Cute Names to Call Your Girlfriend

We have all been smitten in life by one person or the other. and when we are in that beautiful phase of life, we can see nothing other than that person. We want to spend as much as time as possible with them, we want to make as many memories as we can with them, and we want to adore them to our heart’s content and receive a similar amount of adoration. There are several ways to do so.

Nicknames are an amazing and adorable way to show your love and affection towards your girlfriend. They evoke feelings of love and passion and offer a degree of personalization, something which is missing in this clichéd world. Some nicknames have so much charm and magic that they remain a vivid memory several years later as well. A nickname is something that you create for your favourite person, something that both of you connect with. It is often a central part of most of your memories.

However, choosing the right name for your girlfriend can be quite tough. This is why we are here to help you with it. We have compiled a long list of nicknames that you can give your girlfriend based on her personality traits. Remember to give her a nickname that exemplifies the better parts of her like her sweetness, love, and passion. All of these names are really good and easy to say. You just have to choose what to call her.

Names that will make your girlfriend fall in love with you over and over

1). Sweetheart: If your heart starts beating faster every time you see her or go near her, and she fills your heart with sweet, sappy goodness, then this is the nickname for her.

2). Doll: If you girl if quite petite or if she has flawless features and is very delicate in nature, this name would suit her the most.

3). Sweetie: If she is so sweet that you can’t help grinning every time you see her, you should probably call her sweetie.

4). Caramel: If she is too sweet but also a little salty to mix things up and keep you guessing, then caramel is a word you might want to look at for her.

5). Chocolate: If you can’t get enough of her chocolaty goodness and keep asking for more, you might as well name her chocolate.

6). Honeybun: If you are reminded of delicious buns dipped in sweet honey when you see this, you should consider naming her this.

7). Sugar Plum: if she is both juicy and sweet, and you cannot keep yourself off of her, you might consider naming her sugar plum.

8). Angel: Do we even need to explain this name? Go name her angel right now.

9). Muffin: If she looks so small and cute that you could just eat her up, then she is your muffin.

10). Dewdrop: If she is extremely rare and precious to you, what better name for her than a dewdrop?

11). Bunny: If she has big adorable eyes and a face that makes your heart melt, she is your bunny and you should make her realize that.

12). Fruit loops: If she is colourful and childish and is a part of your morning breakfast, consider naming her fruit loops.

13). My heart: If she is as important to you as her heart, try naming her your heart. She will be thrilled to know she keeps you alive.

14). Princess: If you want her to feel as special as you perceive her, and want to let her know that you absolutely adore her, name her princess.

15). Pumpkin: When no holiday is complete without her and you absolutely love gobbling her up, you name her pumpkin.

16). Barbie: When she is drop dead gorgeous and you cannot believe how you bagged her, you should make her realize that every day by calling her barbie.

17). Queen: If you want her to sit on your heart’s throne while also letting your mates know you are hitched for good, start calling her your queen because that is what she is now.

18). My love: Like angel do we even need to explain this? Give her all your love now.

19). My light: if your girlfriend has been there for you during the darkest of times, you should call her your light because that’s what she is.

20). Pie: When she makes you feel warm and cosy, reminds you of good times and you always feel like eating her, consider naming her pie. (Bonus points if she likes maths.)

21). Candy: As cliched as it is, it still makes girls smile when you call them your candy. It makes them feel wanted and loved.

22). Honey: If you plan on marrying her, then you should start calling her honey, for your romance won’t get sour with time. It really brings the married couple vibe.

23). Cutie pie: When she is so cute that you can only gush every time you see her, you call her cutie pie so that she knows it too.

24). Darling: This is an old classic. But you know what they say: The classics don’t fail. Call her darling and watch her melt.

25). My world: When she is your entire world and your world feels incomplete without her, you should call her your world to let her know of her importance.

26). Treasure: If she is the most unexpected and precious thing you have ever found in your life, and you treasure her, name her so. Let her know this.

27).  Sweet cheeks: If her cheeks taste sweeter than chocolate and you can’t stop kissing her, you should be calling her sweet cheeks.

28). Baby: Once again a classic, this nae makes her realize how much you care for her and also sounds really endearing.

29). Bae: This name is an acronym for Before Anyone Else. You might want to name her this if she does come before everyone else for you.

30). Sunshine: When she lights up your entire world and you want to start every day with her, then my friend, she is your sunshine. Rise and shine.

31). Cutie: When she is so cute that you cannot get enough of her cuteness, you show it to her by simply calling her cutie.

