If you don’t care when they get upset, or you don’t take their opinions into account and you continue to go about your business, then that’s disrespectful and won’t lead to a good relationship.


2. Stay Productive & Be Able to Make Time for Them

The most important part of having a good relationship is actually being able to make time for your partner. If you’re in a full time 9-5 job and you’re then trying to pursue your dreams on top of that, regularly making time for someone else can be difficult.

Which is why it’s important to be productive and organize your daily routines in a way that means you make the most of your time and keep time free for your relationship.


3. Make Sure they Understand Your Goals

It’s vital that your partner actually understands your goals and ambitions. Have you actually taken the time to sit down and explain them all to them?

If they actually knew what you were trying to achieve, and supported you with your endeavors, then they’d be able to be more understanding whenever you tell them that you might not be able to see them, and hopefully then you can easily reschedule between you.

Of course, using this excuse all the time probably implies that you’re not ready for a relationship or you’re just not serious about the one you’re already in.


4. Listen to Your Partner’s Opinions

Listen to your partner’s opinions so that you communicate with them better and be able to solve any potential issues they may have.

Maintaining a healthy relationship when you have a lot of ambition relies on having great communication between the two of you in order to fully understand each other and where the relationship’s going.


5. Take the Relationship Seriously

Not taking the relationship seriously means that your focus is going to be constantly on your ambitions, your partner will be neglected and their feelings will only get hurt.

If you want to have a healthy relationship whilst chasing your dreams, then you need to be clear with everything, laying it all out on the table and understanding how your partner feels.

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6. Set Some Relationship Goals

Just like you’ve done with your career and your life, set some relationship goals. Setting goals helps you understand where you want to get to both in the short term and long term and keeps you on track with everything.

You’ve probably already set yourself some career goals because it’s important to you, and you want to consistently be progressing and slowly succeeding with these goals.

If having a healthy relationship is also important to you, then goals within it will do the exact same job.


7. Find Someone With Similar Ambitions to You

Okay, so it’s not exactly easy to just go after someone who has similar ambitions to you. It can be difficult to meet someone like that, and they may not always be the sort of person you’re attracted to.

Never the less, meeting someone who can resonate with your dreams, and may be on a similar path to you will find it a lot easier to understand your goals and perhaps join you on the journey to achieving them.

For example, if you love travelling and so does your partner, it’s the perfect combination.


8. Think Carefully Before You Act

Before you make any rash decisions or reactions to something your partner may have said, think about it carefully and then answer. It’s very easy to snap and say things you don’t mean.

If it’s to do with your work; something you’re very passionate about, then that factor can easily cloud your judgement within the current moment, and cause you to say things without properly thinking them through or how they will affect your partner’s feelings.


9. Be Certain You’re Ready for a Relationship

If you’re questioning how much time you have for someone and whether they’ll sync in with all the goals and ambitions you have in the near future, then perhaps you’re not ready for a relationship.

Be clear on whether you’re ready before you enter into something you’re not able to handle.


Recapping on the 9 Steps

  • Respect your partner
  • Stay productive and be able to make time for them
  • Make sure they understand your goals
  • Listen to your partner’s opinions
  • Take the relationship seriously
  • Set some relationship goals
  • Find someone with similar ambitions to you
  • Think carefully before you act
  • Be certain you’re ready for a relationship
  • Are you ready to have a healthy relationship whilst chasing your dreams? Leave a comment below.

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