Banner Ads and Leads: 18 Funny Marketing Memes

Marketing is everywhere around us. It’s not just in the streets, malls, and television. IT creeps up on you even in the most unexpected places like your phone, social media, and even from your friends. Heck, even memes can be manufactured to be marketing material! With marketing so prevalent in our immediate surroundings, we have to be more aware of when it is present and when it influences our actions and decisions.

But, more importantly, we have to make hilarious memes of it! What we have below are some of the funniest marketing memes we could find. There’s some great stuff here no matter if you’re in the marketing industry or a regular ol’ consumer!

Best Practices In Marketing

marketing meme ads choices

That Banner Ad Will Work

marketing meme click here banner

Oh Your Company Doesn’t Have A Content Strategy

marketing meme content strategy

You Get An Email

marketing meme everyone gets an email

I Just Wanted To Read Your Content

marketing meme heres sales

Hey Girl

marketing meme i really love how you use memes for marketing


marketing meme is it leads youre looking for


marketing meme leads everywhere

Life Is Short

marketing meme life is short false its the longest thing you do

Modern Marketing Problems

marketing meme modern marketing problems need modern solutions

Not Sure If Meme

marketing meme not sure of meme or effective marketing

Oh You’re In Marketing

marketing meme oh youre in marketing

TFW Metrics Backing Viewing Time

marketing meme tfw metrics backing viewing time on video ads

That Moment

marketing meme that moment when you find the perfect strategy for you client

If You Could Just Make Content That Everyone Loves Every Day

marketing meme that would be great

If Society Is Consuming Memes

marketing meme then why are brands not doing meme marketing

What If I Told You

marketing meme what if i told you

Email Marketing

marketing meme what others think i do

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