Adorable and Evil: 18 New Baby Memes

There’s no denying that babies are arguably one of the cutest things on the planet. Their little chubby cheeks and adorable faces can be enough to give anybody diabetes from the sheer cuteness. However, let us be the ones to warn you—under that adorable exterior lies creatures of pure darkness and mischief. While there’s no doubt we’ll always forgive them (they’re just babies after all!), the sheer destruction a baby can bring is truly terrifying. From diaper accidents to broken furniture and endless crying, taking care of a baby is surprisingly tough but definitely worth it in the end.

Just remember, babies are cute, but you must always be vigilant for their naughty side. Don’t believe us when we say that babies can be pure evil? Check out these hilarious memes below.

12 Hours Of Labor

new baby meme 12 hours of labor

That Wasn’t Really An Airplane

new baby meme airplane spoon

During The Newborn Stage

new baby meme during the newborn stage then looking back at photos later

How Do I Put This

new baby meme how do i put this

How It Looks

new baby meme how it looks and how it feels

I Said

new baby meme i said put me back in

I Slept Great Last Night

new baby meme i slept great last night got a full 40 minutes

Vacuum Going

new baby meme mom closes her eyes

When My Mother-In-Law Tries To Judge My Parenting

new baby meme mother in law

Parent Sleep

new baby meme mum tip toeing out of the room

Seven Minutes Old

new baby meme seven minutes old


new baby meme swaddling first baby vs third baby

The Look Of Betrayal

new baby meme the look of betrayal

There Can Be Only One

new baby meme there can be only one

You Have Fallen Directly Into My Trap

new baby meme you have fallen directly into my trap

You’re Telling Me I Spent Nine Months In Where

new baby meme youre telling me i spent nine monthe in where

So You’re Saying

new baby saying meme

Daddy Is Finally Asleep

new baby time to scream meme

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