Few Popular Hypothetical Questions to Ask for Making Your Conversations More Interesting

You would not be lying if you said that sometimes, hanging out with your friends and taking pictures can get boring if you run out of topics to talk about. And we understand that. Not all of us are great when it comes to jumping in and rescuing a conversation every time. Moreover, let’s say you recently made a friend, and you want to know them deeply, or take some time to figure their values, beliefs and ideologies. In such a case, asking these questions would not only aid you to take the conversation forward, it would also be a huge help to know a person better, by making them think and reflect on hypothetical scenarios.

Such questions are mostly based on a person’s living experience, and it is then drawn from their experiences. Hypothetical questions have its origin from a person’s personal beliefs, opinions, suppositions and conjectures and thus, they can never be based on reality. Mostly they are imaginary scenarios, that pushes a person to reflect on something that is completely topsy turvy. This way, they not only enhance their imaginary skills, but also lets the other person know the kind of thought process they engage in. Enough with the small talk, let us dive right in for the questions!

Hypothetical Questions You Can Ask to Kill Time (or Enhance a Conversation!)

This pass-time game can be used when you want to know someone better, or simply, if you have run out of topics to talk about. It can be played with someone, or in a group. It is necessarily not imperative to talk about life-related questions, you can just ask someone something gibberish, and see how the conversation unfurls in such a fruitful discussion, something that you might not be prepared for!

1). If you had to date someone, would you prefer them have scales on their body, or have hands for feet?
2). Would you create 1000 jobs daily, or feed 1000 people on a daily basis?
3). Do you think too much of something is as bad as too little of the same thing?
4). Would you be happy if coming last in a race was appreciated rather than acing it?
5). If you had the power to name a new country, what would it be?
6). If you could redesign human beings, what modifications would you make to the existing human body?
7). Would you give up alcohol, only if it meant an absolute legalization of cocaine?
8). If the world was ending, what song would you play on your spotify?
9). If you were a professional sportsperson, what sport would you be playing?
10). Had you been a fashion icon, what new trend would you start?
11). If you could only answer your date in farts, would you want them to be loud, or smelly?
12). What would you be bringing back from Nefertiti, if you get a chance to meet her?
13). Which part of history would you want to erase, and why?
14). If you were an invader, which region would you have plundered?
15). Who would you call your dictator role model?
16). If you had to choose a husband, would it be Ridge Forrester from Bold and Beautiful or Mason Capwell from Santa Barbara?
17). If you were the police in the Garden of Eden, who would you take to court?
18). Would you rather be rich and stupid, or poor yet smart?
19). If you are selling your soul to the devil, how much money would you ask for it?
20). What animal would you think you would be?
21). What plant would you think you would be?
22). If you were to become a ghost, who would you terrify first, and why?
23). Choose between eating a super spicy breakfast for 30 days versus just having tea for dinner
24). Which famous personality would you summon with aOuija board?
25). If you could swap the voices of two animals, what would the animals be?
26). Would you rather live in purgatory, or eternal suffering?
27). If you were the serpent in The Bible, what else would you tempt Eve with?
28). If fried cockroaches smell and taste like your favorite food, would you eat it?
29). If your favorite food suddenly started smelling like fart, yet tasted the same, would you eat it?
30). Would you rather give your phone up, or your favorite food?

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31). Which villain would you choose to go on a date with?
32). Would you be able to cure cancer or coronavirus?
33). Would you rather shoot a feature film or a porn film?
34). If you had a pencil that made every drawing turn real, what would you draw?
35). If you could control any of the natural elements, what would you control?
36). If you were resilient to physical harm, what would you be trying?
37). If you had the power to make someone walk, just by having sex with them, would you do it?
38). If your life is a film, who would’ve directed it?
39). Have you ever secretly wished someone was harmed, why?
40). What actions do you think deserve revenge?
41). Name a gross-sounding sexual act you would be interested to try?
42). If you could hold someone hostage, what form of torture would you inflict upon them?
43). Would you ever consider paying/getting paid for sex?
44). Would you ever consider selling your used undergarments online?
45). If you have oral sex with a blow-up doll, is it still cheating?
46). Would you rather give up your phone, or having sex?
47). Have you ever fantasized on someone you shouldn’t fantasize about?
48). Would you take a pill that makes you more intelligent, but takes away all your hair, including the eyebrows and lashes?
49). Which person from history would be the worst ghost to be haunted by?
50). Would you be an astronaut or a deep-sea diver?
51). Would you rather live in Antarctica or the Sahara?
52). If you lost all five senses, how would you know you are still alive?
53). Do you think people have a right to be happy or should they earn it?
54). How do you think you are doing the right thing?
55). What do you think is more important- the end or the means?
56). Are human ethics natural or do we need to learn them?
57). Do we really perceive reality or do we just make it up?
58). Do you think the truth exists without any authentication?
59). How can you confirm that we are not dreaming at the moment?
60). Why do you think people hurt each other?

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61). Given a chance, do you want to feel no pain?
62). If you could smell only one aroma apart from yourself, what would you choose?
63). If your bed-sheet was made of meat, what meat would you want it to be?
64). Whose ghost do you want to get haunted by?
65). If you could have a tail, what sort of tail would you like to have?
66). If you were offered 10,000 USD every time you were punched on the face, how many can you take?
67). What weird obscenities would you be indulging in, had you been extremely rich?
68). How exactly would our perception of space get altered if the moon was a giant block of cheese?
69). Let’s say you had the chance to drink milk from an unusual mammal, which animal’s milk would you drink?
70). If you had the chance to swap bodies with anyone, who would that person be?
71). What do you think would be the most interesting stuff to make the flooring of your house?
72). If you had the power to influence a crazy health fad, what would you make?
73). You are on a death row but you have the liberty to choose your mode of execution, what would you choose?
74). Wouldn’t it be great if human beings had transparent muscles and skin so we could see every vein and organ?
75). If the Olympics had hide and seek in one of the games, how would the rules be like?

These are a few sample questions that you could ask someone to make the conversation more enriching. The sample questions house all sorts of queries, starting from weird, to gross, even existential ones. So, without further ado, go on and ask the weirdest possible questions, and let us know what the craziest response you got from them.

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