Baby Shower Favors Messages to Daughter

The baby shower favor wishes to daughter include thanking the daughter for being there at the baby shower occasion. The wishes are given with tokens of love and gifts for the daughter as she took out precious time to be there at the occasion of the baby shower. The baby shower favor wishes are sent through cards or through a video clip on a DVD to the daughter.

Following are the samples of baby shower favour messages to daughter to send through texts:

1). My grandson baby sends you his thankful wishes for attending the baby shower occasion, my daughter. He and all of us are much pleased with your visit at the event.

2). Dear daughter, special thankful wishes for the baby for your presence at the baby shower occasion. We are happy to have seen you after such a long time.

3). Dearest daughter, I send my love and thanking wishes for your arrival at the baby shower occasion. I also send mementos of the event for you to keep as memoir.

4). Dear daughter, my granddaughter sends all her love and thanking wishes for you attending her wonderful baby shower event. We all are much happy that you could make it in time.

5). This thank you wish comes from the baby whose baby shower occasion you attended, dear daughter. She is much happy that you we there beside her on this auspicious moment.

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