Baby Shower Card Messages for Twins

One can congratulate the mother through a lovely card with a picture drawn of twin children or anything related to the twin child birth and also includes the baby shower wishes on that card and sends it. Cards are one of the most popular forms of wishing people. They are a never ending trend of wishing people on various occasions and especially on baby shower events.

Let us see some of the baby shower card messages for twins sent in different ways:

1). Dear twins, through this beautiful card I welcome you both into this world and send you wishes for the special baby shower occasion of yours. I hope you love the wishes.

2). To the lovely twins, the card carries wishes for the beautiful baby shower event held recently. I am sorry I couldn’t attend it and send you both my love.

3). Dearest twins, I send love and heartfelt wishes through this card for the lovely baby shower occasion. I hope you both enjoyed a lot which was held for you.

4). Lovely twins, first I wish you all the greetings for the baby shower event. I also send you my love for both along with beautiful gifts.

5). Darling twins, this beautiful card conveys my best wishes for the beautiful baby shower occasion. I hope you both enjoyed a lot dear.

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