Bowhead Whales | Always Learning!

Bowhead Whales are featured in the following book:
‘101 Facts… Whales’

The YouTube video below is a collection of 6 videos about Bowhead Whales. The list of videos featured is underneath.

The Playlist:

  • Bowhead Whales’ P.O.V. – Greenland by NatGeoOceans’s channel
  • Balaena mysticetus by Wildscreen Arkive
  • Bowhead Song by moMarr
  • Bowhead Whales Almost Hit Canoe and Swim Underneath by Stephen Ambruzs
  • National Geographic Live! – Catching a 200-Year-Old Whale by National Geographic
  • Arctic Currents: A Year in the Life of the Bowhead Whale by UAMuseumOfTheNorth
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