Birthday Appreciation Messages to Friends

Birthday appreciation wishes to friends are sent to appreciate the friendship and send wishes to the friends on their birthdays. The appreciation wishes along with the birthday wishes will make the day happier tenfold for the friend and would make the friend know that he or she is loved and cared for.

Some of the samples of happy birthday appreciation messages to friends examples sent in different ways are given below:

1). Sweet friend, I appreciate your birthday party which you gave yesterday. It was a wonderful party with lots of happy moments and I enjoyed a lot being there.

2). Dear friend, the birthday party celebration was a moment to remember and I appreciate it for the lovely moments we shared. You are a sweet friend of mine dear.

3). Friend, I appreciate the birthday party you gave in fond memory of the lovely moments we share always. It was such a beautiful celebration of our friendship.

4). Lovely friend, I thank you and appreciate the happy birthday party with family you threw for me as a surprise. It was a beautiful surprise for me and a celebration to remember forever.

5). Friend, I thank you and appreciate the birthday celebration we had yesterday. I am much happier for your presence which made the birthday more charming.

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