18 Coincidence I Think Not Memes

There are times when coincidences happen and it feels like one big sign from the universe or that everything is orchestrated. It’s funny and we often make the connection half-jokingly. Still, when you keep seeing your lucky number somewhere whenever something good happens, it can be mighty convincing. Sometimes, coincidences can even be hilarious. Is it …

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18 Relatable Video Games Memes

There’s a lot to love about video games, mainly because there are just so many kinds of them. Adventure, action, farming, building, racing—video games have ’em all. There’s something special about controlling what’s happening on screen that just can’t be captured by TV shows or movies. At the same time, there are a ton of …

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25 Sweet Vmin Memes For Soulmates

Vmin is the ship name of BTS’ V and Jimin. They call each other soulmates and bestfriends. This is very apt since they go way way back even before the group was formed. They were schoolmates and friends. As the lyrics of their unit song goes: Our conversations were like homeworkBFFs on one day, enemies on another…Heartfelt stories filling …

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20 Cute Namjin Memes

Namjin is one of the cute ships of Bangtan Seonyondan or BTS for short. Namjoon is the leader of the group while Jin is the eldest of all 7 boys. This puts them in a position of responsibility most times which is probably the reason why some fans think of them as the “parents” of …

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20 Relatable Hamburger Memes

Who doesn’t love a good burger every now and then? On occasion, we just get that craving even for those really unhealthy, manufactured fast-food burgers. They just have that right synergy of bread, patty, cheese, and veggies that gets our mouths drooling. Sometimes, though, the burgers we get can be pretty disappointing, especially if you …

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30 Smooth BTS Butter Memes

Butter is juggernaut group BTS’ latest single as of writing. It’s a fun summer song that’s currently hitting the charts. The lyrics are light and yet sexy at the same time. Cool shade stunnerYeah, I owe it all to my motherHot like summerYeah, I’m makin’ you sweat like that It looks like BTS are more …

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