First Date Questions to Ask to Know Someone

No matter how many first dates you go to, each new one is still just as nerve-wracking as the first ‘first date’ you had been on. The uncertainty revolving around it, the hope of it going well, the pressure on you to look, feel and do everything right is just too much. Each new human being brings a completely random set of characteristics, likes, dislikes, and everything else. Hence, each first date is a fresh one.

When you really want your date to go well, you start thinking a little incoherently and your mind gets a little frazzled. I mean, it is your first impression on a potential partner. It is not uncommon for people to be anxious on their first date. In fact, it is uncommon for people not to be anxious on their first date. Just the thought is enough to give you a dozen butterflies in your belly.

But when we are here, the one thing you do not have to worry about is how to keep the date interesting by having an interesting conversation. We have compiled a list of several questions that you can ask your date to get to know more about them and to have a good time. These questions are guaranteed to keep the charm alive even if the person you are going on the date with is someone you have known for a long time. You can ask these to all the genders.

Interesting Questions to Ask on Your First Date

1). How are you today? How have you been?
2). Where does your family originate from?
3). Where did you grow up? Did you like it there?
4). Do you know the meaning of your name? What is it?
5). What made you come to this date with me?
6). What is your favourite kind of food? Shall we order it?
7). Do you have any siblings? How many? Are they elder to you or younger?
8). Which colour is your favourite? Any special reason for it or just like that?
9). Do you like celebrating your birthdays? How do you do so?
10). What is the best birthday you remember?
11). How many languages do you speak? Why did you learn the other languages?
12). What is the one language that you want to learn?
13). Which fast food chain is your favourite?
14). How has this date been so far?
15). What according to you constitutes an ideal relationship?
16). What do you think is the bedrock of any relationship?
17). What is one thing that can take down any relationship?
18). What do you think should be your ideal retirement plan?
19). Who are you closer to: your dad or your mom? Why so?
20). What is your favourite movie genre?
21). What is the best movie you have seen in recent times? What did you like about it?
22). Do you like reading books?
23). What is your favourite book?
24). What is one book that you read recently that you loved?
25). Who is your favourite author?
26). What is your favourite genre of songs?
27). Who is your favourite singer or band?
28). What is your favourite song?
29). Which song is the best one you have heard recently?
30). Do you like to drink? What is your favourite kind of alcohol?
31). What is your idea of a good party?
32). What is your most embarrassing drunk story?
33). Are you a coffee person or a tea person? Or both?
34). What would you prefer: a night at the club or a house party?
35). What would you prefer: a weekend getaway or a lazy sleepover watching Netflix?
36). What is your daily schedule like?
37). What is your favourite pastime?
38). What is your hobby?
39). What is your guilty pleasure in life?
40). What is the food you eat when you are angry?
41). What is the food you eat when you are sad?
42). What is your favourite kind of ice-cream?
43). What frustrates you the most in life?
44). What is one societal construct you are absolutely against?
45). Do you have an idol or a role model in life? Who are they? What aspect of their personality do you want to emulate?
46). Do you like pets?
47). Are you a cat person or a dog person? Or both?
48). What is one habit that you have had since you were a little kid?
49). What is your favourite childhood memory?
50). What is your most embarrassing childhood memory?
51). What do you think is your best quality?
52). What do you think is your worst quality?
53). What is the biggest achievement of your life?
54). What is the biggest disappointment of your life?
55). What would your favourite superpower be? Why not anything else? What would you do with it?
56). If you woke up tomorrow and discovered you had those superpowers, what would your reaction be? What would you do first?
57). If a genie granted you three wishes what would you wish for?
58). Do you believe in fate or destiny?
59). What is one thing you miss about childhood?
60). What is one thing that makes you glad you are not a child anymore?
61). Is there any habit of yours that you feel embarrassed to tell people about?
62). Who is that one person in your life who can make you happy anytime just by being there?
63). Are you a mountain person or a beach person?
64). What is your idea of an ideal vacation?
65). What would you like the most: a vacation with your friends, a vacation with your family, a solo trip, or a vacation with strangers?
66). Do you believe in soulmates?
67). What is the strangest dream you have ever had?
68). Have you ever had a bad-ass moment? What was it?
69). What is the most bad-ass thing that you have witnessed live?
70). What is the most embarrassing incident you have ever witnessed?
71). What is the best comeback you have ever come up with? How did people react?
72). What is the best comeback you have seen someone give to someone else?
73). What is your favourite kind of pizza?
74). What is one cuisine that you want to try?
75). What is one country that you desperately want to go to?
76). What is one food that you looks absolutely revolting but you still want to try it?
77). What would you like to change in this world?
78). Do you like stand up comedy? Who is your favourite comedian?
79). What is one movie that you felt was a complete waste of your time?
80). What kind of TV shows do you like?
81). What is your favourite TV show?
82). Who is your favourite fictional character?
83). What TV show are you currently watching?
84). What is one character that you think is underrated?
85). What is one movie that you think is underrated?
86). What is one TV show that you think is underrated?
87). What is one character that you think is overrated?
88). What is one movie that you think is overrated?
89). What is one TV show that you think is overrated?

