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  • For those not within the college, there are things that will never sense. However, to the college students, there are many online forums which host the college meme culture.

    A meme has been described, as an element within a culture which is normally passed from a person or group to another using non genetic ways that are full of humor. The humor may come in form of an image or video which is humorous. The image or video is normally copied and in some cases slight variations added. These images are then shared on the internet.

    These college meme groups are normally driven by the students themselves and they have grown tremendously over the years with the advent of technology – read internet. Normally, almost all college students join these groups. The largest group was found to be University of Columbia Berkeley’s group. The group called “UC Berkeley Memes for Edgy Teens” had almost one hundred thousand members.

    The college meme groups normally chronicle the life of students on the campuses. From college rivalries, students’ loans, work and class balance, Jokes about the behavior of professors who are considered tough and unreasonable, halls of residency, among other issues.

    The college meme groups come up and their growth has seen the culture of colleges change in ways never seen before. Further to this, the college meme groups are the ideal way of stress relieving. On the flipside, some inappropriate behaviors have been attributed to these college meme groups. Even elite universities like Harvard, Yale among others have not escaped this college meme craze. Their students took offensive at posts that were considered distasteful.

    The college meme groups were initially a subculture. In the recent past, however, their influence has grown tremendously. Mainstream college newspapers have been known to jump into the college meme bandwagon and borrowed some of the issues discussed there. An example is the Daily Californian which writes UC Berkeley newspaper.

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    College Memes

    college memes

    Funny College Memes

    funny college memes

    Studying for Finals Meme

    studying for finals meme

    College Life Memes

    college life memes

    Back to College Memes

    back to college memes

    College Student Meme

    college student meme

    College Finals Meme

    college finals meme

    End of Semester Memes

    end of semester memes

    First Day of College Meme

    first day of college meme

    College Guy Meme

    college guy meme

    College Test Meme

    college test meme

    College Degree Meme

    college degree meme

    Drunk College Student Meme

    drunk college student meme

    College Sleep Meme

    college sleep meme

    Hilarious College Memes

    hilarious college memes

    Memes about College

    memes about college

    Welcome to College Meme

    welcome to college meme

    Done With College Meme

    done with college meme

    College Stress Meme

    college stress meme

    Spongebob College Meme

    spongebob college meme

    Funny Memes about College

    funny memes about college

    Midterm Memes

    midterm memes

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