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Frustrated? Addicted? ANGERED? Welcome to the brave new world of Flappy Bird where everything is really, really annoying!

IP Factly’s latest book takes you through some tips and hints as well providing a survival guide to living with a Flappy Bird addiction.

This is a deceptively simple collision avoidance game. Press the screen to flap the bird’s wings. The more you tap the higher it goes, if you stop tapping too long it drops like frozen poop from a plane.

You have to manoeuvre through the gaps in the pipes at the top and bottom of the screen. Hitting the pipes will kill you just as much as hitting the ground does. The pipe gaps are randomly generated making the game unpredictable – unlike Mario you don’t know where the next pipes are going to be.

Each gap you successfully navigate earns you a point, the aim, of course, is to build up the points. You can earn Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Medals for flying through the gaps. 10 gaps is Bronze, 20 for Silver, 30 for Gold and getting through 40 gaps gains you the coveted Platinum medal.

Extract from ‘Flappy Bird‘ by IP Factly

The following videos are a quick look at some of the best non-cheaty scores out there at the moment. For the more-cheaty of those among you there is a video describing the best way to cheat your way to the top. The final video is a quick look at one man’s plummet to the depths of Flappy addiction.

The Playlist:

  • 62! Platinum Medal by ballinlorens
  • High Score (90) NO CHEATS/HACKS by TaMeCinema
  • Incredible Flappy Bird Hack! (No Jailbreak Required) by ohGelato
  • FLAPPY BIRD RUINED MY LIFE by mrlordvideo
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