Couple Questions to Ask Your Partner to Bond Better

So, you have finally got a partner, and you want to know them on a more intimate, and personal level. Or, let’s say, you already have a partner, and you want to take the relationship to a different level, and add in some depth to it. In either of these cases, asking questions that spark off deep conversations can be an excellent way to bond with your partner, and it also adds a huge level of intimacy and improves the overall health of a relationship.

These questions can be personal, or they can be related to work, their philosophy, or their general approach to life and their significant other. This would not only help you in gauging how well you know your partner, but it would also help you get insider insights in their life, and what is going on in their minds.

Why Do You Need to Keep Asking Questions to Your Partner?

In the humdrum of life, where people are so caught up in the rat race, everybody is extremely bone tired at the end of the day.  Maybe you are caught up with something so crucial in a particular stage of life that it gets easy to lose track of the person both of you are becoming. So, sometimes it is imperative that you pause, and spend some quality time with the person who is your best confidante.

The quality time need not be something very extravagant, a sight change in everyday patterns is also a noticeable thing that you can bring in the relationship. So do not shy away, just ask these questions that would rekindle your relationship and get you two closer than ever.

80 Questions to Ask Your Partner to Bond Better

1). What is the best childhood memory you carry?
2). In your bucket list, what are the ten most important things?
3). If you woke up tomorrow with a new ability or skill, what would that be?
4). What do you think is the best thing in this relationship?
5). What things do you think can be improved in this relationship?
6). What is something that you have always wanted to try but you are too scared to?
7). If you could change something about yourself, what would that be?
8). Apart from me, who is the most important person in your life?
9). How would you say life has changed after we met?
10). What are the three things in life that you absolutely cannot do without?
11). If you could build up an artistic ability, what would you choose?
12). What is the one dream that keeps recurring when you fall asleep?
13). What are the things that you are thankful about in life? Why?
14). What kind of parent do you see yourself as?
15). Which parent do you think you are most like?
16). How do you think you have changed in five years?
17). What do you imagine when you imagine the future?
18). What is the thing you love about yourself?
19). If you could get a yearlong paid leave, what would you want to do?
20). While listening to music, do you focus more on the words or the music?
21). What would be the perfect date for you?
22). Would you ever want to be famous? For what?
23). Which celebrity would you want as a dinner guest? Why?
24). If you had the power to change anything about the way you were brought up, what would that be?
25). What is the most terrible memory you have till date?
26). What do you value the most in a friendship?
27). What are the five things you absolutely adore about your partner?
28). How close is your family? Do you feel like your childhood was happy?
29). How would you describe your relationship to your mother?
30). How would you describe your relationship to your father?
31). What roles do friendship and affection play in your life?
32). When was the last time you cried?
33). What do you consider serious enough to not be joked around?
34). If you died today, without saying something to someone, what would it be? Why have you not told them yet?
35). Of everyone in your family, which member’s death would you find the most disturbing? Why?
36). What is the most embarrassing moment in your life till date?
37). How important is spirituality or religion to you?
38). What would you say your philosophy of life would be?
39). What do you feel about LGBTQ+ rights?
40). What is your love language?

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41). Do you hold any grudges?
42). Have you ever been in a mentally or physically abusive relationship?
43). Do you think a relationship can be the same after someone cheats?
44). Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
45). Do you want to have children?
46). What are your favorite scents?
47). What is that one dish you can make perfectly?
48). What is your favorite song to sing at the karaoke?
49). What do you do on a rainy day?
50). What is your favourite ride in the amusement park?
51). What are your guilty pleasures?
52). How old were you when you lost your virginity?
53). Do you have any phobias?
54). What is your biggest pet peeve?
55). What do you think are the biggest relationship deal breakers?
56). What is your favourite season? Why?
57). Have you broken any bones?
58). Do you have a habit of collecting anything?
59). Do you have any sort of superstitions?
60). What are you jealous of the most?
61). What is the biggest regret you have had so far?
62). What is the biggest risk that you have taken so far?
63). What was your first kiss like?
64). Do you have a habit of keeping mementos in a relationship?
65). What is the biggest sacrifice that you have made for a relationship?
66). What do you think we can develop as a collective hobby?
67). If you could change one thing from your childhood, what would that be?
68). Have you ever tried inventing anything?
69). Do you go on silent retreats or detoxes?
70). How do you like to be treated when you fall sick? Do you like to be left alone, or have someone by you all the time?
71). What do you want to do after retirement?
72). What is the weirdest thing that turns you on?
73). Had you been born in a different decade, which decade would you have chosen?
74). What is your idea of a perfect Sunday?
75). What are your favourite outdoor activities?
76). What do you think we should be working on, in our relationship?
77). Do you like hugging more, or kissing more?
78). What is something that I can do that would make you trust me even more?
79). When do you feel most protected?
80). What do you think your alternate career would have been?

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That sure seems like a very long list. We understand, a few questions can get a little heavy for a regular dinner table conversation, but that would bring out the raw essence of the relationship. Once you and your partner have confided the deepest and the rawest questions, the relationship would be growing stronger and more intimate.

Having an honest and an open conversation can aid in the relationship and build a huge amount of trust, compassion as well as mutual understanding. You can allow yourself to be a little vulnerable in front of your partner, and vice versa. And, by empathetic listening, one can also make quite a number of revelations about their partner’s characteristics, their past, their vision and so forth.

So now all you need to do is make the reservations now, and before you even realize it, both you guys would be sparking off deep conversations, one after the other.

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