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90). What is a cliché in movies or Tv shows that you have grown tired of?
91). If a biography was made on your life, what would you like to call it? Who would you want to write it? If it was made into a movie who would you want to play your role?
92). Who is your hero in real life?
93). What is one superhero you really look up to?
94). What is something that is so essential to you, you cannot imagine living without it?
95). Do you like pranks?
96). Have you ever been pranked by anyone? Have you ever pranked anyone yourself?
97). What is the best prank you ever pulled off or saw someone else pulling off?
98). Do you have a nickname? Do you like it? Why? Is there a story behind it?
99). How do you celebrate your successes?
100). How do you handle your failures?
101). Do you believe in ghosts? Have you ever had any strange, creepy, paranormal experiences that you could not explain?
102). What app will you never be able to uninstall from your phone?
103). What is one thing that you don’t leave your house without?
104). Do you like cooking? What is one dish that you cook the best?
105). What is the dumbest moment of your life when you did something extremely stupid and realized it later?
106). Do you like to shop? What is your favourite shopping destination?
107). Do you like any indoor games or sports?
108). Do you play any indoor games or sports?
109). What is one thing that you feel no one can beat you at?
110). What is your biggest obsession in life?
111). Who is your favourite actor?
112). Who is your favourite actress?
113). Who is the one actor that you absolutely cannot stand?
114). Who is the one actress that you absolutely cannot stand?
115). Who is one actor you think is underrated?
116). Who is one actress you think is underrated?
117). Who is one actor you think is overrated?
118). Who is one actress you think is overrated?
119). Who is your favourite director?
120). What things are you content with in life?
121). If you had enough money to live your life freely and luxuriously, would you still want to go to work?
122). What is your dream job in life?
123). What places have you gone to on vacation till now? Which one did you enjoy the most? Which one was the best and which one was the most disappointing?
124). Do you like to remain trendy or are you laid back when it comes to fashion?
125). What is the best compliment someone has ever given you?
126). What is one thing that someone said to you as a compliment but it offended you?
127). What is the best pickup line you have heard?
128). What is the worst pickup line you have heard?
129). What is the best pickup line you have used on someone?
130). What is the worst pickup line you have used on someone?
131). What is the best pickup line someone has used on you?
132). What is the worst pickup line someone has used on you?
133). Do you like tattoos? Would you ever get one yourself? If so, where would it be?
134). What is your snuggle corner in your home where you go to when you are sad or angry or want to be alone?
135). What are your biggest fears? Do you have any phobias?
136). Would you consider yourself tech-savvy or an oldie?
137). Are you a morning sunshine person or a night owl?
138). Have you developed any interesting skills or hobbies? Can you show it to me?
139). Do you know how to play a musical instrument? Which one? How long have you been practising it?
140). What is something that your parents have taught you that you will never forget?
141). What is the incident that impacted you the most in your life?
142). What kind of social environment are you comfortable with: hustling and bustling or quiet and lazy?
143). Are you an explorer and adventurer or a home-body?
144). What is the most exhilarating experience you have ever had in your life?
145). Have you ever seen someone who looks like you? How creepy would that be? (Don’t ask this if they have a twin.)
146). What is your favourite place to eat?
147). What is the most amazing meal you have ever had?
148). What constitutes your comfort clothing at home?
149). Have you ever had a crush on a teacher? Did you ever tell them? How did it go?
150). Who is your all time celebrity crush?
151). Who is your current celebrity crush?
152). What game did you and your cousins play when you were little?
153). What is the worst movie you ever went to watch in a theatre?
154). What is something that you are extremely passionate about?
155). What is something that you can talk about non-stop?
156). What is the most bizarre way you ever went someone who went on to become an important person in your life?
157). How do you start your mornings?
158). Do you like to dance?
159). What is your favourite song to dance on?
160). Do you like to sing?
161). What is your favourite karaoke song?
162). Do you like meeting new people or are you comfortable with just the ones you have?
163). What is that one story you love telling your close ones over and over again?
164). What has been the most panic-inducing situation in your life?
165). Do you judge people based on how they look? Do you do it regularly?
166). Have you ever been judged on how you looked that day?
167). What is one topic that is taboo but you think shouldn’t be?
168). What is something you never get tired of doing?
169). Where would you like to settle down in life?
170). What are you generally: an introvert, an ambivert, or an extrovert?
171). What is something that your mom cooks better than anyone else?
172). If it was your last meal on earth what would it be?
173). Have you ever met any celebrity in real life? What was it like?
174). What is one lie that you often tell people?
175). What is the most uncomfortable position you have ever been in? how did you get out it?
176). What is the best piece of advice you have ever got? Who gave it to you?
177). What is the best piece of advice that you have ever given to anyone? Who was it?
178). What had you imagined this date to be like?
179). How was our date today?
180). When will our next date be?

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Tips and Tricks

Now that you have got all these questions, you obviously cannot start playing a quiz show with your date on the spot. Not only will that be extremely uncomfortable for them, it will ruin any chances you have for a second date. Here are some tips and tricks on what to do:

Do not make this a rapid fire: Remember that this is a conversation. Let it go in any direction that it naturally steers towards. Do not get stuck up on asking questions and getting their answers.

Think on your feet: Humans aren’t robots who can be programmed or understood with one. These questions are surely a blueprint but you should leave enough room for improvisation based on how your date reacts to your questions, how they answer them, and if there are any interesting follow up questions that you can ask.

Prepare your answers too: Remember that it is the first date for them too. They will be just as eager to know as you are to know them. So any question that you ask will be reverted back to you. Therefore, be ready with your answers otherwise the experience may turn sour really fast.

Keep it lively: Do not be robotic in your speech. Try to be lively and humorous to make your date feel comfortable. The last 3 questions are to be asked right at the very end when you have let the magic flow throughout.

Now that you have more than your fair share of questions and you know how to use them, go out there and have the best first date ever!

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