32). Wifey: This is a risky manoeuvre but you can bring this one out when you realize she is the one. Put a ring on her and make it official boy!

33). Cherry: If she is small and round like a cherry and gets red when she blushes, then why not call her cherry?

34). Gorgeous: Another classic name. If she is capable of flooring you without any makeup, you might want to call her gorgeous.

35). Sugar: If she adds sweetness to your life just by existing, try naming her sugar, because it will make your life sweeter.

36). Diamond: When you know how rare and valuable she is, you show it to her by calling her diamond.

37). Beautiful: While this doesn’t have the same impact every time, try calling her this randomly in the middle of a conversation and see how you catch her off guard and make her blush.

38). Donut: When she is full of sweetness and curvy and you like her for it, you call her your donut.

39). Tootsie: When she is small, cute, and chocolatey all at once, you call her your tootsie.

40). KitKat: When you know she can break your bones but won’t because she is sweet, you call her your KitKat.

41). Juliet: Try channelling some Shakespeare inside you and go full old school romance on her. See how she reacts.

42). Autumn: When she makes you feel all warm, cosy, and snuggly, you call her autumn because that’s what autumn does.

43). Cookie: When she has some flaws (cracks in a cookie) and you see them, but they don’t matter to you, you should call her a cookie.

44). Cupcake: When she is so small and cute you can gobble her up in one bite, you call her a cupcake because that’s what you do to a cupcake.

45). Boo: When she is so cute that you know she will remain just as cute even when she turns into a ghost, you call her you boo. Also, it sounds really cute.

46). Boo-boo: When one boo just does not cut it for describing her cuteness, you call her boo-boo.

47). Precious: When she is extremely precious to you and you don’t want to lose her, you call her your precious. (Bonus points if she is a Lord of the Rings fan.)

48). Honeybunch: When she is as sweet as nectar, you call her your honeybunch because that’s what honey is made of.

49). Amazing: Because she is just that: Simply amazing!

50). Softie: When she is extremely sensitive and emotional and you adore her for it, you call her your softie because that’s what she: a big, old softie.

51). Sweetie Muffin: When calling her just sweetie or just muffin does not do justice to her sweetness, you call her sweetie muffin for double the power.

52). Butterfly: When she is independent, beautiful, and gives you butterflies in your stomach, it is quite apt to name her butterfly.

53). Daisy: If she is always fresh and cheerful, she is the daisy in your life.

54). Fluffy: When she is extremely cuddly and you can always go near her for a good night’s cuddle and sleep, she is your fluffy.

55). Teddy Bear: If she is so cute that it feels unreal and is extremely soft and cuddly, she is not just your girlfriend. She is your very own teddy bear.

56). Melody: If her voice is so amazing you feel like it’s a song, or when she fills your life with music, you should call her your life’s melody.

57). Panda: If your girl is lazy and she knows it, try calling her your panda. Because nothing is cuter than a panda! (Okay maybe she is.)

58). Dumpling: When she is so small and cute she feels like just a bite, you should call her your dumpling because you feel like eating her all the time.

59). Amorcito: If your girlfriend is Italian, or you want to bring an exotic touch to your relationship, you could name her this.

60). Babe: Another classic name. This is something which is everyone’s favourite. Call her this and watch how she ogles you.

Any of these cute names is good enough to make your girlfriend blush and love you more. While some may be a little strange and some may be too cliched, it is up to you to choose the perfect name for her. Just see what name suits her the most and watch how she falls for you even more.

Some Additional Tips and Tricks

Deciding a good and cute nickname for her which suits her is just half the job done. You should still know how to use it, when to use it, and some other rules which your girlfriend may set. Make sure you follow them otherwise it can all go south pretty quickly.

  • Always use a soft tone while calling her: Nicknames are meant to be cute. Calling her loudly or in anger will destroy the very purpose of the nickname. She might also think you are being passive-aggressive.
  • Ask her if she likes it or not: While you may choose the name thinking it’s cute, your girlfriend may think otherwise. Do ask her if she likes it or not because she may just not like it or it may be triggering any of her insecurities. Don’t be insensitive.
  • Rules in public: Ask her if you can call her by her nickname in public or not. She may not like it at all in public or may ask you to not say it in front of certain people. Respect her wishes because it can get quite messy otherwise.
  • Personalize it: If you can add a hint of personalization to any of these nicknames, it will make your girlfriend feel more special because she will know you put in some effort. The uniqueness of the name will work in your favour as well. If not, you can always shorten her name to something which is cute and adorable.
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