Christmas Eve Messages from Apollo 8

Apollo 8 rocketed into the orbit on Christmas Eve. People down on Earth awaited messages from the three astronauts. It’s been several years now, since the first mission to moon. Below are some sample messages for Christmas Eve.

1). Let’s all welcome Baby Jesus into this world with joy. May Lord bless everyone with peace and prosperity this Christmas Eve. Make this day a memorable one. Happy Christmas Eve to all.

2). Celebrate this Christmas Eve with lots of love and joyous moments. Welcome baby Jesus on earth for the world to prosper more. Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas Eve celebration.

3). Celebrate Christmas Eve with love and pray the Lord to shower prosperity around. Have a memorable Christmas Eve dinner with friends and family. Merry Christmas.

4). Have a memorable Christmas Eve with your loved ones. Welcome Lord Jesus with open hearts as he descends this Earth. Wishing you all a very wonderful Christmas Eve celebration.

5). It’s Christmas Eve, Let’s pray for peace and prosperity around the world. Celebrate this Christmas Eve with fun filled and merry making moments with friends and family.

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