Best Holi Slogans: 15 Great Holi Quotes and Slogans


Holi is the time for celebrations. This spring festival is celebrated with beautiful colours across India and also Nepal. Make it a beautiful festival time with your family and friends with Holi slogan greetings, inspirational Holi quotes and eco-friendly Holi slogans to share with all of them.

We have come up with the best Holi quotes for friends along with unique Holi messages that promise to make it the best festival for your dear ones. Share them on Facebook, WhatsApp with your loved ones.

Inspirational Holi Quotes

“Let us learn from the beautiful hues of Holi to always enjoy and embrace each and every shade of life with joy.”

“Holi is a reminder that no matter how distinct we are but we are all bonded with love for each other.”

“Holi is the time for enjoyment and merriment….. let us spread love on this happy occasion.”

“Let us take a dip in colours of love and happiness on the occasion of Holi.”

Funny Holi Quotes in English

“You are free to put colours on every face…. You are free to play Holi with every heart.”

“Smiles and happiness, joy and enjoyment are the colours that make every Holi perfect.”

“Let your heart be painted in love on the occasion of Holi….. Happy Holi to you.”

Holi is the time of celebration, to keep tensions at bay and to enjoy heartful.

Happy Holi Slogans in English

“Holi is the best time of the year, the time to splash colours of love and friendship.”

“It is the time to end the disputes and welcome happiness and smiles in life… It is Holi!!!”

“Holi is very HOLY because it is the time to wash off all the hard feelings from your life.”

“Rejuvenate your hearts and smiles with the happiness of Holi in your life.”

Safe Holi Slogans

“Enjoy Holi to the fullest but make sure that you don’t hurt any heart or any one.”

Safe colours bring happiness in life…. Play Holi with love and stay safe.”

“Holi is safest if you play it with the ones you love…. Happy Holi and be safe.”

“If you want to have the best Holi of your life then play it with safe and good colours.”

Happy Holi Slogan in Hindi

“Rango ke is tyohar mein, aao rang de har dil pyaar mein aur khushiyon ki bahar mein.”

“Holi ke din dil milte hain aur dukh sard door hote hain.”

“Purani baatein bhula kar, aao dil se dil mila lein aur is Holi ko aur khubsurat bana lein.”

“Holi ke din, dil ke mail mit jaate hain aur khushiyon ke rang Jeevan mein bhar jaate hain.”

ECO Friendly Holi Slogans

“Holi is surely happy when the colours are eco-friendly and feelings are healthy.”

“Have the best holi of your life by filling colours of love and happiness in every heart around.”

“For an eco-friendly Holi, you must focus more on purity and love.”

“Where there is love, there is no hatred…. Where there are good colours, there are no harsh effects.”

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