Fun Facts About Halloween

Shari’s ultimastatusOctober 6, 2014   Share this Image On Your Site Please include attribution to https://ultimastatus.com with this graphic.     What’s Your Halloween IQ So how did you do? Do you have any Halloween trivia we missed? Let us know in the comments.  Now it’s time to brush up on your Halloween treats IQ …

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A Witchy Halloween Party

Shari’s ultimastatusSeptember 9, 2014 The Invitations So, you’ve got your guest list and you’re ready to spread the word. Skip the email invites and set the tone for your spooky soiree with these bewitching printable invitations.   Photo courtesy of Catch My Party   Or gather your favorite little witches and warlocks with something a little more playful. …

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Halloween: Ghosting 101

1. Tricks and Treats Bake or buy some treats, like cake pop guru Marsha Johnston’s spooky witch fingers (check out the recipe below). Spooky Witch Fingers Recipe Ingredients 1 cup unsalted butter, room temperature 1 cup sugar 1 T. vanilla 1 egg 3 cups flour 1.5 tsp. baking powder Whole blanched almonds Red gel food …

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Which Witch?

Shari’s ultimastatusOctober 25, 2012 Green and mean or white and nice. Tall and scary or skinny and hairy. Witches have always had a way of entrancing us. Their wicked ways lure us in whether it’s through movies, television shows or books – and we just love to hate them. These witches have put a spell on …

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